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How to Open a GoPro Case

How to Open a GoPro Case

GoPro cameras have gone from just-for extreme sports enthusiasts, athletes, or adventure junkies, to almost a household name- they’re the go-to camera for anyone that needs to capture footage on the move. To properly use your camera, knowing how to open a GoPro case is essential, and not as easy as it might seem.

When the times comes to open your GoPro case, we have the info to help you do it. Or if you’re struggling with this right now, we can help you out, too. Just keep reading for exactly how to open a GoPro case without breaking anything.

Opening a GoPro Case

If you’ve found your way here because you’re a little confused about how to open your GoPro case, don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. The idea of simply opening a case isn’t all that easy, as it turns out.

To open your GoPro case, you’ll need to:

  • Open the top latch.
  • Carefully pull the long side of the latch.
  • Disengage the back of the case.

Again, while it might sound simple, the actual opening of the case should come with an owner’s manual. But you have the next best thing right here, our very own firsthand account of what to do to safely open your GoPro case without causing any damage.

Open the Top Latch on Your GoPro Case

Depending on the version of your GoPro, the latches and other components may be in a different place or arranged differently. This means that you will need to understand what model you have before you begin to open your case.

On most GoPros, you will first need to open the top latch, which is the surface that is raised along the top edge of the case. You will need to use quite a bit of force to tug on the two hook areas to release the latch.

This can easily be done by holding the back of the camera firmly and then pressing the right front corner with your index finger. With your thumb, you should press firmly against the long edge of the case.

Once you are holding on to this area, you should then pull on the case using some force. This may not be an easy task to complete, which means you may need help from someone with a stronger grip.

Tug on the Long Side of the GoPro Case Latch

Keep in mind that most owners’ manuals for the GoPro do not explain how to open the case to the camera. This means that figuring out how to open it falls on you to figure it out on your own.

The next step in opening your GoPro is to disconnect the long side of the latch that sits on the backside of the case. Be aware, however, that you will need to be careful not to break this part since it keeps water and air from entering your camera.

To accomplish this step, you will need to pull the long edge upwards with your thumb while having the short edge up as high as it can go. This will allow you to pry the latch open, so you are one step closer to opening the case.

It is important to remember that if you have trouble opening this part, you should ask someone for help rather than trying to use too much force. Breaking this part can compromise the case and result in damage to your GoPro camera.

Disengage the Back of the GoPro Case

When it comes to removing the case from your GoPro camera, there are several things you need to do before you succeed. Once you have completed the previous steps, you should be able to begin the process of removing the case.

This step of the process requires you to take the backing off of the case by opening it by the hinge. This part should open easily since you have unhooked the latch in the previous step.

To complete this step, all you have to do is tug on the backing of the case and let it hang by the hinge. You should be extremely careful with this step because since it has a hinge, if you pull too forcefully, you will break it off.

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to remove the backing entirely to take your camera out of the casing. The camera will come out just fine if the backing is just opened as you did in this step.

Remove Your Camera from GoPro Case

While getting your camera out of the case is the goal you are trying to accomplish, you need to keep in mind that when you are filming, it should always be in the case. This is because since it is so small, it may get broken without the case.

The final step in opening the case of your GoPro is to remove your camera. You can do this by turning the camera to the side and letting the camera slide out of the case carefully.

In some cases, you may need to pull the camera slightly to remove it from the GoPro case if it is stuck. Doing this will need to be done carefully to avoid tugging too hard and dropping or damaging the camera.

In other cases, all you have to do is tilt the camera slightly and let it slide out of the case once it is opened. You should keep in mind that letting the camera slide out runs the risk of it falling and breaking as well.

Once you have removed the case on your GoPro, you should immediately remove the camera so that it does not accidentally drop out. Remember that once you have finished whatever you are doing with the camera, you should put it back in the case and close it up completely.


Overall, removing your GoPro from its case can be relatively easy to accomplish if you follow instructions carefully. Just be sure to take care of it when it is out of the case, so you do not cause damage to your action camera.