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How To Move and Adjust Tonal Arms

How To Move and Adjust Tonal Arms

With arms that can support up to 200 pounds, the Tonal can accommodate a wide range of athletes. However, if you’ve recently had your Tonal installed, you may be wondering how you’re expected to get those arms into the proper position.

Generally, during each workout, arm position indications appear on the screen to ensure that you are properly set up for each action. The height, angle, and rotation of each arm may be changed to create more than 170 motions.

Tonal combines AI and fitness for the ultimate workout. But you have to know how to use it to get the results you want. Keep reading to learn how to move and adjust the arms on your tonal so you can take advantage of the amazing features this smart gym has to offer.

What is Tonal?

Tonal is a complete weight training system that you can use right in your living room. It has a touch screen that makes it simple to navigate, allowing users to explore a library of exercises created by their team of instructors. You can also track and analyze your stats and workout metrics in the same way that you would a smartphone app. 

Various activities can be set up, from the bench press to the deadlift, simply by manipulating the arms. Even better, each of the Tonal’s arms can provide up to 100 lbs of resistance, allowing the device to be used for 200 lbs lifts.

How Do Tonal Arms Work?

Tonal digitizes weights using a mix of electricity and magnets to produce a seamless exercise experience. The height, angle, and rotation of each arm may be changed to create more than 170 exercises for a full-body workout. The arms can be adjusted in a variety of ways, including the addition of attachments that simulate gym equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, and ropes.

How To Adjust the Tonal Arms

Before you get started, check that the power switch on the trainer’s bottom is turned on. This switch is located directly off where the power cord plugs in. If you don’t use your Tonal for 10 minutes, it will go into sleep mode. Once the trainer is turned on, simply tap the screen.

Grasp the arms where they attach to the trainer and rotate towards you to flip them out.

Pull and hold the silver lever that is located about midway down the arm and lift the arms out to the side. To slide the arms up and down, pull the lever near the shoulder of the arm.

How To Adjust the Weight of Your Tonal Arms

While each workout will indicate which position the arms should be in, you do have the option of creating your own. If you’re looking for a custom workout you can easily adjust the weight you will be working with.

First, you will select the “free lift” option on the screen. This allows you to create your own custom workout instead of following one of the premade workouts available through Tonal.

In the free lift mode, you will be presented with a weight dial on the screen. Simply use your finger to slide the dial to your preferred weight. That weight is applied to each arm. For example, if you would like to lift 20lbs per arm, you would slide the dial to 20.

You may notice that it says “weight off” below the number on the weight dial. When you are ready to start lifting, tap the end of the smart handle to turn the weight on. When you’re done, just tap the end again to turn the weight off.

Using the Different Tonal Arm Attachments

Tonal smart accessories are driven by Bluetooth, allowing you to turn the weight on and off with the push of a button. The handles also detect your movements in order to offer Form Feedback while adjusting to them. 

  • Smart handles: These are used to imitate single and two-sided handle motions. Six-axis gyroscopes measure every rep, and Bluetooth technology allows you to turn on and off the dynamic weight wirelessly.
  • Smart bar: Can be used for both standing and seated bar exercises, such as standing overhead press or deadlifts. When you’re in position and ready to lift, execute your favorite bar-based exercises and turn the weight on or off with a simple tap. 
  • Smart Rope: This is utilized for rope exercises like tricep extensions and face pulls. The balls on the ends allow for an easy grip, adding some variety to your workout.

These accessories work well with the other accessories included with the Tonal such as the bench, mat, and roller.

T-locks make it simple and quick to swap out attachments. To secure a new attachment, push it into place and then twist. To remove an attachment, push in to release and then twist.

T-locks are also compatible with third-party equipment that employ weight-bearing carabiners.

Final Thoughts

While adjusting the arms can be a bit nerve-racking at first, it is quite easy to do and will become second nature in no time. You’ll soon be adding variations to your workout routine with the 170 different movements and smart accessories. However, before commencing any workout, always double-check that your arms are properly fastened in place by pulling on them twice.