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How to Make Cream Cheese

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So, I’ve been going a little crazy lately with dairy since getting my new jersey cow, Lucy.  Here’s a recipe I used on how to make cream cheese.  Tasty!



  1. Pour your cream into a glass container stir in the starter culture
  2. Cover loosely
  3. Leave on counter top 8 to 12 hours to culture, time varies depending on temperature
  4. It’s ready when it resembles yogurt
  5. Dump thickened cream into cheesecloth and allow whey to drip out at least 12 hours (the longer it drips, the firmer your cheese will be)
  6. Scrape out of cheesecloth and lightly salt to taste (salt will make it last longer since it’s a natural preservative)
  7. Store in an airtight container in fridge.  When it chills it will get firmer.

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