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How to Inflate the Big Agnes Sleeping Pad

How to Inflate the Big Agnes Sleeping Pad

Your Big Agnes Sleeping Pad makes your tent feel like home. Not only does it serve as a cushy mattress, but it also insulates heat, so you stay warm. Yet, if you try to inflate your sleeping pad by blowing into it, you’re going to be there a while.

The following explains how to inflate your Big Agnes Sleeping Pad. It’s advised that you purchase the Pumphouse Ultra. Not only does it inflate your pad in minutes, but you can also use it as a pillow.

How to Inflate Your Big Agnes Sleeping Pad

Before inflating your Big Agnes Sleeping Pad, make sure that the ground is free of sticks, sharp rocks, or other objects. Ideally, you want your pad on a smooth surface. Anything other than that risks puncturing the pad, invalidating the warranty.

Inflating Your Big Agnes Sleeping Pad Manually

If you don’t have the Pumphouse Ultra, you might have to inflate your sleeping pad by yourself. Your Big Agnes Sleeping Pad doesn’t require that much air to inflate, but remember to take your time when exhaling into it. Regulate your breathing and take deep breaths before exhaling into the pad.

When inflating your sleeping bag:

  1. Remove it from any packaging.
  2. Lay down any sheets or packaging to keep the pad from directly touching the ground.
  3. Lay your sleeping pad on the ground with the logo facing up.
  4. Locate the valve.
  5. Remove the cap.
  6. Breathe into the mattress until full.

If you need to take a break from filling it up manually, put the cap back on the valve while doing so. This will prevent air from escaping the pad and undoing your progress.

Inflating Your Big Agnes Sleeping Pad with a Bicycle Pump

Alternatively, you can use a bicycle pump to inflate your speeding pad. Before doing this, make sure that the bike pump’s hose fits on the pad’s valve. If not, you can tape any gaps or ask someone to hold it for you. Both of these measures prevent air from escaping.

Once you’ve connected your sleeping pad with your bike pump, you’ll do some of what we mentioned above; lay out your pad on a smooth surface and unfold it. From there, either turn the pump on or move the plunger up and down until the mattress is inflated.

Inflating Your Big Agnes Sleeping Pad with the Pumphouse Ultra

Upon first inspection, the Pumphouse Ultra looks like a vinyl bag and nothing more. However, when properly utilized, it can make inflating your Big Agnes Sleeping Pad a breeze. It also doesn’t use batteries, so you can bring it anywhere.

Here’s what you do after unfolding and laying down your sleeping pad:

  1. Remove the Pumphouse Ultra from its packaging.
  2. Unravel the bag and shake it like you would a trash bag.
  3. Make sure the bottom valve is shut.
  4. Draw air into the bag.
  5. Seal the top.
  6. Remove the sleeping pad’s valve.
  7. Remove the Pumphouse Ultra’s valve and connect it to the sleeping pad’s valve.
  8. Push the air inside the bag into the sleeping pad.

You might have to fill up the Pumphouse Ultra with air a few times to get your sleeping pad nice and firm.

How Long Will My Big Agnes Sleeping Pad Stay Inflated?

A properly inflated sleeping pad should remain inflated throughout the night with no problems. However, for the best possible results, you should inflate it before using it. How long it stays inflated depends on:

  • Where you’re camping. Colder climates create low air pressure, which may cause it to lose air faster than usual.
  • Your weight. The heavier you are, the more air could eventually escape from the pad.
  • Use. You should get a good night’s rest on your sleeping pad with no problems. However, if you use it constantly, it might need more inflating than another lightly-used one.

What Happens if My Big Agnes Sleeping Pad Constantly Deflates?

If your sleeping pad constantly deflates, chances are, there’s a leak. Even a pinhole-sized leak would cause your sleeping pad to deflate faster than usual.

Here’s how you can fix the issue:

  1. Fill a bathtub filled with water.
  2. Inflate your sleeping pad.    
  3. Try to submerge the sleeping bag.
  4. Locate where bubbles are escaping from the sleeping pad (that’s the leak).
  5. Patch the hole using the repair kit that came with your purchase.

If your sleeping pad came with a leak, you can return it to the manufacturer or file a warranty claim. Keep in mind that the warranty does not cover leaks caused by wear and tear.

A Final Word

You have plenty of options when inflating your Big Agnes Sleeping Pad. You can inflate it by blowing into the pad, using a bike pump, or purchasing and using the Pumphouse Ultra.