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How to Store Tonal Accessories

How to Store Tonal Accessories

In the world of fitness, Tonal is fast making a name as a revolutionary workout option. Due to the pandemic, people have had to find at home options to help them keep in shape and Tonal fits that bill. An all-in-one smart source of weightlifting AND coaching combined in a sleek unit, you have access to a variety of workout options which are designed to your fitness level and will get more challenging as you get stronger-all from the comfort of your home.

To make the most of your Tonal workout experience, it is recommended that you purchase the tonal accessories. However, many people find that they aren’t sure how to store these smart accessories in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t inadvertently damage them. If this sounds like a familiar dilemma to you, keep reading to find out how to store your tonal accessories.  

Three Different Ways to Store Your Tonal Accessories

While the tonal itself is sleek and unobtrusive all the suggested accessories aren’t. The accessories include a smart handle, a smart bard, a rope, a rope, a roller, and a workout mat. While none of these are large items, because they Tonal doesn’t come with storage, it can lead to them being left on the floor leading to a generally untidy look.

While it doesn’t look the best, the real issue is that you don’t want to end up tripping over equipment every time you walk around your home. To help solve the problem of how to store these accessories, there are two option: An Ottoman or a floating shelf with clips.

Option 1: Store Them in an Ottoman

If you live in a small space, like an apartment, having your limited amount of space taken up with floor clutter is less than ideal. However, with a storage ottoman, you can place all of the additional equipment in there, completely out of sight and easy to get to whenever you’re ready to work out.

This 50-inch long, 18-inch-deep ottoman is both long and deep enough to store all the accessories. Plus, it looks great and with its neutral color, not only goes great with a variety of color schemes and styles and put the finishing touches on your decorating but can provide additional seating for when you have guests over.

Wrapping Up the Mat

You may be thinking that most of the accessories will fit, but how do you keep the mat compact and rolled up enough that it will fit? To fix the unruly mat, this yoga mat band is the perfect solution. It fits most size yoga (or workout) mats, is easily put on by slapping it against the mat, and keeps the mat tightly rolled for storage.

Option 2: Hang them on a Floating Shelf with Clips

This second option of a floating shelf with clips is great for those who

  1. Have the extra space in their home, or
  2. Want their workout equipment both on display and easy to grab.

As it turns out, floating shelves are not just a place for decorations. They can be a great base for a storage system, too. This floating shelf comes either by itself or in a pair of two, and you have the option of white or brown to suit your personal style. Alternatively, you can find a tonal storage shelf here.

To finish off this storage, you will need clips from which you can hang all your accessories. These tonal clips are the perfect option. You can screw them directly into your shelf and have them ready to go and able to hold your accessories within 15 minutes. The end result is a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing workout space.


Tonal is a great workout option for those whose time is limited and have to find a workout option that helps them keep in shape and build strength, even when they don’t have the option of going to the gym. To go along with the Tonal, it is important to have the accessories to help get the most out of your workout. Unfortunately, with more accessories also comes additional clutter.

However, there are several ways you can store your tonal accessories so that your home remains neat and organized. The first option is using a storage ottoman which is big enough to hold all the accessories. The second option is to buy either a floating shelf or a tonal shelf, and the tonal clips that go along with them to hang your accessories so they are easily accessible.