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How to Play Spotify In Peloton

How to Play Spotify In Peloton

Spotify allows you to create an endless number of playlists for your everyday moods and activities and keep them organized and accessible in your library. Peloton gives you that studio-style cycling class experience without ever stepping out of your front door. However, certain restrictions with Spotify prevent a subscriber from connecting their account to their Peloton so that they can play Spotify playlists directly from the Peloton.

To enable Spotify on your Peloton bike, you can:

  • Use a music converter tool to play Spotify through Google Drive.
  • If Drive doesn’t work, you can also play Spotify through YouTube Music.

So, what do you do if you want to play Spotify in Peloton? You can try one of these workarounds that we have discovered for you.

Use a Music Converter Tool to Play Spotify on a Peloton

All workarounds require you to use a tool, and here we’ll need a music converter. If you convert Spotify audio files to MP3, you can transfer these tracks or playlists to your Peloton and play them in Peloton regardless of Spotify’s authorization restrictions. There are a few steps to this process.

Find and Download an MP3 Music Converter

A simple search on any search engine will yield plenty of options for music converters. Disclaimer: There may be a cost associated with some music converters. However, there are free options. Just be aware of any possible limitations on free music converters.

When you find the one that best suits your needs, download it to your computer or mobile device, if compatible.

Import Spotify Tracks into Your Music Converter

Once the music converter is downloaded, open it and begin importing your tracks from Spotify. You may need to sign in to your music converter app for the full version. Most music converters will automatically display the Spotify app.

  • Select Spotify (You may need to sign in to your Spotify account.)
  • Click and drag tracks to import

Output Audio Settings to MP3

Now that you’ve imported your tracks or playlists to the music converter, it’s time to change the audio output settings. Most converters have these settings under the ‘Menu’ < ‘Preferences’< ‘Convert.’ Under ‘Convert’’, change the output format to MP3. Finally, hit ‘Ok’ to complete the changes you made in settings.

Select Convert

All that is left to do is to select ‘Convert’ on your music converter, and the application will begin downloading and converting your Spotify music tracks.

Play Spotify through Google Drive

Now that your Spotify tracks have been converted to MP3, you can play them on Peloton using Google Drive.

Create a Dedicated Folder   

Open up Google Drive and sign in, if necessary. Select the ‘Create’ icon, which is a plus symbol on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, then select ‘Folder.’ You can label this folder ‘Spotify.’

Upload Music

Once you’ve created a folder, go back to the ‘Create’ icon. This time select ‘Upload’ and then ‘File.’ Find the ‘Converted’ folder that has your Spotify tracks from your music converter application and import.

Play the Music

The final step is to go on your Peloton and open your WebView Browser. Locate Google Drive and select. Find your ‘Spotify’ folder you created in Google Drive and click on it. Now you can begin playing your Spotify music in Peloton.

Play Spotify through YouTube Music

If you would prefer to play your converted Spotify music through a different application you already have, maybe YouTube Music is the option for you. These simple steps may be a tad more user-friendly than Google Drive.

  1. Open YouTube Music and sign-In
  2. Drag Converted Music to YouTube Music Screen
  3. Hit ‘Upload Music’ under ‘Profile’

All that’s left to do is to go on to your Peloton, open your WebView Browser and locate YouTube Music. Now you can begin playing your Spotify music in Peloton.


Where there is a will to listen to your Spotify music, there is a way to do it in Peloton with a little help. You don’t have to be tech savvy either. You just need the right tool and the right application, and you will be pedaling to your favorite tunes in no time. There is no need to try find a spot for your phone on your Peloton anymore just to listen to music.

So whether you use Google Drive or YouTube Music, you have options when it comes to playing Spotify in Peloton. Just be sure to convert those tracks to MP3 first!