• The Nerf Strongarm was released under the N-Strike Elite Series in 2013
  • The blaster has a six dart cylinder that flips all the way out for easy reloading while in battle
  • Nerf Strongarm blasters are capable of slam fire blasting
  • The compactness of the Nerf Strongarm makes it the perfect candidate for modifications
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The Nerf Strongarm has lots of features that make it a desirable candidate for modifications. These include easily reloaded cylinder, slam fire capabilities, a tactical rail on top, and a loop for carrying attachments. This blaster can also be modified for increased power and accuracy.

In fact, with all of these features combined into one compact blaster body, the Strongarm has taken the title of “Best Nerf Gun for Modifications”! The main factor that allows the Nerf Strongarm to claim this title is the blaster’s simplicity.

Because the blaster is so easily disassembled and the internal workings are not over complicated, it is considered the best blaster for modifications.

To learn more about how the Nerf Strongarm is the perfect blaster for modifications read this article: Which Nerf Gun Is Best for Modifications?.

Because the Nerf Strongarm is the best blaster for modification there are plenty of different modifications to choose from. Each mod improves the blaster in a different way. To find out which modification is the right choice for your Nerf Strongarm blaster, keep reading for all of the best Nerf Strongarm mods.

Easy Mod by NBP

While elaborate Nerf mods can produce great results, they can also be very expensive and time consuming. If you are experienced in moding Nerf guns than a more complex mod could be easy for you to complete. However, if you are just learning how to mod a Nerf blaster than an easy– and less expensive– mod is the right way to go.

The mod featured below is completed on the Nerf Disruptor. However, because the internal workings of the Nerf Strongarm and Disruptor are identical, their modifications are compatible with each other. To make this mod even better, the entire modification is entirely free. The only tool you need is a screwdriver and some snippers!

The mod covered in this video is removal of the air restrictor and dart posts. These mods allow more direct air flow through your blasster. With more air hitting your darts, they will fly notably farther than before the mod. Ready to start this simple but effective Nerf Strongarm modification? Grab your tools and watch the video below!

Orange Mod Works Kit

As mentioned in the video above, there are tons of premade Nerf mod kits that you can purchase. These mods come with all the parts you need, their own set of instructions, and only require installation.

This kit includes a new spring, a plunger replacement, a catch, as well as a new metal trigger. The new, more powerful spring will help give the blaster more power and precision. The metal trigger while not providing a real functional purpose, make the blaster more durable and overall a cooler look.

Get the Orange Mod Works Kit for your Nerf Strongarm here!

While these mods do come with their own set of instructions, it is always helpful to see someone else complete the mod and hear their tips and tricks to get the most out of your blaster. Watch the installation of the Orange Mod Works Kit by Lord Draconical below!

Once you have installed the Orange Mod Works Kit into your Nerf Strongarm you will not only be able to feel that your blaster performs better, but you will see your darts fly further than they ever could have before!

Rear Loading StrongArm

One of the reasons the Nerf Strongarm is such a popular blaster is because it can easily be reloaded due to the drop open spinning chamber. While the Nerf Strongarm can already be easily reloaded, with a simple modification reloading your blaster can become even faster and more efficient.

This rear loading Strongarm mod is done by removing the barrel from inside the blaster and then prying the two pieces apart. The dart posts are removed and the chambers are slightly sanded to allow darts to travel through.

After completing the rear loading modification, you can then replace the spring inside your blaster to further increase your Nerf Strongarm’s power and precision. Nerf blaster spring replacements are fairly simple and can be completed in a relatively short amount of time.

Get the WORKER Mod Upgrade Spring for your Nerf Strongarm here!

In addition to showing you how to complete the rear loading Strongarm and spring replacement modifications, the video below includes an in depth description of the internal workings of the Nerf Strongarm. After watching the description and learning how your blaster operates, you might even come up with some new modifications for yourself.

Ready to learn more about how your Nerf Strongarm operates and how to modify it? Watch the following video by Griffin Mods!

Drop Clip Mod

Looking for another way to quickly reload your Nerf Strongarm while in battle? Then you are going to love this awesome drop clip mod.

The stock model of the Nerf Strongarm allows for the cylinder to slide partially out. This means that you are only able to access two to three dart holders at a time as you reload one dart at a time. However, have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could reload the entire clip at the same time. With this Drop Clip mod, now you can!

In order to fully complete this modification, you are going to need an extra one or two Nerf Strongarm cylinders. Because it is not easy to find only the cylinder for sale you may need to purchase a second Nerf Strongarm and use it solely for parts. Get your second Nerf Strongarm here!

If you know how to 3D print, you can always create a custom clip for your blaster as well.

Ready to stop loading your Strongarm one dart at a time? Watch this video to see how the Nerf Strongarm Drop Clip mod works!

Now that you have an idea of how your mod will turn out, read the instructions of how to complete the mod on Nerf Haven!

12 to 24 Shot Nerf Strongarm

The original Nerf Strongarm can hold and fire up to 6 darts at a time. Because of the low ammunition capacity, you might find yourself reloading your blaster more frequently than you would like.

However, with some unique ingenuity, you can turn your single cylinder Nerf Strongarm into a blaster with multiple cylinders. This modification can be done with anywhere between two to four cylinders.

In order to complete this modification you are going to need extra Nerf Strongarm cylinders. As I mentioned in the mod above, these are not easy to come by by themselves. If you do not already have extra cylinders lying around, your options include 3D printing new cylinders or purchasing new Nerf Strongarms to use for parts.

Click the link here to get some new Nerf Strongarms for your multiple cylinder mod.

Watch the video below to learn more about the multiple cylinder Nerf Strongarm mod and to get inspiration for how to do it yourself!

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