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How to Know if Your PS5 is Fake (3 Signs)

How to Know if Your PS5 is Fake (3 Signs)

The PlayStation 5 is Sony’s newest update to the gaming console series. However, it has been so often in demand that it is usually out of stock in most marketplaces. This has meant a lot of people haven’t gotten their updated console, but it also gives opportunities to scammers. So what exactly does a fake PlayStation 5 look like, and how can you detect it before it is too late?

You are most likely to come across a fake PlayStation 5 on online marketplaces. The scammers will probably have misleading descriptions and strange payment methods. However, if an actual product makes its way to you, the best way to tell if it is fake is to look at the serial number. If the serial number does not correspond to an official product on the site, you may have spent your money on a fake PlayStation 5.

Typically, a fake PS5 can be spotted by checking a few quick indicators. Some of these are:

  1. Check the serial number.
  2. Check the body and logo.
  3. Check the packaging.

So what can be done? You need to be able to identify potential fake products to avoid being scammed. This way, you can make sure you are spending your money on a product worth the cost. So, keep on reading our article as we explore how to identify fake PlayStation 5 products and sellers. 

How Can I Tell My PlayStation 5 Is Fake?

So, let’s say you did end up purchasing the PlayStation 5. A product did end up showing up at your door, but now you’re skeptical. Did you get an authentic product? Luckily, there are a few ways to make sure your product is legit. 

Check Serial Number

Your PlayStation comes with two types of codes. A model code and a serial code. While the model code is the same across all your models and makes devices, your serial code is unique. That is the code that PlayStation assigned to the exact device you are using. You can find the serial code at the bottom of your PlayStation. 

This serial code is your best bet at identifying whether or not the PlayStation is legit. To do this, you need to contact PlayStation customer support. You can ask them for information and give them your serial number. They will help you understand if that serial code actually connects you to a legitimate product or not. 

Another way to check the legitimacy of your product is to assess the body. Does it feel like the high-quality finish you can expect from a PlayStation? Do the materials match what is promised on the official PlayStation website? You can also check to see if the logo on the PlayStation seems to be the right one. 

Check Packaging

Finally, another place to look for conflicts is the packaging. Your official packaging should also be high-quality, and you can compare it to images on the Internet to see how well it measures up. At the same time, you also have the chance to check the language. If the instruction manual and the box have a lot of typos, for example, there may be cause for concern. 

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How To Identify A Scam Listing

Photo: NY Times

One of the best ways to avoid being scammed is to understand what fake listings and sellers look like. Here’s how you can identify a fake PlayStation while you look at a listing:

It Isn’t From The Official Website

The most significant way to avoid being scammed is to buy directly from the PlayStation website by Sony. This way, you aren’t going to run into any chance of buying a scam product. However, since they often have to wait for the product, you may have to resort to buying from a seller. This isn’t a recommended practice because there is a considerable risk of scams. 

Pictures Are Grainy Or Dubious

One of the easiest ways to convince someone of a genuine product is to use official imagery. This is one of the most common ways that scammers convince people they have an actual PlayStation 5 to sell. However, if you are dealing with a seller, one of the best ways to rule out a scam is to ask them to send unique pictures. For example, you can ask a seller to send you a picture of the console with the day’s newspaper, a thumbs up, or something a little more creative. 

They Use Non-Refundable Payment Methods

When a seller asks you to pay for a PlayStation 5 using a method that does not offer refunds, your alarms should ring. For example, they may ask you to pay through PayPal friends and family, which does not require any refund protection. This is extremely dangerous as this means you do not have any buyer protection keeping your money safe if your product does not happen to show up at the end of this.

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The Seller Account Has Bad Reviews

One of the best ways that you can check the authenticity of a seller is through user reviews. If the seller has scammed someone else in the past, they are likely to have sent a review for the experience. This is the best way to know if they are legit. It is probably best not to overly trust someone, especially if they don’t seem to have any feedback or information on their page. 

It Is On Unknown And Sketchy Websites

Always get items like this from official sites, or even if you are in merchant stores, stick to places with some reliable structure. You may come across sketchy-looking websites or even sellers on social media. It’s best not to trust them, even if the offer looks suspiciously good, as there may be a catch with it. 


Unfortunately, if you bought a fake PS5 from a seller, you are likely not to have many paths of recourse. However, if you did pay for a product and it never showed up, you might be eligible for a refund depending on your payment method. At this point, the most sensible thing to do would be to wait and see when the products become available again on the Sony website.