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How To Pair Phone To NordicTrack

How To Pair Phone To NordicTrack

Anyone who has owned a treadmill can attest to how much it has helped them create a fitness program personalized to fit their lives. NordicTrack is one of the top-selling fitness equipment companies out there, and thanks to their iFit Bluetooth program taking your fitness to the next level while in the comfort of your living room was never easier.

Typically, users require a little more help on how to pair a phone to NordicTrack as several factors are necessary to ensure connectivity. These factors include having an iFit membership, iFit enabled treadmill, and a good Wi-Fi connection.

This article will take users step by step on how to pair a phone to the NordicTrack, so keep reading to find out how you can start counting those steps instead of reading them!

What You Will Need

Before beginning the process of how to pair a phone to NordicTrack for either audio or as a console, let’s first ensure you have the necessary components for each to connect to the iFit Bluetooth Program.

You will need the following,

  • Android/Apple Device
  • Strong Wi-Fi connection
  • iFit membership (required only for console pairing)
  • iFit compatible equipment (treadmill, bike, elliptical- for console pairing only)
  • iFit App- (for console pairing only)

Once you have ensured the above components are good to go, your iFit compatible equipment will automatically auto-adjust to your phone once paired and then be your control console during workouts.

How To Pair Phone To NordicTrack

If you are looking to simply pair your phone to the Bluetooth speakers of your NordicTrack machine, follow these easy directions.

Make sure your mobile device and workout equipment are in close range of each other and that your wi-fi or data is connected. Then go onto your mobile device’s settings page and click on the Bluetooth connectivity option.

Search for “new device,” a NordicTrack machine name should appear on the screen, tap on that device’s name.

At this point, you should hear a tone or beep sound coming from your workout equipment which allows you to know your device and machine are now connected for audio.

How To Pair Your Phone As A Console

The following steps must be applied for users looking how to pair a phone to NordicTrack as a screen console.This option will allow users to navigate workout features from their phone and access all iFit workout programs.

* If your machine is installed with a touchscreen console, this is not necessary. 

First, you will need to download the iFit Application on either your Android or IOS (Apple) device and log in to your iFit membership.

If you do not already have an iFit membership, there are three options currently available for all users.

  1. Family Plan, five total users- Yearly $396
  2. Family Plan – Monthly $39
  3. Individual Plan- Yearly  $180

*Bonus Option- Try iFit Free for 30 days

You can log in to your membership on an unlimited amount of devices, and your subscription can be canceled at any time by logging into your account and clicking “cancel my subscription.”

Next, make sure your NordicTrack machine is turned on. After you have logged into your membership using your mobile device, you should see the menu icon or three horizontal lines on the upper left-hand side of the screen within the app to ensure you are connected.

Located next to the icon for Bluetooth, click on the “pair device” option, and the name of your specific NorrdicTrack machine should appear.

Select “connect” on your mobile device. Then you must press the iFit button on your machine and ensure the code on the screen matches the code for the device name on your phone.

Your phone should then be successfully paired as a visual and control console for your NordicTrack equipment.

Troubleshoot Options

If you have issues with your NordicTrack equipment connecting, stalling, not syncing, or being completely unresponsive, you may have to do a quick hard reset.

It is important to understand that any information that had not been previously synced with the device or with the iFit app will not be recovered after hard rest is completed.

How to do a hard reset,

  • Press and Hold the iFit Link button for 15 seconds
  • Let go; your Link Led lights should light up four, three, two, and once.
  • Rest is complete; you can then sync iFit Link with iFit App


How to pair a phone to NordicTrack should be easier than getting those 10,000 steps in by the end of the day or getting to the top of Mount Everest in the iFit workout app.