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How to Remove Timestamp from Photo Nikon

How to Remove Timestamp from Photo Nikon

Having timestamps at the bottom of your photos is a detail unique to disposable cameras. But it’s the 2020s now–and in the age of social media, photo editing, and digital cameras, there’s no need to have a timestamp ugly up an otherwise gorgeous picture taken by your Nikon camera

The good news is that removing a timestamp from a Nikon photo is not difficult. The not-so-great news is that the steps aren’t exactly intuitive. Continue reading to learn more about disabling this feature for future photos and getting rid of the timestamp on older ones.

How to Remove the Timestamp from Old Nikon Photos

Here’s the thing: if you’ve already taken a photo and it has the timestamp on it, that timestamp is now part of the image. You can’t remove it. However, you do have some options when it comes to covering it up. Consider how the following could help you:

Use Photoshop (or Something Like It)

Don’t be intimidated; Photoshop is easy to use. In fact, Adobe offers a 30-day free trial where you can sample other products. You’ll need to use the “clone” tool to get rid of the timestamp.

After downloading the software and uploading the photo to Photoshop, watch this video. It’ll show you everything you need to know about removing the timestamp and “cloning” your picture in four minutes.

Download Inpaint

This software is like Photoshop but designed for beginners. Once you’ve downloaded the software and uploaded your photo:

  1. Use one of the selection tools on the side to capture the area around the timestamp.
  2. Click the erase button.

You can learn more about this program and how to use it to remove timestamps, click here.

Crop Out the Timestamp

Not in the mood to learn new software? No worries: the following is one of the simplest ways to get rid of the timestamp.

First, upload the picture from your Nikon Camera and into your computer. Then, depending on what type of operating system you have, refer to the following instructions:

If you have a Mac:

  1. Drag the photo into the Photos application.
  2. Double click on the photo to enlarge it.
  3. Select the crop tool at the top (this looks like a square with a line through it).
  4. Adjust the frame so that it cuts out the timestamp.
  5. Press “Enter” to save your changes.

If you have a Windows computer:

  1. Open your photo in the Windows Photo Gallery.
  2. Click “Edit” on the top toolbar.
  3. Select “Crop.”
  4. Only frame the parts of the photo you want.
  5. Hit “Enter.”

If you mess up on either operating system, just press “undo.” This will bring you back to the step you were at before you made your changes.

Edit the Picture on Your Phone

Smartphones come with a decent amount of editing software. So, to blur out the timestamp or otherwise obscure it, print out the photo from your Nikon Camera. Then, in a well-lit area, take a picture of the picture with your smartphone. Here, depending on what type of phone you have, you can edit the picture and get rid of the timestamp.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even download an editing app from the Google Play Store or App Store. This could give you more options at a reasonable price.

Take the Photo to a Professional

If your timestamp covers something important, and you’re not comfortable using computer software, you could always take it to a professional. These experts make a living off editing photos, whether they’re for professional or personal purposes.

You can find a photo editor in your area by posting a query on your community message board or Googling shops around town.

Take the Photo to a Drug Store’s Photography Center

Many stores, like Walgreens, CVS, and other retailers, have photo departments where you can upload your photo to a machine and make changes. They also have people in these departments who understand how the machines work. While these employees are not professionals, they could have some insight into removing the timestamp from your Nikon photo.

How to Turn Off Nikon’s Timestamp Feature

Arguably one of the best ways to remove a timestamp from your photos is to disable the feature on your Nikon altogether. You can do this with these steps:

  1. Turn your camera on.
  2. Enter “shooting mode.”
  3. Press the camera’s menu button.
  4. Scroll to the wrench icon at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Select “OK.”
  6. Go to “Print Date Option.”
  7. Choose “OK.”
  8. Then choose “Turn Off.”

Take a practice photo before returning to your shoot. If you successfully followed these steps, you shouldn’t have a timestamp on any photos you take from here on out.

In Summary

If you feel comfortable using editing software, then you’re better off using Photoshop or another program to get rid of the timestamp on your photo. However, if not, you can achieve similar results by using your phone or cropping the photo on your computer.

To avoid future timestamps appearing on your photos, just go into your Nikon camera’s settings to turn the feature off.