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How to Lubricate a Proform Treadmill

How to Lubricate a Proform Treadmill

When it comes to treadmills, Proform is one of the best options out there. It has high max speeds, and incline and decline options so that you can get the same intensity workout you would if you were running outside. It also comes with an HD touch screen, as well as an iFit membership for access to thousands of fitness classes. Best of all, it is affordable.

However, as with any other mechanical device, proper upkeep is important. For the Proform, in particular, lubricating ensures that the walking belt interacts with the other parts of the treadmill properly and that no undue stress makes any part wear out quickly. So, how do you properly lubricate your Proform? Read on to find out!

How Do I Lubricate a Proform Treadmill?

If you think that the treadmill needs to be lubricated, then make sure you have the right kind of lubricant. The recommendation is a lubricant that is 100% silicone, as other lubricants contain substances that can damage the belt and the motor. Proform has a specially made 100% silicone lubricant that can be found here. This kit also comes with a lubrication applicator stick, which ensures that you spread lubricant as evenly as possible.

Now it is time to lubricate the belt, by taking the following steps:

  1. Loosen the belt screws. These screws are located at the back of the treadmill.
  2. Once the belt screws are loosened, lift one side of the belt. Saturate the applicator stick with the lubricant and rub it on the underside of the belt from the top of the belt to the bottom.
  3. Repeat step two on the other side of the belt. Once you have applied the lubricant to both sides, tighten the screws back into place.
  4. Lastly, run the treadmill for about five minutes. This will help the lubricant distribute evenly.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

There are some things you should be aware of once you are done lubricating your Proform. First, do not fold it up until the lube has dried some. If you do, you run the risk of it running off the belt and getting on the floor or into other parts of the treadmill. Second, you may need to apply another layer as some of the lubricant may get absorbed. Check the belt again 1-3 days after your first application.

How Do I Know if My Proform Needs to Be Lubricated?

Before you lubricate your Proform, it is important to ascertain whether it needs it just yet. The consensus is that a treadmill belt should be lubricated every 3-6 months or every 40 hours of use. If you have lost track of time between your last lubrication, or have not had your Proform for very long then the best way to tell if it needs lubricant is this:

  • First, locate your deck surface. This is the part of your treadmill that is directly under the walking belt. You can access it by lifting the belt.
  • Next, feel around with your finger. It should feel slightly oily or waxy. If it doesn’t, then you need to apply more oil.
  • Take special note of the area of the deck below the most worn parts of the belt. This is an indication of where your feet naturally fall when you are walking or running, and while the other parts of the belt may still have some lubrication, that part may not.

Why Is It So Important to Lubricate My Proform?

As briefly discussed already, regularly lubricating your treadmill belt is important to its longevity. It helps the belt run more smoothly, with less friction between the belt and the motor, thus wearing down the belt and putting undue stress on the motor and eventually leading to other issues such as electric short-circuiting. In short, proper maintenance and care of your Proform ensures that you save money and can use it for longer.


The Proform treadmill is a great piece of workout equipment that needs proper care to run smoothly for longer. One of the most important parts of its maintenance is lubrication every 3-6 months, with a 100% silicone lubricant. The right type of lubricant can be found at Proform’s website along with an applicator stick.

Once you have everything you need, apply the lubricant by loosening the screws on the back of the treadmill. Next, saturate the applicator stick in the lubricant, lift one side of the belt, and rub the lubricant along the bottom. Repeat on the other side, and then allow the treadmill to run for five minutes to evenly distribute the lubricant.