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How To Play Exit: The Abandoned Cabin (5 Minute Guide)

How To Play Exit: The Abandoned Cabin (5 Minute Guide)

How to Play Exit: The Game – The Abandoned Cabin

Exit: The Game – The Abandoned Cabin is a creepy concoction of puzzle-solving and suspense. There’s no service, no car, and no way out unless the riddles given by the cabin’s owner are solved. Exit: The Game – The Abandoned Cabin is unique in that the players must work together to get out using the first two items provided: a book and a disk. It’s not much, but they’re the only shot at freedom. Will you Exit in time?

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The goal of Exit: The Game – The Abandoned Cabin is to escape the cabin using the items provided to solve puzzles. Various clues and hints will be provided but it’s up to the players to find the solution. Everything need to have a smooth game is explained below. The game can only be played once so good luck!

How to Setup the Game

In Exit: The Game – The Abandoned Cabin, there is no board so play in an area with enough space for the book, decoder disk, and cards. Do not look at the cards or book before starting the game. 

  1. Before starting collect the following items:
    1. Pencil
    1. Eraser
    1. Sheet(s) of paper
    1. Stopwatch (or something to keep track of time with)
    1. Scissors (optional, but helpful)
  2. Place the book and decoder disk on a table.
  3. Looking at the back of the cards, create three decks: Riddle cards (RC), Answer cards (AC), and Help cards (HC).
  4. After checking that the RC and AC are sorted in ascending order, separate the HC based on their symbol and also put them in ascending order (Clue 1 on top of Clue 2 on top of Solution card).
  5. Leave “strange items” in the box until asked to take them out.

Possible Actions

To avoid spoilers in the game, this will be a general guide to starting the game once everything is set up. With everything sorted, begin the game as follows:

  1. To begin, open the first page of the book left by the cabin host and read it.
  2. Take out the riddle card indicated in the book and attempt to find the code for the combination lock associated with its symbol.
    1. If stuck, use a Help card which will give a clue and the letter of any Riddle card the players need to have to solve this riddle. Some riddles need more than one card!
  3. If a player thinks they have solved the riddle, they can find the corresponding symbol on the decoder disk and enter the code they believe is right.
  4. After entering the code, the decoder disk will show the number of the Answer card that should be looked at. Three outcomes of this action are:
    1. Incorrect Code: The AC will say the code is not right and the players have to try again.
    1. Possible Correct Code: The AC will tell the players where the symbol is found either in the book or riddle code and will tell the players to grab another AC with the number shown.
    1. Correct Code: The AC will tell say it is correct and give further instructions. Take whichever RC it indicates and look at it immediately.
  5. All AC should be returned to the pile. Continue this cycle until all the riddles have been solved and the game is over.

Ending the Game

The game is over when the final puzzle has been solve and the Abandoned Cabin has been exited. The final card of the game will let the players know they’ve won! After winning do the following:

  • Check the time it took to complete the game.
  • Collect all the Help cards used.

How to Score the Game

Since there is no real way to the lose Exit: The Game – The Abandoned Cabin, it’s important to realize it could be done better or faster next time (or in another game). Here is how to calculate how well the game went:

  1. Count how many help cards were used. Only include help cards that provided new information in this count (so even if a help card was used, but gave information that the players already knew, it is not counted).
  2. Calculate how long it took to complete the game (based on the timer or what time the game ended).
  3. See the scoring chart that comes with the game.

Changes to Game Based on Player Number

Exit: The Game – The Abandoned Cabin can be played by 1-6 players.

  • 1-3 players: With fewer players, the game might be more difficult to solve in a shorter amount of time. When playing with fewer players, focus on using fewer help cards to make up for the extra time that will be used.
  • 4-6 players: With more players, be sure to draw from each other’s strengths to solve the puzzles quickly. It can get confusing with more players, however, as each person has their own idea on how to solve each puzzle. In this case, consider having a piece of paper to write down each plausible solution given by each person so it isn’t forgotten with each puzzle that pops up.



The main strategy of Exit: The Game – The Abandoned Cabin is to solve each puzzle quickly and completely. Some strategies below are included to help with this:

  • Remember that, despite there being many puzzles, the game is a step-by-step progression from one room to the next. Keep everything organized for smooth gameplay.
  • Looking at the decoder disk, there are symbols representing each puzzle. Use these to keep track of different clues that relate to each puzzle (same symbol, same riddle)
  • Keep all cards that have a location or room nearby so they can be referenced later.
  • Only use help cards when needed to increase the chance of a better score, but don’t be afraid to use them.

Common House Rules

Having house rules will allow everyone to be on the same page the start of the game and ensure a fun, enjoyable game. Some suggested house rules are below:

  • Place items within clear view of all players. Some might feel left out if they can’t help solve the puzzle because they can’t see!
  • Don’t look at the book or cards until told to do so.
  • Go over the rules (or this article) with the players beforehand so that there is no confusion once the timer is on.

Quick Info

Gameplay Time: 60-120 min

Alternative Titles: None

Suggested player age: Ages 12 and Over

Community suggested player age:  Ages 12 and Over

Expansions: None

Community rating:  7.7/10

Popularity: Fairly Popular (Top 200 Games)

Difficulty:   Moderate

Published year and Creator: 2016, created by Inka Brand and Markus Brand

Rules and Publisher Site:

Awards: 2017 Kennerspiel des Jahres Winner

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