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How to Reuse GoPro Adhesive Mounts

How to Reuse GoPro Adhesive Mounts

For the most part, your GoPro adhesive mounts are not reusable. However, there are some things you can do to either extend their lifespan or reapply them to different surfaces.

If you run out of GoPro adhesive mounts, we recommend opting for a pack of double-sided adhesives, like the mounts manufactured by Scotch. However, if you prefer to reuse the GoPro adhesive mounts, read on for tips for how to do so, in addition to other measures you can use to secure your device while it’s in use.

How to Reuse GoPro Adhesive Mounts

When initially using your GoPro adhesive mounts, you’ll want to follow these steps to ensure they last as long as possible:

  1. Secure the adhesive to a smooth surface that is free of bumps, bends, or cracks.
  2. Make sure that the surface does not have dirt or other debris that could impede adhesion.
  3. Apply the adhesive at room temperature and let it sit for 24 hours.

When you want to remove the adhesive mount, try using a blow-dryer or heat gun to soften the adhesion and remove the bond. Then, you can try applying it to another surface using the same instructions we gave above.

It’s worth mentioning that while you may be able to reuse the adhesive mount, the bond it provides may not be as effective as it was originally. With that said, we recommend using alternative mounting options or simply buying a new pack of double-sided adhesion squares.

Mounting Your GoPro Using Velcro

The feasibility of this option will depend on where and how often you use your GoPro. For instance, Velcro does not typically last very long when exposed to dirt, dust, and other particles.

So, if you are planning on recording your dirt bike run, if any particles get stuck in the Velcro’s hooks, it will not likely last very long. However, if you are using it while jet skiing, this could serve as a long-term solution.

To use Velcro as an adhesive mount:

  1. Measure out a piece of Velcro that is about an inch wide (a GoPro’s measurements are 1.89×1.14×2.6 inches).
  2. Mount the smooth end to your GoPro.
  3. Attach the other end to where you want to secure your GoPro.

If this works, you would not have to keep buying adhesive mounts as you could use this method over and over again. Replacing the Velcro is also easy, and you can remove any residue with Goo Gone.

Other GoPro Mounting Options

Here are some alternative options that could anchor your GoPro in place while it is in use:

  • Scotch double-sided mounting squares: We don’t mean the tape that you use for birthday presents. We’re talking about the thick squares that you would use to secure heavy decorations to the wall. You can buy up to 100 squares in one pack, which is perfect for using and reusing these adhesions.
  • GoPro clamp: You can buy a GoPro “clamp,” which allows you to mount your device onto a fixed location, like fences, doorframes, and other related objects. While you can use the clamp on moving objects, like your bike or helmet, you run the risk of bumping into something and disrupting your GoPro’s position.
  • A 3D printed model: If you’re up to the challenge, you can design a custom-made mount using a 3D printer. The Flashforge Adventurer 3 3D Printer is perfect for this. You can design your mount using its modeling software and then print a tangible model of your design using the printer. You can also download models that other people have created by clicking here.

Things That You Should NOT Use to Mount Your GoPro

Your GoPro is an investment. The last thing you want for it is to become unstuck to its mount and get lost. While you might be looking for a fast and easy solution to anchor your camera in place, here are some materials that you should steer clear of:

  • Tape: Tape is great for wrapping presents and hanging up posters. It is not great for securing your GoPro. While it may work for a few minutes, when the tape gets wet, dirty, or jostled out of place, it will stop sticking. This goes for duct tape, painter’s tape, and electrical tape, too.
  • Sticky tak: Again, sticky tak is great for hanging up posters! It is terrible for mounting your GoPro; it is not designed to anchor moving objects.
  • Superglue: Need we explain more? If you want to permanently glue your GoPro to your helmet, that’s fine––more power to you. However, when and if you decide to film other things or charge your device, this can complicate things.

Final Thoughts

You have a lot of options when it comes to reusing GoPro adhesive mounts. While it may be tempting to just carefully remove an old adhesive to try to reuse on a different material, you’re better off buying a new pack of adhesive mounts or using one of the other long-term mounting solutions above that is reusable.