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How to Reheat Soup in an Instant Pot

How to Reheat Soup in an Instant Pot

Our Instant Pot is the ultimate “set it and forget it” appliance. And with millions of units sold since 2010, it’s no surprise that it’s become a worldwide phenomenon. From slow-cooking pot roasts to boiling water, this device can do virtually anything: even reheat soup!

Reheating soup in your Instant Pot is easy. There are also multiple ways you can reheat soup in the appliances, which we’ll cover below.

How to Reheat Soup in an Instant Pot Quickly

I understand. It’s your soup, and you want it now. So, to quickly reheat soup in your instant pot:

  1. Open the lid and pour in your soup.
  2. Press the “Manual/Pressure Cook” button.
  3. Set the time to zero.

Rest assured; this will not activate the pressure-cooking function. Instead, it will cause your soup to come to a boil, and once it does, just set the appliance to “warm.”

This method is ideal for watery soups, like chicken noodle and pea soup. If you’re cooking a thicker soup, like clam chowder or potato soup, I recommend a different method.  

Reheating Thicker Soup in an Instant Pot Quickly

If you want to quickly heat up a thick soup or stew, don’t worry; you can still use the fast option. However, this may require a few extra steps, depending on what type of soup you’re making.

Consider doing the following:

  • Adding water or broth. If you add water to a thick soup, it’ll act something like an insulator, keeping your soup from making direct contact with the Instant Pot’s interior. That way, the water will boil and evaporate first, heating your soup in the process.
  • Adjusting the temperature. This option only works if you purchased the Instant Pot Ultra since this function does not come with the standard appliance. Turn the temperature setting to “medium” and periodically monitor your soup so it doesn’t burn.
  • Using the sauté function. Here, adjust the heat to “less,” and again, monitor it periodically. You may need to stir it to keep the broth and chunks from sticking to the pot.

How to Reheat Soup in an Instant Pot Slowly

You can use this method regardless of what type of soup you have. That’s because by slowly heating up your soup, not only does it retain flavor in the broth, but it prevents starches like noodles and potatoes from scorching.

Here’s how to reheat your soup the slow way:

  1. Open the lid and pour in your soup.
  2. Press the “Keep Warm” button.
  3. Leave the soup in the Instant Pot until it warms up.

This will not bring your soup to a rumbling boil. Instead, it will slowly raise its temperature over time until it’s good to eat. It’ll be ready when you are!

Can You Use a Stovetop with Your Instant Pot?

Some videos circulating online say that you can just remove your Instant Pot’s interior and put it on the stove—the same as you would any other pot. This is not safe, and it does not work. Here’s why:

  • Instant Pot’s interior is designed to work with Instant Pot’s heating system. Putting it directly over an open flame or electric burner will melt it.
  • While your Instant Pot is on the stove, the intense heat could cause chemicals to leach into your food. It’ll probably be safe to eat, but we can’t speak as to its taste.
  • If the intense heat wraps or bends your pot, it will not “click” into the Instant Pot itself, making it impossible to use.

You would also be ineligible to file a warranty claim if you damage your own product. Instant Pot’s one-year warranty only covers factory defects, not damage caused by the customer. You can learn more about Instant Pot’s warranty by clicking here.

The Takeaway

The steps for reheating soup in your Instant Pot ultimately depend on what meal you’re trying to make. You could use the “fast” method for liquid-based meals, while the “slower” method works better for thick soups and related meals.