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How To Reset iFit On Nordictrack

How To Reset iFit On Nordictrack

Although Nordictrack machines are quality pieces of machinery, issues can arise. If you have a modern machine and your iFit system isn’t working, you may need to reset the system. This process is easier said than done. How do you perform a reset for the iFit system on your Nordictrack?

We’re here to help! To deal with a faulty iFit system, you’ll need to perform a factory reset on the machine. It’s vital to note that this process only works on machines that lack a USB or HDMI port. Check for this plug point before you begin. Once you’ve done that, read on to learn about how you can reset your iFit on a Nordictrack machine.

Ensure You Have Wifi and a Paperclip

Before you can begin the factory reset process, there are two things you need to ensure you have set in place. These will be your best friends in the factory reset process.

The two items you’ll need to ensure you have include:

  • Wifi: A strong wifi connection is critical to perform a proper factory reset. Ensure your device can connect to this internet.
  • A paperclip: A paperclip will be your best friend as you make changes to your Nordictrack device.

Strong wifi and a thin paperclip will serve you well as you deal with the iFit on your Nordictrack.

Ensure the paperclip is strong enough to be bent, but not so thick that it can’t fit in a slot the size of a pinhole. Once you have these two items, you’re ready to begin with the reset. Keep extra paper clips in case something happens to the first to keep the factory reset process smooth.

Turn Off the Power

Next, turn off the power to the machine. Don’t remove it entirely – turn it off with the switch located on the device. If you’re not familiar with where your button is on your Nordictrack, pull out your owner’s manual. There should be a detailed diagram inside that will help you out.

Turning off power is a vital part of the iFit reset process on your Nordictrack. Without this action, you risk damaging the machine further. The power switch will likely be on the side of your device, so you should be able to locate it even if the owner’s manual isn’t in your possession anymore.

Find the Pinhole

The next step in the reset is to locate the pinhole slot on your Nordictrack. Typically, this hole is on the side of the machine or the back of the console. As with the power switch, your owner’s manual should show you where the pinhole is on your device.

If you’re lost, ensure you consult your manual or search online to figure out where your pinhole is on your Nordictrack. Without it, you can’t perform the reset. Once you find the pinhole, you’re ready to move forward with the paperclip portion of the factory reset.

Utilize the Paperclip

Now, your paperclip will come into play. Straighten out one piece of metal on the paperclip so you have a long rod to utilize. Then, insert the paperclip into the pinhole. There are a few things that need to happen.

Once you put the paper clip inside the pinhole:

  • Press and hold the paperclip down inside the pinhole
  • Switch off the machine, potentially with the help of a friend
  • Flip the power switch back on

These steps should activate the full reset with your Nordictrack device.

Firmly press the paperclip inside the pinhole until the lights turn on again. This moment indicates a successful reset. From there, you can remove the paperclip. Set it to the side in case something went wrong with your steps.

Proceed With the Reset

If all went according to plan, you should see the iFit logo in the center of the screen. This logo should be accompanied by a “system recovering” notification. Wait for this screen to shift again so you can perform the general onboarding process required for a Nordictrack device. If you don’t see this screen, try the paper clip again. Find a friend to help.

Once this screen goes away, you should be prompted to do some basic onboarding tasks such as inputting:

  • Your wifi information
  • Your time zone
  • Your unit of measure

The machine will then update itself according to your preferences.

Once these steps are complete, you’ll have to re-enter your iFit information so the Nordictrack can become reacquainted with your preferences. Your experience will be better than ever.