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How to Tell if Your Mr.Right is Actually Mr.Wrong

How to Tell if Your Mr.Right is Actually Mr.Wrong

What are the signs that girls often ignore when they are looking for a “Mr. Right”? Deciding to end any relationship is difficult but if the commitment is no longer making you happy this change will be of massive benefit to both; yourself and your partner in the long-term. I will try to answer how to recognise Mr.Right vs Mr.Wrong.

How to Tell if your Mr. Right is actually Mr. Wrong? You are in relationship, you like each other, have similar character similarities but that person sometimes ignores your boundaries, does not enrich your life, your family and friends do not like him. These are signs that clearly indicate that you are in relationship with Mr. Wrong.

We all had that friend who is in the bad relationship with wrong person, right? We want to give him words of warning where she will see the real situation or even life wisdom that will encourage her to change the situation. Trying to save her from the devastating consequences she is waiting at the end of the road. But Who am I kidding?. We want to shake her until she wake up! But we are often only those who stand on the verge of everything and watch and pray. Many of us were in the wrong relationship! Well, how does a woman get in touch with”Mr. Wrong”? What happens, how my heart was broken, a broken relationship,or an attempt to secure that “and lived happily ever after”?

6 Proven Ways to Show That you are Dating Mr. Wrong

We can talk a lot about when to date, or how to date. I wrote and talked about it countless times. Dating is probably the theme I’m most asked about because (we agree with that) most of us want to be in love, one day to walk to the altar with the person with who we will be forever. There’s nothing wrong with that.But when the desire for that becomes too big, girls can get into a serious problems.

Today,I want to focus on the warning signs that girls often ignore when they are looking for the “Mr. Right”. They became in love with their ears,throwing all the caution in the wind with “Mr. Wrong”. Here are some indications that you are in relationship with “Mr Wrong” (or have a friend who is):

1. You often need to apologize for his behavior

It is normal to have a bad day, be tired, exhausted from too much work, hungry or in a bad mood because there has been a series of events that have led us to this. But when you feel you regularly apologise his bad mood, bad behaviour, inconsistency, lack of involvement in the life, financial problems or any other thing, there is a problem. A great sign of warning is if you feel unsafe when you are next to him (or when you are together in the company of other people)or if you always state: “He did it because he was so upset”, “He behaves as he was hurt”, “He just … “. How many times do you pass through his behaviour?

2. Ignores Your Boundaries

Every person has their own limits. They are defined through personal beliefs. You should not be in contact until you have established your personal boundaries.Once you find them, you should respect them. Ignoring borders does not happen at once. It starts with little things. It always starts with little things. If he wants you to behave the way he or she would not behave – in social,spiritual, parenting, financial or physical terms, then he does not respect your limits. A man who does not respect your limits does not even respect you.

3. It Does not Enrich Your Life

Enrich means to add something. Although this quotation tells of how a woman of high quality enriches her husband’s life, I think it can be said for a future husband too. It gives value to your life. This value can come in a thousand different ways. Brings strength and wisdom. Financially promotes and does not take away. It brings joy through laughter and optimism. If you discover that he carries more burdens (in any way), he does not enrich your life. Some of the warning signs, given the seizure versus enrichment, include how many times you pay a bill for dinner, how financially he is able to support you in your future marriage, his words of encouragement as opposed to criticism or his efforts to borrow money from you.

4. Your Family and Friends do Not like Him

God connects us to other people for the sake of closeness. It also connects us that experienced people give the young men wisdom. It is a great value in feedback from those closest to us and who know us the best. If there is a unanimous opinion among family and friends that this may not be a real man for you,perhaps it is not.

5. He Lacks Self-Discipline

Discipline is reflected in many areas of our lives. Discipline is what we need to do our job everyday. We need discipline to pay the bills on time. We need discipline to care for our health. Discipline is needed in order to react with love when others are hurt or when we need to keep the tongue for the teeth or when it comes to insulting and debating. We need discipline to actively participate in common life, and respect others. If you do not see evidence of self-discipline in these areas of his life, he is not a real man for you.

6. You Keep Secrets

Everything hidden once will be revealed. The man you walk with should be a solid candidate for your future husband. If you feel the need to keep in mind something about your relationship – or about the relationship content or the existence of the relationship- it is a warning sign. If you need to lie about him as a person, that’s a warning sign. The bonds need to be celebrated. Where there is light, there is also responsibility. There is protection.

This is not, of course, a complete list. There are many other warning signs that indicate that you are dating with “Mr. Wrong”. It’s important to be honest with yourself. We can all apologise for the choices we have made, why we do what we do, or how that relationship is perfect for us. The key thing in avoiding “Mr. Wrong” (or terminating the relationship with him) is to be honest, open, willing to evaluate warning signs and listen to those who love you and who want to help you see.

It is also important to mention that the “Mr. Wrong” may in the future be someone “Mr. Right”. What he is now Mr. Wrong  for you does not make him a hopeless case.That just means he is not right now for you. Girls, it’s better not to be in relationship than to be in the wrong relationship. You’re worth the wait. Boys also.

Related Questions:

How to Leave Mr. Wrong and Stay in Friendly Relationship? When the relationship is over,one side will suffer more than the other, but it is necessary for both parties to understand that this relationship does not have a bright future and that it is solely the solution for everyone to go their own way. Be with that person if it is difficult and try to comfort her.

What if my Parents Don’t Like My Mr. Right? It is very important to have a good relationship with your parents and to let them know that the person you are dating is your choice and not their, and that he will be the person you will spend the rest of your life. So try to explain them to respect your decision and not to get involved in because you have brought it to you and you will suffer the consequences if you made a bad mistake.

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