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How to Plant a Joey Avocado Tree

How to Plant a Joey Avocado Tree

The Joey avocado tree, discovered by Joey Ricers in Texas, is one of the more cold-hardy avocado trees out there. It has been known to survive temperatures dropping as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit. And luckily for you, this avocado tree is known to be one of the heavier producers of fruit.

Looking at just a couple of simple facts about this type of avocado tree, it seems fairly likely that it would grow and find success in just about any home. Thinking on that, let’s dive into the steps it takes to plant a Joey avocado tree!

Choose the Best Location for Your Joey Avocado Tree

Whether you choose to plant the tree somewhere outdoors or to keep it in a pot inside, it is of vital importance that your Joey tree receives six to eight hours of sunlight. Whether in a pot or outside, also make sure the tree is receiving good drainage. Plant the tree on the south side of a building to ensure it gets all the sunshine possible and protect it from northern winds.

Prepare the Soil for a Joey Avocado Tree

Once you find the optimal location, dig into the earth about six to eight inches in a circle with a diameter of about ten feet. Remove the soil and fill it with sand. Sand or gravel helps with drainage. On top of the sand, mix in about four to six inches of compost. This can be grass clippings, tree bark, leaves, etc. Once everything is tilled, form about a twelve-inch mound in the center of your area.

Repot Your Joey Avocado Tree

If you are keeping your Joey tree indoors, it’s important to move it to a large pot where it can grow for the next year or two before you move it again to a larger pot if you would like. In the pot, it is an especially good idea to add fertilizer.

Properly Fertilize Your Joey Avocado Tree

For the first year, spring to September, add about half a cup of fertilizer high in nitrogen once a month. From September to the next February, use fertilizer without nitrogen. Instead, once a month, use one containing phosphorus and pot ash, among other nutrients, lightly.

Plant Your Joey Avocado Tree

Dig an area in the mound about twice the size of the tree’s root ball. Carefully remove the tree from the pot. Only about two or three inches of the root ball should be below the original ground level. Cover the tree with the surrounding soil, making sure the soil mound does not exceed twelve inches. Securing the tree to stakes or a fence is a good idea until the roots can attach themselves to the ground.

When Is the Best Time to Plant the Joey Avocado Tree?

The best time to plant your Joey tree outdoors is in March. This gives your tree the best chance for survival as the temperatures rise. Keeping the tree healthy through regular fertilizing and watering will also help protect it on those colder spring days when the temperature drops unexpectedly.

Should Joey Avocado Trees Go in the Ground or in a Pot?

The recommendation for those wondering if they should plant their tree in the ground or keep it in a pot follows which zone you live in. This website shows a map of the United States and its zones. The general idea is to plant the Joey tree outside or in a pot if you’re in zones eight through eleven and only keep it in a pot if you’re in zones four to seven.

Do I Need to Prune the Tree?

Unless you are aiming to keep the tree at a certain height, if it is indoors, for instance, pruning isn’t necessary. Apart from a yearly trim of dead branches or shoots at the base of the trunk, this is not a major concern.

What About Growing the Tree from Seed?

It is definitely possible to grow a Joey avocado tree from seed. Some choose to germinate the pit in water. However, you will perhaps encounter a lot more issues in growing fruit. The quality may be terrible to the point of inedible, and it may take seven to fifteen years before you even see fruit growing. For this reason, most gardeners would suggest you purchase the tree.


The Joey avocado tree is certainly unique and can bring a lot of joy and success to its gardener. The important things to consider before planting include location, fertilization, and the season. Your tree might not produce fruit until about two years, so have patience. Given time and attention, your Joey tree can grow as tall as twenty-five feet, giving you years and years of delicious fruit and a beautiful tree.