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How to Make a Homemade Target for a Nerf Blaster: a Step-by-Step Guide

How to Make a Homemade Target for a Nerf Blaster: a Step-by-Step Guide
  • Using a target with your Nerf gun will help improve your aim
  • Making your own nerf target will be less expensive than buying one
  • There are several different types of Nerf targets you can make on your own

Nerf guns are a fun and safe way for one to practice their aim. Whether you plan on participating in a one on one, a team battle, or a variation of zombies, you will want to have perfected your aim in order to come out victorious.

Practicing with a nerf target is an excellent way to learn your way around a nerf gun and zero in your aim!

If you do not want to drop a pretty penny on one of the many targets designed by Nerf, then you can easily make some of your own at home!

Stationary Targets

When you first start practicing your aim with a nerf gun, you will want to start with a stationary target. These targets do not move in order to give you one clear spot to aim for.

A simple, easy to make stationary target uses empty plastic bottles. All you need is a few bottles, some water, food coloring, and a little bit of glue.

Fill the bottles only about a fifth of the way (too much water and they will be too heavy to knock over with the Nerf darts) and then add enough food coloring that the bottle is clearly visible.

After mixing in the food coloring, add a little bit of glue to the lid, making sure to seal the lid tightly. The glue helps keep the lid in place preventing any water (and coloring) from spilling after being hit by the dart.

Place the bottles at various distances in order to make your practice a little bit more challenging!

Another fun (and easy to set up) stationary nerf target is stacking cups!

Use some paint or stickers and decorate some plastic cups. Stack them in a pyramid on top of each other and shoot until they are all knocked over.

Make this target game a little more fun by making it a competition between two people. The first shooter to knock all their cups over wins!

Spinning Targets

While spinning targets do not move to make your target practice more challenging, but they do make target practice more fun (especially for younger kids).

These spinning targets are easy to make! All you need is some cardboard, skewers, plastic straws, and duct tape.

Using a tri-fold for your cardboard, cut some squares out large enough for your targets to easily fit inside.

Cut some circular targets (or whatever shape you want) out of cardboard and design them how you like.

Tape or glue a target to both ends of a straw and then push a skewer through the center of each of the straws. Tape a skewer with the attached targets on the backside of each of the cutouts on your trifold.

If you need to change the weights so the targets spin easier, try taping a penny to the back of the targets.

See how to make this Nerf target for yourself by clicking here!

After mastering the stationary targets and spinning targets, be sure to move on to the types of targets listed below!

Hanging Targets

By hanging up your Nerf targets, your targets can be free moving adding a bit more challenge to your practice sessions.

A hanging target takes a bit more work to make but this kind of target is well worth all of the effort you put into making them.

You can either make small circular targets and hang them with fishing wire. Using suction cup darts are the best kind of darts for this kind of target.

All you need to complete this DIY target is some fabric, hoops, and netting.

Cut your fabric to the desired length and width and sew a spot at the top big enough to fit a curtain rod through. Lay your hoops on the back of the fabric and cut circles slightly smaller than the hoop.

Attach the hoops to the fabric and put pockets of netting behind each of the hoops to catch your darts for easy cleanup.

Make some of the holes smaller than others to increase the difficulty of your practice.

For more information on how to build this hanging target click here!

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