• The Nerf Stryfe was released under the N-Strike Elite line in 2013
  • The Stryfe uses a 6 dart clip to fire Elite darts at a rate of 3 to 4 darts per second
  • There have been several rereleases of the Nerf Stryfe blaster each featuring new changes and updates
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If you have ever wondered which Nerf blaster has been released the most amount of times, the Nerf Stryfe takes the title! This blaster was released 5 different times officially and modified several times under the original name.

The original release of the Stryfe to the N-Strike series featured extra powerful motors. It also included an occasionally faulty dart sensor. While later releases of the Nerf Stryfe the dart sensor was either repaired or removed entirely. However, with these positive changes came the downgrading of the motors from their original state.

In 2017 the Stryfe was released again under the N-Strike Modulus series. This series is specifically designed to be easily modified and customized for each Nerfer’s unique needs.

The final two releases of the Nerf Stryfe took place in 2018. Each new release introduced several new blaster accessories to further customize the blaster.

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No matter which version of the Nerf Stryfe you own, there are plenty of different ways you can customize it in order to better meet your blasting needs. Not sure where to start customizing your blaster? Keep reading to find out all the best Nerf Stryfe mods!

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Nerf Modifications and Attachments

Nerf Modulus tri-strike and Attachments

The simplest way to modify the your Nerf blaster is to premade purchase attachments and modifications specifically designed by the company to enhance the blaster’s performance.

While there are many different lines of Nerf blasters, the N-Strike series tends to be the “father” brand of all the others. This means that all N-Strike sub brands will be able to use each others tactical attachments. Currently, the most popular series for attachments is the Modulus series. Because of this, it will be easier to find compatible attachments under this sub brand.

Not sure which Nerf attachments will be best for your blaster? No need to worry, here you will find the best Nerf modifications and attachments designed for the Nerf Stryfe and how they benefit your blaster!

N-Strike Elite Stryfe

This version of the Nerf Stryfe is compatible with most N-Strike attachments. There is only one tactical rail located at the top of the blaster leaving a very limited amount of space for modifying attachments.

The best blaster attachment for this blaster is the Nerf Modulus Day/Night Zoom Scope. This attachment allows you to see your targets better in both the day time and the night time and easily attaches to the top tactical rail.

Get the Nerf Modulus Day/Night Zoom Scope here and start modifying your Nerf Stryfe blaster today!

N-Stike Elite Stryfe CQ-10

This blaster is not only compatible with several different attachments, but even comes packaged with the detachable shoulder stock and front grip.

This version of the blaster includes two tactical rails in addition to the attachments already provided. The additional tactical rail gives you more room to modify your blaster to be the perfect match for your next battle.

The blaster attachment we suggest to get the most out of your Stryfe experience is the Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit. Because this blaster already has its own extended stock there is no need to get another one. With the Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit you will be able to use your Nerf Stryfe on all different kinds of missions.

Order your Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit today and start blasting!

Easy Voltage Modification

If you are looking for a modification for your Nerf Stryfe that is more personal, than a custom mod is just the thing for you. This first modification is the perfect option for all those who are just starting to learn how to mod or for those who are looking for a quick simple mod to improve their blasting abilities.

Upgrading the voltage can be as easy as quickly changing from the standard batteries to a set that is more powerful. The batteries used in this mod are IMR batteries. Get your set of IMR batteries for this mod here!

When using more batteries there are a few things to watch out for.

First of all, be especially careful to place the batteries in the correct direction. Placing the batteries in the wrong direction will cause the batteries to short circuit. Short circuiting batteries this powerful could lead to damaged internal wiring and even a fire. So be cautious!

Because these batteries are more powerful than the standard battery sets, you may not need to completely fill the whole battery compartment in order to get added power. However, you will still need to complete the circuit. In order to do both these things you will need to use a “dummy battery”. These batteries work as a place holder in the circuit but do not provide any extra power to the system. Get your Battery Placeholder here!

Once your new batteries are in place, you will need to make some modifications to the voltage system in order for the Stryfe to operate properly. The thermistor is the part of the blaster that shuts down the entire system when it detects too much power entering the system. This modification is fairly simple and takes less than 5 minutes to complete!

Are you ready to start modifying your Nerf Stryfe for more power? Watch the video below to get started!

The Easiest Nerf Stryfe Mod

Modifying the Nerf Stryfe to use a stronger set of batteries is fairly simple; however, it is only one method to use in order to increase your blaster’s power. There is a plethora of modifications that you can use to make your blaster effective that are not only easy to do but effective as well!

Something as simple as removing the unnecessary locks or sensors that hinder your blaster from operating at full power can help you unlock the full potential of your Nerf Stryfe blaster.

A mod commonly done in all motorized Nerf blasters, and is featured in this mod as well, is removing the magazine lock. The magazine lock makes it so that the trigger cannot be pulled if there is not a loaded magazine in the blaster.

The magazine and trigger locks intended purposes are to prevent darts from becoming jammed in the blaster as well as preventing internal damage from dry firing the blaster. Nerfers choose to remove this small lock in order to improve the operation of their blasters.

While removing these locks may appear to be counter productive or unnecessary their removal allows you to breech load the Nerf Stryfe and even enables you to use different kinds of magazines than the ones originally sold with the blaster.

If you do choose to remove the lock around the top access door as well as the magazine lock, do be careful not to pull the trigger while your fingers are in the access area. Doing so could lead to injury or damage to your blaster.

The following video shows you each and every simple mod you can complete with your Nerf blaster in detail to make sure you do it the right way. No matter what skill level of modding you are at, this easy mod is sure to make your Nerf Stryfe easier to use. You can even combine this mod with the voltage modification to take full advantage of your Nerf Stryfe blaster. Now watch the easiest Nerf Stryfe mods below!

Lord Draconical’s Nerf Stryfe Mod Guide

While changing the batteries is a simple modification that allows you to improve the performance of your blaster, you may be hoping to get more out of your Nerf Stryfe and learn more about modding Nerf blasters.

If you are looking to learn more about Nerf mods and get the most out of your Nerf Stryfe than we have the perfect tool for you. The information found in the well known Nerfer Lord Draconical’s Nerf Stryfe Mod Guide will help you customize not only this blaster but will prepare you for modding more blasters down the road.

In the video below, Lord Draconical explains what each of the pieces commonly used in Nerf mods and even describes how to find both quality and reliable parts. Some of the pieces he helps your identify are fly wheels, motors, and power cells.

The modifications that take place in Lord Drac’s Stryfe Mod Guide includes the removal of several different sensors and locks, the motor cage, modifying the battery tray, and so much more!

Ready to start your first Nerf Stryfe mod off on the right foor? Watch the following video to find everything you could ever need to know about modding and create the ultimate Nerf Stryfe for your blaster collection!

Looking for a different type of Nerf Stryfe mod? Along with this beginner’s guide, Lord Draconical has created several different blaster mods. While he uses similar techniques in updating the interior workings of the blaster, each blaster is completed with a differently themed exterior.

Watch his “Codebreaker” Nerf Stryfe blaster paint job below!

Full Automatic Stryfe Modification

While the Nerf Stryfe is already capable of firing darts at a fairly rapid pace increasing your blaster’s ability to fire darts faster will definitely come in hand in every battle situation.

In order to complete this modification, you are going to need a fully automatic mod kit. Get the RAVPump XSW Full-Automatic Kit for your Nerf Stryfe here! This kit does not require any drilling and is easy to install with extremely effective results.

While custom kits like these come with their own set of instructions, you might find that they can often be fairly confusing. Especially if this is your first time doing a Nerf modification this drastic, it will be beneficial to follow along with someone else completing the same modification.

Watch the video below in order to see how to install your XSW Kit in order to turn your Nerf Stryfe into a fully automatic blaster!

Because there is so much power going through the Nerf Stryfe, this mod also includes the installation of a trigger switch. This is to ensure that when you let go of the trigger the blaster will stop firing and that the motor does not break.

While this is may not happen in every case of the Fully Automatic Stryfe mod, it is always better to put in a little extra work in order to protect the inner workings of your newly modded blaster. However, if you are looking to save some time and money, this step is not necessary in order to turn your Nerf Stryfe into a fully automatic blaster.

For more on modifying your Nerf blasters into Fully Automatic blasters read this article by Goddard: NERF Gun Upgrade: Semi-Automatic to Automatic Modification.

Select Fire Mod Kit (and paint job!)

While owning a fully automatic or even a semi automatic blaster allows you to be a few steps ahead of your competition. However, being able to switch between three different types of firing gives you the ability to completely dominate your competitors.

With the Select Fire Mod you can easily switch between three different firing modes: semi auto, 3 round burst, and fully automatic.

Check out the Goshfun Full-Automatic Modified Kit in order to get the same three blasting effects to achieve this firing selection: Single, Triple, and Continuous. Before completing this Nerf Stryfe modification be sure to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

For extra help with installing this blaster modification watch the following video by Coop772. Not only does he install the select fire mod but he does a custom paint job that as well that is sure to help you stand out at the next Nerf battle you go to. Because of the increased speed of the video, we do suggest watching it once all the way through to get a feel for the installation and modification process before watching it against a slower speed while you work through the installation yourself.

The extra modifications done by Coop772 turn the bright orange Nerf Stryfe into a AR-15 like blaster. If you do choose to do the same with your blaster, be sure to keep a bright color around the tip of your blaster. While it is fun to create realistic looking Nerf blasters, painting the blaster to look completely realistic poses a safety hazard.

If you are not looking for a smooth, realistic looking black blaster, take the time to create a custom colored blaster to show off when you take on the competition at your next Nerf war. Follow the same steps shown in the video for painting your blaster simply using your own custom color scheme!

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