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How to Make Your Own Click and Grow Pods

How to Make Your Own Click and Grow Pods

Click and Grow Pods are a modern smart way of gardening that is perfect for urban areas. These small planter boxes are a great choice for growing a variety of plants, herbs, flowers, and even vegetables. The popularity of these pods may have made you wonder how to make your own.

If you are interested in gardening made easy, here are some tips on how to make your own Click and Grow pods.

How to Make Your Own Click and Grow Pods

Click and Grow pods have been taking the world of budding gardeners by storm. It facilitates access to fresh produce even without having a huge garden space. The original Click and Grow plant pods include many benefits, like smart soil made from biodegradable materials and all the nutrients to ensure quick growth.

If you want to create your own Click and Grow pods either to have more customization options, to save some money, or simply to have them as replacements, let’s take a look at some tips. These can guide you through the process of creating your fresh produce haven.

To make your own Click and Grow pods, you’ll need a few materials, like starter plugs and seeds. You’ll also need nursery bags. Essentially, you’ll be filling these bags with a soil mix and then just planting away!

The most essential part of the process is ensuring that your soil is as nutrient-rich as can be, especially if you want to emulate the original Click and Grow pods. This is what the focus will be throughout this endeavor.

Use Starter Plugs

If you’re not ready to go into making your own soil and learning about all the intricacies of that process, you should use starter plugs. These offer a great way to get into hydroponics and general soilless horticulture without labor-intensive methods.

Starter plugs are great for seeds and cuttings, and they tend to use organic materials and composted tree bark. This is an option that also works great as a replacement for existing Click and Grow pods.

When using the starter plugs as a replacement for Click and Grow pods, you can easily place the plugs in the pod holes. You will then simply have to add your chosen nutrients to the water that you use with the plugs.

Make Your Own Soil Mix

The most essential part of the original Click and Grow pods is the soil they use to ensure successful results. This smart soil is full of nutrients and is created from renewable, biodegradable materials.

To get as successful a result from making your own Click and Grow pods, you should make your own soil mix to sustain them. Here are a few ideas for how to achieve this:

  • Have the following items on hand: compost, soil, soil bloom, a plastic container, and fertilizer. Manure pellets are recommended to minimize the smell, especially if living in an apartment.
  • Line your plastic container with soil, then add compost on top, and mix them together. You can add some other organic matter like leaves and wood chips to enrich the mix.
  • If you’d like to experiment with growing plants faster, you can sprinkle in some soil bloom.

Use Plant Nursery Bags

Once you have mixed your own soil, you should go ahead and scoop it into degradable plant nursery bags. These are perfect for sprinkling your seeds or cuttings into the prepared soil to get them ready for sprouting.

These plant nursery bags are a very helpful tool. They are eco-friendly and made from non-woven material that is easily biodegradable. Their water absorption and excellent permeability allow for a higher rate of survival for seeds and cuttings.

They also ensure that seedlings will grow well and that plants won’t suffer from decay or entangled roots.

Keep Track of the Seasons

Making your own Click and Grow pods will require knowing the right size of seeds for the right time of year or the right setting. You should use regular-sized seeds for plants that will be able to go outside during the spring and the summer.

You can use regular seeds for herbs no matter the time of year or if they will get to be placed outdoors. Dwarf seeds are best for tomatoes and strawberries, especially after the summer or when staying indoors the whole year.

Knowing which seeds to use will ensure the survival and health of the contents in your self-made Click and Grow pods.


Making your own Click and Grow pods can require a bit more gardening know-how and awareness than simply purchasing a collection. However, this is a great way to take the plunge into more advanced gardening and into customizing your experience.