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How to Mount Tonal On Wall

How to Mount Tonal On Wall

Tonal is one of the leading pieces of gym equipment that will provide users with nearly limitless workouts they can perform right in their own home. This revolutionary product combines a dynamic weight system with a sleek, 24” touchscreen that is mounted on your wall for support. Of course, this means that if the Tonal is installed incorrectly, your pricy home gym machine can fall to floor while you’re getting a full=body workout, so it’s important to make sure your Tonal is mounted properly.

In this article, we’ll provide a clear, step-by-step guide for mounting your Tonal on nearly any wall. We’ll list tools you’ll need, what location is best for Tonal installation, and any addition tips or information you need to know for this guide. 

Let the Experts Do It

It might seem odd in a “how to” article for the first step to basically tell you not to install this device, but it’s the honestly what we recommend.

Tonal, as a company, do not support self-installation. To prevent this, a professional team will personally deliver and install your Tonal in a location chosen by you.

When a customer orders a Tonal workout machine, they are asked to complete a pre-installation survey they will receive via email. In this survey, the company asks for details regarding which location you prefer for your Tonal installation to ensure it is a safe and appropriate place. If they agree with the location, a professional team will install your Tonal here upon delivery.

Choose the Best Location for Installation

Arguably the most important step of mounting a Tonal is choosing the best location that will be capable of bearing the Tonal’s weight as well as being the idea space for your workouts.

The ideal wall and location for mounting your Tonal should follow these criteria:

  • Should have 7 feet of unobstructed wall space
  • Workout space ceilings should measure at least 7’10’’ in height
  • Workout floor space should be at least 7’ x 7’
  • Wall support studs should have widths from 16″ to 24″ and made of wood or metal
  • Receives a reliable WiFi signal
  • Has a grounded, three-prong power outlet within 6 feet of mounting location (extension cords are not permitted)

In addition to these criteria, your wall material is also crucial, as it can affect how effectively your walls can hold the weight of your Tonal and the added weight of your workouts.

Ideally, Tonal should be mounted on walls made of:

  • drywall/sheetrock
  • plywood
  • exposed wood studs
  • concrete
  • paneling
  • pine board
  • plaster
  • stucco if they are 1.25″ or less

Once you find a location your confident fulfills all these criteria, you can record it in your pre-installation survey for approval.

Witness the Magic of Installation Day

While we don’t support you installing your Tonal yourself, we think it’s important for you to know how the professional team will go about mounting it, so you’ll know immediately if something goes awry.

When the professional Tonal installation crew arrives on delivery day, they will survey your chosen mounted location one last time to ensure it is safe for a Tonal installation. They will then unload the Tonal and start the mounting process.

The mounting process for a Tonal is relatively straightforward. Once the installation crew has unloaded the Tonal, they will place moving and packing blanket on the floor directly under the mounting location as a precaution to ensure your Tonal’s safety.

Next, they will remove the Tonal mounting bracket from the packaging and measure and level where it will sit on the wall. After these careful measurements are taken, the bracket will then be screwed into the wall. The Tonal will then slide snuggly into the bracket, where the installation crew will screw it firmly into the bracket for maximum stability.

Overall, this process takes an average of one hour for the professional installation team to complete.

Plug-In Your Tonal

You might find it surprisingly that mounting your Tonal is that easy, but there’s really nothing to it. Tonal uses the most durable and high-quality materials to ensure once it is firmly installed, it won’t budge a millimeter even during the toughest workouts. Now, there’s only one more thing to do.

Once the Tonal installation crew has firmly drilled the Tonal into the wall, the only step left is to plug your Tonal into the nearby power outlet.

After you’ve done this, you can set-up and personalize your Tonal using the touch screen to detail your workout goals and what types of workouts you prefer. You’ll also need to connect your Smart handles via Bluetooth and adjust the Tonal arms to suit your size. You can then activate your Tonal membership, so you have access to exceptional workouts created by leading workout coaches and expert.