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How to Rotate and Straighten Bowflex Power Rods

How to Rotate and Straighten Bowflex Power Rods

Bowflex power rods are a popular piece of exercise equipment that focuses on strength building by using resistance with bars connected to rubber bands. With weight resistance anywhere from 5 to 410 pounds, it is a versatile piece of equipment. Whether you are new to strength building, experienced, or dipping your toe back into the waters after an injury, Bowflex can help you reach your goals.

However, one downside to this kind of equipment is that if it is used frequently and not put away properly, the bars will start to bend and lose their resistance. In particular, if they are put away but there is not some kind of support system in place to hold them up, they will bend on one side leaving the rods lopsided. If you rotate and properly store the power rods, it may help to straighten them and keep them from losing more tension. Read on to find out how.

How Do I Rotate Bowflex Power Rods?

There is a specific place at the back of the machine where your Bowflex power rods should be stored in an upright position. Each power rod has a specific hole they are put into, and then screwed into place so they do not fall out. Due to the length of the rod and gravity, the top will lean towards the floor, causing a bend on one side. If you notice this has happened, you can try the following method:

First, pull the block out by removing the star screws on the bottom. The block should slide right out of the back of the Bowflex machine. The power rods will be in two rows right next to each other. Pull each rod out of its hole, turn it over completely, and slide the opposite end into the hole.

At this point, because they have been put in the hole the opposite way from how they are designed they will be crossing over each other in the center. Do not leave them this way. Instead, pull the rods on one side in the other direction so they are bending away from the other row of rods. Repeat with the other row of rods. Pulling the rods in the opposite direction evens out the pressure and wear and helps them straighten out.

Note: Bowflex does recommend not rotating the power rods as it may cause the rods to break since they are designed to be stored with the other side of the rod going into the hole.

Are There Other Ways to Straighten Bowflex Power Rods?

If you do not want to rotate your power rods, there are two different ways you can help your power rods to straighten and keep them from losing any more tension. They are

  • Bowflex power rod rejuvenator
  • A Velcro strap.

How Does a Power Rod Rejuvenator Work?

If you have chosen to use the Power Rod Rejuvenator, then it is a very simple process to keep them upright. Each rejuvenator comes with 12 grooves, where you can place your Bowflex rods. Simply snap a rod into a groove, then put the ends into the holes as you normally would. Whether you have put them in the normal way or rotated the rod, the rejuvenator will help the rods remain upright and keep them from getting too bendy and losing tension. 

A Power Rod Rejuvenator

How Does a Velcro Strap Work?

You can also use a Velcro strap to restore and maintain tension and help the rod straighten out. Make sure each power rod is in its respective hole. Take a Velcro strap and wrap it around all the rods. Slowly tighten the strap, making sure to adjust the rods as you go so that they are not crossing or falling into each other’s space.


Bowflex power rods are a great strength-building tool, good for a variety of experience levels and fitness. With a variety of tensions with resistance from 5 to 410 pounds, you can adjust as needed to meet your specific fitness needs. One of the problems many people find with power rods, however, is that they tend to get bendy and lose their resistance after a while, particularly if they have not been stored properly.

To rejuvenate them, one solution is to rotate the power rods. Simply pull out the block where the rods are stored. Next, pull each rod out of its hole, turn it 180 degrees, and put the other end into the hole. Once they have all been rotated, pull each row of rods away from each other. This will help even out the wear on the rod and restore some tension.