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How to Store GoPro Videos While Traveling

How to Store GoPro Videos While Traveling

When you’re on the move, you’re living in the moment––not thinking about saving all of your precious footage. GoPro makes it easy to store videos while traveling and gives you various options when it comes to saving data.

Some of these options include using an SD card or taking advantage of cloud storage. Continue reading to learn more about your options for storing your videos while traveling and which method could work best for you.

Use an SD Card

If you do not have an SD card already inserted into your GoPro, it will not save your data, regardless of the method you use.

In general, a one to three-minute clip will use two gigabytes’ worth of media. So, if you buy an SD card with 128 gigabytes’ worth of storage, you could save a decent amount of footage.

With that being said, once you have shot a video and it has been saved to your SD card, you can use any of the other below methods to save the footage elsewhere. That way, you won’t use up all of the available space on your SD card.

Use Multiple SD Cards

One of the great things about SD cards is that they’re small and relatively inexpensive. If you’re planning a full-blown excursion and don’t want to bother with apps or laptops, you can purchase multiple SD cards.

Be sure to keep in mind how much data storage you want when making your purchase. For instance, an SD card with two terabytes of storage will hold more information than an SD card with two gigabytes of storage.

Transfer Data to an External Hard Drive

This is one of the less popular options, but if you’re committed to making and saving many videos, this could be a good method for you. The main difference between SD cards and external hard drives is that hard drives can hold more data.

There are hard drives specifically designed to read the data from SD cards, like the LaCie Rugged Raid Pro. This device holds up to eight terabytes of data and allows you to transfer the data from your SD card to this more powerful device. When you get home, simply plug in your hard drive to your computer and watch your footage.

Transfer Data to a Laptop

If you’ve caught footage on your GoPro and you want to upload it to your computer, simply remove the SD card from your device and insert it into your computer.

Depending on what type of computer you have, the SD card will either appear on your desktop, or you will have to navigate to it manually. Once you click on the SD card, you should be able to see your recorded footage. From here, you can simply drag them to your desktop and store them that way.

However, not all laptops come with SD readers. If this is true in your case, you can buy an SD card adapter, which will allow your laptop to view your recordings via the USB port.

Use the GoPro App

The GoPro app is a free download available both on the Apple App Store and Google Play. To use the app to store footage taken from your GoPro, you’ll first need to download the app and connect your camera to it:

  1. Download the GoPro app (formerly known as Capture, but now “Quik”).
  2. Click on the GoPro app.
  3. Click on the white camera at the top left-hand corner of the screen.
  4. Choose “Add Camera.”
  5. Turn on your GoPro camera.
  6. Swipe down on your GoPro’s screen and tap “Connections.”
  7. Hit “Connect New Device.”
  8. Choose the “GoPro” app.

At this point, you will need to follow the prompts on the screen. It will ask you for permission for your GoPro to connect to your phone’s Wi-Fi network. Once you allow this feature, you will be able to view recordings on your phone, as well as your GoPro.

You can learn more about this process by watching this YouTube video.

Buy a GoPro Subscription

For $49.99 a year, you can subscribe to GoPro’s suite of tools. With this subscription, you can upload your videos to the “Cloud,” which would allow you to wirelessly save data. Additionally, you can back up videos directly from your camera or phone.  

You also gain access to:

  • Video editing software
  • GoPro’s original background music and “themes”
  • Unlimited storage space

Depending on your subscription, you can also get your camera periodically replaced at no cost to you. You can learn more about GoPro’s subscription options by clicking here.


There are multiple ways to store your GoPro videos while you are traveling. The right option for you depends on what technology you are bringing on your trip, the amount of footage you want to capture, and your own skillset.