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How To Tighten Belt on Bowflex Treadmill

How To Tighten Belt on Bowflex Treadmill

The belt on a Bowflex treadmill is what moves and prompts the user to start running. However, it can become loose and may need to be tightened a few times. Fortunately, the steps to tightening a Bowflex treadmill belt are simple and straightforward.

To tighten the treadmill belt, you will need to use a hex key and turn the socket of the adjustment screw until the belt is tight enough for your preferences. It’s recommended that you test the belt every half turn or so, so that the belt doesn’t come out of alignment.

The following article is a short but detailed guide on how to tighten a Bowflex treadmill belt.

Turn Off The Treadmill

The first step to adjusting the treadmill belt is to make sure the treadmill is fully turned off. If it isn’t, it could result in a safety issue like friction burns and other injuries.

Turning off the treadmill completely is the first step to tightening the belt for two main reasons. The first is that if the belt starts moving while you’re tightening it, it could cause a safety issue. Secondly, this step will prevent the belt from running too soon and causing more problems while trying to fix it.

To fully turn off the treadmill, switch the power button to off and unplug the power cord. You can also switch the power back on after unplugging it to ensure the treadmill is off. Making sure the treadmill won’t come on while you’re working on it will prevent you from getting injured by the belts. Friction burns and scrapes from a treadmill are extremely painful but easily avoidable.

Cutting the power to the treadmill will also make sure the belt is not slipping off its tracks while you’re tightening it. A loose treadmill belt usually stops while the treadmill is still running, making it harder to use. If the belt starts moving while you’re still tightening it, it could make the problem worse, or at least harder to fix.

Use The Hex Key To Tighten The Belt

The hex key is a tool that comes with the treadmill for easy fixes. The key can be inserted into the socket of the adjustment screw, which is usually located on the lefthand side near the belt. The key should only be turned halfway each time so you don’t over-tighten the belt.

A hex key, also called a hex wrench, is a small L-shaped key that comes with the treadmill and can be used for repairs and maintenance. In the case of tightening the treadmill belt, it’s used to turn the belt adjustment screw until the belt is tight enough.

After you’ve located the hex key, insert it into the belt adjustment screw located on the lefthand side near the treadmill belt. Only turn it clockwise halfway around each time, so that you don’t over tighten the belt. After each turn, check the belt’s tension, and repeat this step as necessary.

Test The Belt

Testing the belt after each hex key turn will ensure you don’t tighten the belt too much. Doing so will cause the motor’s performance to be reduced, and the treadmill’s rollers could get damaged.

The best way to test the treadmill’s belt tension is to try to fit three fingers underneath the belt when you lift it up. The treadmill should still be off, so that your fingers don’t get injured if it turns on. If you can fit more than three fingers, then the belt is too loose. But if you’re struggling to fit three fingers, then the belt is too tight. This can result in the treadmill’s motor power being weakened, and its rollers could get damaged and cause bigger problems.

Another good way to test the belt’s tension is by turning the treadmill back on and slowly walking on it. If the belt stays in place and doesn’t slide around when you’re walking on it, then it’s tightened enough. But if it keeps slipping or it’s hard to walk on, the belt needs to be tightened more.

Final Thoughts

If the steps explained above are not solving the problem, then it’s recommended to take the treadmill to a professional. Furthermore, if the belt keeps coming loose even after you have tightened it, then it’s recommended to have a professional take a look at it. A tightened treadmill belt will ensure that no one slips or gets injured while using the treadmill, so it’s very important to make sure the belt is working correctly.