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How to Get VidAngel on Your Smart TV

How to Get VidAngel on Your Smart TV

There are a lot of streaming apps to download on any or all of your devices. However, there is also much undesirable content, including violence, profanity, and other explicit scenes. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something on your Smart TV that would filter out this unwanted content, especially if you have young children or older parents who shouldn’t have to be exposed to this?

To get VidAngel on your Smart TV, make sure it is compatible with Android, Apple, or Fire TV. Start a subscription at From there, you can download the VidAngel app to whatever device you choose and log in. Signing up for VidAngel is simple and fast. However, sometimes navigating the various application stores is not entirely clear. So, let’s break down these steps a little more clearly.

Choose a Compatible Smart TV

VidAngel is compatible with all Android TVs, Apple TVs, and Fire TVs. This matters because you will need to know where to download the VidAngel app. Android uses the Google Play store, Apple uses the Apple store, and Fire TV uses the Amazon store, where you will download the app called Downloader.

Visit the VidAngel Website

From your cell phone, tablet/iPad, or computer device, go to the VidAngel website at From here, you can start a subscription. Your first 30-day trial period is free. After that, it costs about $9.99 a month.

Download the VidAngel App

At this point, you can download the VidAngel app to whatever device you have chosen using the accompanying application store. Log in to the app. Your TV will present you with two options, either to go to the URL or you can select “more log-in options.”

Going to the URL

Using your phone or a computer, you can copy the URL that your Smart TV provides you. Or scan the QR code. You will be prompted to input a code into your TV to connect your TV to the account you created when you signed up for a subscription. If you skipped the step of visiting the VidAngel website and starting a subscription, here, you would be asked to create an account, which you can do right there.

More Log-in Options

This step is very straightforward. You will be prompted to input your VidAngel account information. Go ahead and fill out your email and password that you set up when you signed up for your subscription. And you will have your device connected and ready to stream.

Casting From Another Device

While having the VidAngel app downloaded on your Smart TV is convenient and helpful, you also have the option to download the app to your Smartphone or an iPad/tablet. From there, you can choose to cast the phone or tablet to the Smart TV.

Incompatible Smart TV

What if your Smart TV is not compatible with VidAngel? You can still use VidAngel services by downloading the app to your phone and streaming from there. Or you can also just watch from the VidAngel website on a laptop or computer. Or you can choose to do all these things at your convenience and leisure.

Tips for Fire TV

The VidAngel app is not available at the Amazon store. So, you will first have to make sure your Fire TV is at least a Generation 3 running OS 6 or greater. Uninstall any old versions of the VidAngel app by going to settings and managing your apps. Download the app called Downloader. Then on your Fire TV home page, go to Settings, My Fire TV, Developer Options, and turn on the ability to download unknown apps.


If you’re having an issue with downloading or streaming, make sure your device is up to date. You can check this by going to your settings. Many issues will also be resolved by ensuring that your devices are set up for allowing downloads. Again, you can check this in your settings. Make sure private downloads are acceptable and that you have access to manage these settings.


To protect yourself and your loved ones from overly exposing them to the things of this world, VidAngel is a great addition to your streaming devices. Visit the VidAngel website, set up an account subscription, and download the VidAngel app to the device of your choice and connect the app to your account. From there, you can stream or cast to enjoy the benefits of cleaner entertainment.