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How to Print Without Black Ink Canon

How to Print Without Black Ink Canon

When it comes to printing, there is nothing worse than discovering you are out of black ink at the precise moment you need a document printed quickly. As frustration begins to set it, you may be wondering if there is a way to print without your black ink cartridge on your Canon printer.

Before you make a mad dash to the office supply store to grab a new ink cartridge, you may have other solutions that may help, at least temporarily. Keep reading to learn how to print without black ink on your Canon printer.

How to Print When Your Canon is Out of Black Ink

The frustration of realizing your Canon is out of black ink when you’re right in the middle of trying to print is a different kind. So how can you print without black ink with your Canon printer?

To print when your Canon is out of black ink, you can replace the black ink cartridge or adjust the printer settings. Both are fast and simple solutions.

Up next, we’ll discuss each of these in detail so that you can have your Canon printer up and running in no time.

Replace the Canon Black Ink Cartridge with Color

For most people, the documents you typically need to print regularly usually only require the use of your black ink cartridge. Even though this is a great money-saver, you do end up moving through the ink relatively quickly.

One solution to the problem of running out of your black ink cartridge is to replace it with a colored ink cartridge. This will make your printer think that it has the right ink in place and will print your document as planned.

In most cases, while printers are operated by a computer, it cannot discern what type of ink has been placed in the specific slot. This is why if you are in a hurry and have run out of black ink, you can temporarily place a colored cartridge in its place.

Since colored cartridges tend to have black hues, you will be able to print your document in the color you planned. The printer will operate normally because there is now a cartridge in the slot where the black ink goes.

It is important to note that while this is an excellent solution in a bind, it is not meant to be a permanent fix. This is because you will need to remember that colored ink cartridges tend to be much more expensive than black ink cartridges.

Overall, this will fix your problem long enough to print the documents you need and get you on your way. The great thing about this method is that once you have replaced your black ink cartridge, your printer will go back to printing documents without any problems at all.

Change Your Printer Settings to Print to the Colored Cartridge Only

With all of the advancements in technology, Canon printers have come a long way since the first one came out many years ago. Gone are the days when you just have to live with the fact that your black ink is out until you go to the store to buy another.

If your black ink cartridge on your Canon printer runs out before you print your documents, you can go into the settings to change the setting to operate from the colored ink cartridge only. Doing this will allow the printer to completely ignore the black ink cartridge altogether but still do the job.

Changing your printer settings is a relatively easy process for most people. If you are unsure of making changes, you may want to pull out your owner’s manual or look it up online.

Knowing how to change your cartridge setting will depend on the type of computer you have since not all of them are created the same. Whether you have a Windows-based computer or a Mac, the process is straightforward.

For those who have a Windows-based computer, follow these steps:

  • On your Control Panel, search for Printers and Devices.
  • On your printer icon, right-click and choose Printing Preferences.
  • Under Quick Setup, choose Grayscale.
  • Disable any special printing effects.
  • Choose Plain Paper and then click Apply.

If you have a Mac, follow these steps to change your printer settings:

  • Select Properties after right-clicking on your printer’s icon.
  • Navigate to Printer Options.
  • Under Printer Features, choose Ink Type, then Color.
  • Select Apply.

Making these changes to your printer settings on the computer will bypass using the black ink cartridge and allow it to rely only on the colored ink. This will get you through the bind you may be in by running out of your black ink cartridge on your Canon printer.


The bottom line is that if you run out of your black ink cartridge but need to print a document in a hurry, keep in mind that all is not completely lost. Following one of the above methods can help you get your document printed faster than driving to the store to buy a new black ink cartridge for your Canon printer.