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How to Troubleshoot a Jacuzzi Tub (Easiest Methods)

How to Troubleshoot a Jacuzzi Tub (Easiest Methods)

A jacuzzi tub is one of those features that can put the finishing touch on the home of your dreams, giving you the ability to escape into a spa-like oasis without ever leaving the comfort of your own property. That is, of course, until it stops working, turning your jacuzzi into a stock tank with fancy trim.

If this is the case for your jacuzzi tub, walk through the following simple troubleshooting tips before calling the service team to have your unit replaced.

Tips for a Jacuzzi Tub That Won’t Heat

While an arctic plunge has its place as a spa treatment, the ambient temperature of a jacuzzi tub that won’t heat has little practical value. Therefore, you are going to want those jets shooting hot water into the small of your back in short order to help you unwind from the stresses of life.

If your tub’s heating element is shot, you will likely need to call in a spa service professional to get the water back to desired temperatures. However, a blown heating element is not always the cause of a cold jacuzzi, with the following issues possible reasons as to why your tub won’t heat up:

  • Blocked circulation: Drain the tub and check for any blockages in the jet streams. The water may be heating, but if it is not circulating into the pool tank, it will not reach the temperature it should.
  • Dirty filters: As with anything mechanical, dirty components can negatively impact functionality. To clean your filters, rinse with a hose and soak in filter cleaner.
  • Tripped breaker: Breakers are built-in mechanisms to keep electrical systems from overloading. To see if this is the cause behind your jacuzzi not heating, turn the heater breaker off and on. If this still does not remedy the issue, reset the heater directly.

Tips for Jacuzzi Jets That Aren’t Working

Although jacuzzi tubs’ size, shape, and temperature distinguish them from typical bath units, it is the jets that truly make the jacuzzi tub experience unique. As such, jets that aren’t shooting invigorating streams can be a major buzzkill.

If the waters of your jacuzzi tub are conspicuously still, look into the following issues:

  • Closed jets: If you are new to using a jacuzzi tub, you may be under the assumption that it is broken if the jets aren’t flowing. However, the previous user may have simply desired to take a bath without the jets. Turn the jets to make sure they are open before taking any more drastic steps.
  • Clogged jets: It may not seem possible because the powerful jets keep water circulating, but older jacuzzi tubs will see calcium and dirt buildup around the jets. When this occurs, some tubs are programmed to turn off the jets if they detect an obstruction, while others may simply flow less powerfully. Ensure that the jets are clean and free of any debris that may be blocking the water’s path.
  • Airlocked lines: This is a common problem with new tubs or tubs that have been sitting drained for a long time without water circulating through them. Turn your jets on and off in quick succession to force air from the lines. You may also need to loosen the top fitting on the pump until you hear air escape. Once the water starts filling the pump again, quickly secure the top fitting back into place.

Tips for a Noisy Jacuzzi Pump

Your jacuzzi tub cannot be a relaxing oasis if the pump sounds like a construction zone. However, these noises will arise as a symptom of a pump that is not functioning properly. There are a couple of main issues that can cause your pump to fail, leading to distracting noises:

  • Lack of water: A pump short on water will usually make a deep growling noise. Clear any blockages, ensure that all jet valves are open, and fill the tub to proper levels and see if this helps mitigate the distracting growling.
  • Faulty bearings: A pump with bad bearings will usually produce a high-pitched squealing. This is generally a more problematic issue than a growling pump and may require that the part be replaced. However, it is worth adding some lubrication to the bearings first and seeing if the squealing goes away.

Tips for Clearing Dirty Water in a Jacuzzi

Just as distracting noises can kill the spa-time mood, so too can dirty, murky, or foul-smelling water. Some simple tips that can be used to restore the water to a more desirable appearance and consistency include:

  • Checking the pH and chlorine levels
  • Thoroughly cleaning the empty tank to ensure that no residues are contributing to the poor appearance
  • Fixing any broken parts that may be degrading the water
  • Refilling the tub with fresh water and treating it with hot tub supplies


It can certainly be frustrating when your relaxing day at the spa is interrupted by a jacuzzi tub that is not working. Before calling a professional or seeking a replacement, consider any of the simple troubleshooting tips listed above to get your jacuzzi tub back to normal function as quickly as possible.