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How to Turn on Keurig (and Keep it on)

How to Turn on Keurig (and Keep it on)

You’ve bought your Keurig, you’ve got it all set up, and now you’re wondering how to turn it on. There are a few buttons on your device, and if you’re not sure which one to press, you could get frustrated. Fear not. In this article, I’ll talk about how you can turn on your Keurig­­––and how you can keep it on.

While Keurigs come in varying models, this is a general overview of how to turn on your device.

How to Turn on Your Keurig

Turning on your Keurig is as simple as plugging it in and pressing the power button. However, you’ll need to follow a few extra steps to get that coveted cup of coffee:

  1. Lift the handle.
  2. Fill up the water reservoir.
  3. Put it back in place.
  4. Press the power button again.
  5. Wait a few minutes.
  6. Lift the handle and insert your K-Cup.
  7. Select how much coffee you want.

Your beverage should be ready in seconds. Keurig relies on a heated tube system to bring water to about 192 degrees Fahrenheit (or 89 degrees Celsius). This is not enough to boil water. However, it is enough to create a hot beverage.

How to Keep Your Keurig On

If you work in a high-paced environment, you don’t have time to wait for your Keurig to heat up. Thankfully, you can keep your Keurig on at all times, so it’s always ready. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Turn on your Keurig.
  2. Locate the “Strong” and “10oz” mug buttons.
  3. Hold them down at the same time for three seconds.

Now, the green light on top of your Keurig should be off. You can always re-activate the auto-off feature by holding down the “Strong” and “10oz” mug buttons.

Is it Safe to Keep Your Keurig on All the Time?

Your Keurig machine uses a very low amount of electricity to work. So, the risk of being electrocuted or burned is very low.

However, keeping it on all the time will increase its wear and tear. Sadly, no product, no matter how well-manufactured, lasts forever. In general, your Keurig has a lifespan of about three to five years–although this is contingent on many factors.

My Keurig Won’t Turn On: Troubleshooting

You might be on this page because you’ve already followed the steps I listed above, but still, your machine won’t turn on. Here are some troubleshooting options that could remedy your problem:

Make Sure the Water Reservoir is in Place

If your water reservoir isn’t in the right position, your Keurig’s sensors won’t register it. The tank should lock perfectly into place. If it’s sideways or feels loose, try readjusting it.

Make Sure Your Power Outlet Works

If it seems like your Keurig mysteriously “died” overnight, this could be a problem with the wall outlet and not your machine. Your Keurig generally needs about 1,000 watts to operate––or one amp. Try the following:

  1. Unplug your Keurig and check your home’s electrical breaker. All of the switches should be facing the same way. If not, you might have “blown” a fuse.
  2. Use another outlet. The outlet you’re trying to use might support other low-power electrical devices, but not your Keurig.

“Descale” Your Keurig

Your machine itself might be turning on, but it might not be making coffee as well as it should. In this instance, you may need to “descale” your device. Basically, this means cleaning it. To do so:

  1. Purchase Keurig’s Descaling solution.
  2. Pour it into your Keurig’s water tank according to its instructions.
  3. Add in about three cups of water.
  4. Place a mug on the drip tray.
  5. Make sure the K-cup slot is empty.
  6. Lift and lower the handle.
  7. Select the largest cup size.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until the device has a “Add Water” notification.
  9. Leave the brewer alone for 30 minutes.
  10. Rinse the water tank, refill it, and perform a few “test runs” without a K-cup.

This process will eliminate any debris, blockages, or bacteria that could impede your device’s regular function.

File a Warranty Claim

As noted, you should get at least three to five years out of your purchase. Anything less than that could indicate a faulty device. Keurig generally gives you one year from the date of purchase to file your warranty claim. If accepted, Keurig could replace or repair your device for free.

Keep in mind that most warranties only cover machine-related defects. If you broke the device or tried to “modify” it, Keurig could have no obligation to address your situation. You would have to repair your device out of pocket.

In Conclusion

Turning on your Keurig is easy. By locating and pressing the power button, you could be on your way to getting your favorite hot beverage. However, if you have any issues getting it to turn on, consult your product’s user manual.