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How to Get the new Xbox Series X/S at Best Buy, Walmart, Gamestop, and other Retailers

How to Get the new Xbox Series X/S at Best Buy, Walmart, Gamestop, and other Retailers

Sometimes when we need an item, especially around the holidays, it can be hard to find. This is exceptionally true when an item tends to be a new game console or game. If you are looking for an Xbox Series X/S, you may find that locating one that is available is harder than you think. So how can you get the new Xbox Series X/S at Best Buy, Walmart, Gamestop, and other retailers?

Finding the new Xbox Series X/S in stock will be a challenge in itself, let alone being able to purchase it. Sometimes, it may take a while to be in stock again, whether online or in-store. Catching a new restock of the Xbox X/S is rare and can take some time; however, there are some tips to find stores that have a surprise restock.

  • Timing when you begin a new search for the item just right
  • Membership subscriptions that offer early access
  • Installing the app to stores that carry the item

This might come as a surprise if you were not expecting an item to be so hard to find. This article will dive deeper into why the Xbox Series X/S is so hard to find and how you can gain access to purchase them.

Reasons Why Finding the Xbox is So Hard

One main thought that you may have is why they are so hard to find? This reason is that Microsoft had a hard time obtaining the materials needed to create these gaming consoles. Still, the high demand creates a problem when trying to meet them. 

Because the demand is so high, it is hard for retailers to keep them in stock. With Microsoft distributing as many as they can because of part and chip shortages, stores can not keep up with these demands. Retailers tend to release the console whenever they see fit. This makes it harder on customers because only a handful will be available at a time. 

How to Improve The Chances of Getting an Xbox Series X/S

Once you find out when the Xbox may be available, perhaps by accident or because you are constantly refreshing the page, purchasing one is another thing. There are ways to make sure you are able to buy an Xbox Series X/S. 

  • Open multiple browsers. Using multiple browsers simultaneously can help you refresh and check available stocks for each retailer. It offers the ease of switching back and forth to ensure you will not miss a deal or a notification that the item is in-stock.
  • Keep Checking. Most retailers will release the Xbox consoles over a certain time frame. This can make it difficult when you are trying to find them in stock and trying to do other things. Stores do this because it prevents bots from buying the items to resale later with a higher price.
  • Create and set up an account. This makes it easier to view items that are not only coming back in stock but also to be able to add a notification that alerts you when they do. This can help when you are away from your computer or phone to ensure you are told that the Xbox is back for you to purchase. 
  • Confirmation emails are your friend. When you finally find a store that releases an item in stock and you hurriedly purchase it, you may miss a crucial step and never receive a confirmation email. After some time, you will start to wonder where your package is. However, upon checking, you may realize you never received a confirmation email or number and that you actually never purchased it. That is why checking to ensure you have a confirmation email before you close out any browsers is important.

How to Obtain an Xbox from Retailers

Each store may have a specific app or subscription that allows you to gain access to their store in general. Sometimes these retailers give you early access to certain items during Black Friday or Cyber Monday events. These retailers may have these specifications. 

  • Walmart has a membership subscription that offers exclusive access to certain items.
  • GameStop not only offers the same as Walmart, an early access subscription, but you also can create an account to provide you with faster checkout.
  • Best Buy also offers both of these options and the option to pick up in-store if available. 

Amazon also carries Xbox Series X/S and its accessories. They carry various items for your Xbox Series that can range from games to controllers, even headsets.

Time Frames for Xbox Series X/S Drops

Some dates can show when an item goes in stock and when they don’t. Since stores like to release their products in specific time frames, usually every thirty minutes, and even seeing past release dates can help. 

Below are dates that a retailer has released a console and any future dates that may be available.

  • GameStop: October 14th
  • Target: December 2nd
  • Amazon: November 21st
  • Walmart: November 22nd, 29th, and December 8th
  • Best Buy: December 6th and 9th
  • Antonine: November 23rd and 29th

While some of these dates have already passed, there is a chance that they can help you understand the retailers’ time frames for releasing the items you are looking for. 


In most cases, an item will shift from in-stock to not available for purchase. This happens because the demand for an Xbox is high, and the increase makes it harder for production to get these items out. This is true for the Xbox Series X/S. 

Since the demand is so high, Microsoft releases this item to different locations. Once the retailers obtain access to the Xbox, they get to determine when they want to release them, either all at once or a few items at a time. 

This makes it harder to obtain but not impossible. Use the store apps and ensure you get a confirmation email when you can purchase is important. In no time, you will be able to get the Xbox you have been searching for.