• Nerf guns are fun to use on their own but can shoot further and more accurately with some modifications
  • Each modification serves its own purpose
  • Nerf brand modifications are easy to attach and take off as needed, and are compatible with most Nerf guns
  • There are Do it Yourself modifications you can do in order to help your Nerf guns perform better
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Nerf guns are fun to use either by yourself, with your kids, or with a group of friends. However, sometimes the Nerf gun all on its own is not equipped to meet the task you hope to use it for.

If this is the case, a few simple Nerf modifications can help you get the job done! While Nerf makes some modifications for their guns that are compatible with many others across the brand, there are not any currently specifically for the Nerf Maverick. However, there are still plenty of modifications you can do yourself to improve the performance of your Nerf gun.

Keep reading to find out what the best modifications for your Nerf Maverick!

Compress the Spring

One simple modification you can make to your Nerf gun is compressing the spring.

The spring is compressed and locked into position when you pull back on the slide of the Nerf gun. When you pull the trigger it released the spring, which then forces air through the chamber, propelling the Nerf dart out of the barrel.

By compressing the spring slightly prior to pulling back on the slide, it is further compressed after the slide is cocked. When the trigger is pulled there will be more force released. The effect of this modification will be a dart that fires at further distances!

This modification is easy to do! Simply take apart the gun, and add something behind the spring. A few pennies or a piece of cork will work! Just make sure whatever you place inside the gun is not too big so as not to jam the trigger.

Warning: after compressing the spring it will be more difficult to pull back the slide!

Read the entire modification here!

Spring Replacement

If compressing the spring does not give your Nerf gun enough power, you can simply replace the current spring with a stronger one!

Start by removing the screws from your Nerf gun and opening up the gun. Remove the spring from the compression chamber and insert the new spring!

You can get the new spring for your Nerf Maverick from BlasterParts by clicking the link here!

Remember, just as compressing the spring made it harder to pull the slide back, adding a stronger spring to your Nerf Maverick will also make it more difficult to cock the gun!

In order to fit the new spring into the gun you may need to shave off some of the cross on the back of the air chamber. If so, make sure that the cross is even after shaving some off.

Remove the Air Restrictors

Another way to give your Nerf gun more power is to allow more airflow through to each of the darts after the spring is released.

What you may not know is that inside each of the bullet chambers is an air restrictor. Start by taking apart the inside of your gun and then dismantling the barrel of the gun.

Use a pocket knife to cut out the air restrictors and reassemble the Nerf gun! Watch the following video to follow along!


Drop the Barrel Lock

When you push the button on the size of your Nerf Maverick, you may have noticed that this releases the barrel for easier access. Want even easier access to the barrel of your Nerf gun?

All you need to do for this is remove the barrel locks!

Take a pocket knife or carving knife and cut off the barrel locks located on the front of the barrel and the frame of the gun.

Watch this video to see exactly where these barrel locks are at and what the gun should look like after modification.


After the locks are removed the barrel of your Nerf gun will open wider making it easier to open and load bullets into.

Personalize Your Gun

After doing some modifications to your Nerf Maverick, it may function better but still feel like any other Nerf gun you can buy at your local big box store.

Modify your Nerf Maverick to feel like your own personal creation with a new paint job!

Read this article to know exactly how to paint your Nerf gun: How to Paint a Nerf Gun the Proper Way! (hyperlink)

Learn More

If you are interested, here is a link to everything Nerf on Amazon.

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