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How to Rejuvenate Bowflex Power Rods

How to Rejuvenate Bowflex Power Rods

If you are new to the world of weightlifting, looking to build and maintain muscle, or you are venturing into the world of weightlifting again after an injury, then the Bowflex can be a great option. Instead of weights, muscle is built by offering resistance at as little as 5 pounds or as much as 10 pounds, using power rods that are connected to rubber bands that become increasingly difficult to pull back the farther you pull them.

While the power rods have a great life span and many people have had them for years without ever having to replace them, there have been times where they have broken and need to be replaced. To avoid having to replace them, it is important to do maintenance and rejuvenation on them to ensure they have the right amount of tension. Read on to find out how to maintain the proper maintenance on your Bowflex power rods.

How Do I Rejuvenate My Bowflex Power Rods?

Before we delve into how to rejuvenate your Bowflex power rods, it is important to understand what may happen to them to where they would need to be rejuvenated. Bowflex power rods are kept in a type of container at the back of the machine. While they must be able to bend to a certain extent so that they don’t snap, they must maintain some tension.

Over time as the Bowflex Power Rods are used and get worn down, as well as the added effects of gravity, they will start to get too bendy, and they will lose the tension and resistance that you need for a good workout. You will be able to tell when this has happened as they will lean and bow over when they are not in use. To maintain tension, it is important to keep the rods perfectly straight anytime they are not being used. The two main ways to do this are either

  1. Use a Bowflex power rod rejuvenator or
  2. Use a Velcro strap.

Let’s take a look at both of these options to see how they work.

How Do I Use a Bowflex Power Rod Rejuvenator?

A Power Rod Rejuvenator

The power rod rejuvenator is a piece of plastic with 12 grooves in it and is quite simple to use. When you are done using your power rods all you need to do is snap a power rod into each groove and it will keep it perfectly straight and help it maintain its tension between uses. Some people have some difficulty removing the power rods from the rejuvenator. On the flip side, you can be reassured that it is helping it maintain its tension and keeping any bend at bay.

How Do I Use a Velcro Strap?

While the power rod rejuvenator does a great job of helping the rods to maintain their tension, some people may not want to spend the extra money ($20) or may find they have more trouble than they think it is worth trying to get the rods out. If this is the case, you can make a makeshift power rod rejuvenator out of a Velcro strap at a fraction of the price. To use a Velcro strap, take the following steps:

  • First, separate the rods from any handles to which they may be attached and make sure they are all in one bunch.
  • Next, take your Velcro strap and wrap it around all the rods, about halfway down.
  • Buckle the strap, and slowly tighten the strap. As you do, make sure that you shift the rods so that they are not overlapping, and each has its own spot.
  • Finish tightening, making sure they are standing straight up.

The Velcro strap in combination with having all the rods pressed together gives them the support they need to maintain tension, so they last for longer.


Bowflex power rods can be a great way to begin to build up strength if you are just starting in your weightlifting journey or recovering from an injury. With tension anywhere from 5 to 410 pounds of resistance, it can take you a long way on your strength journey. However, proper maintenance is important to make sure the power rods do not wear out quickly.

Proper maintenance for your Bowflex power rods is as simple as making sure they stay straight in between uses so they do not lose their tension. There are two ways you can rejuvenate your power rods. Either use a Bowflex power rod rejuvenator and snap the power rods into the grooves or keep the power rods all bundled up and wrap a Velcro strap tightly around them, while making sure they do not overlap.