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How to Turn on Klipsch Soundbar Without a Remote

How to Turn on Klipsch Soundbar Without a Remote

Lost your Klipsch Soundbar’s remote in the depths of your couch? New puppy decided the remote looked like a snack? No problem. You have plenty of options when it comes to using your Klipsch Soundbar without the remote.

You can control your soundbar using Amazon’s Alexa, your Google Home, and using your own smartphone. Continue reading to learn more about these setup processes and how you can wirelessly control your sound system.

How to Turn On Klipsch Soundbar Without a Remote

The steps you need to turn on your soundbar depend on what method you’re using. You can use Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and your smartphone to control the device.  

  • If you’ve connected your soundbar to your Alexa, you can just say, “Hey Alexa, turn on the soundbar.”
  • If you’ve connected your soundbar to your Google Home Assistant, you can say, “OK Google, turn on the soundbar.”
  • If you’ve connected your smartphone to your Klipsch Soundbar, the music on your phone will come through your speakers.

Of course, if you want to keep things simple, you could always turn on your sound system manually. Simply make sure that it’s plugged into the wall, then flip the switch located on the back of the device.

How to Connect Klipsch Soundbar to Smart Home Assistants

So you’ve got all of these options for turning on your soundbar, but now, you need help connecting it to your devices.

The steps for connecting your device to your Google Home or Amazon Alexa differ slightly, but at the core, they’re still the same.

Connecting Your Klipsch Soundbar to Alexa

You can connect your Klipsch Soundbar to Alexa by doing the following:

  1. Put your device in pairing mode: You can do this by holding down on the mute button and source button for 10 seconds until the light flashes blue.
  2. Open the Alexa app: From here, navigate to “Settings,” choose “Devices,” and select your soundbar.
  3. Pair Alexa to Bluetooth: Now, select “Bluetooth” and then “Pair New Device.”

If successful, your devices should be connected. Give Alexa a command to ensure that you’ve completed the process.

Connecting Klipsch Soundbar to Google Home Assistant

Follow these instructions to pair your soundbar with the Google Home Assistant:

  1. Put your soundbar in pairing mode by holding down on the mute button and source button for 10 seconds.
  2. Open the Google Home app and navigate to “Settings.”
  3. Go to “Rooms and Device.”
  4. Select “Local Devices,” and then your Google Home Assistant.
  5. Choose “Device Settings,” then “Default Speaker.”
  6. Select your Klipsch Soundbar.

Now, try playing music via your Google Home Assistant. Run through these steps again if it didn’t pair the first time.

How to Pair Your Smartphone to Klipsch Soundbar

As noted, these instructions will vary depending on what type of phone you have.

To connect your iPhone to your Klipsch Soundbar:

  1. Go to “Settings” from your phone’s home screen.
  2. Select “Bluetooth.”
  3. Choose your soundbar.

To connect to your Klipsch Soundbar with an Android:  

  • Swipe down on your screen.
  • Select “Bluetooth.”
  • Go to “Available Devices.”
  • Select the soundbar.

Remember: your phone can only connect to one Bluetooth device at a time. So, if your phone is already connected to an external speaker, disconnect it before pairing your Klipsch Soundbar.

Troubleshooting the Setup Process

As you’ve probably noticed, to use your Klipsch Soundbar, you need Bluetooth. However, even though Bluetooth is pretty straightforward, you could still run into trouble. Not a problem. Here are some tips that could help you:

Make Sure Your Devices Are in Range

Most stereo systems that are equipped with Bluetooth have a range of about 30 feet. However, if you’re pairing your devices for the first time, you should have them close to each other. Once they connect, then you can experiment with range.

Make Sure Your Soundbar Isn’t Already Connected to Another Device

Suppose that you and your roommate like using the Klipsch Soundbar, and they’ve paired it to their phone. If you’re in the same room, and you try to pair your device, it won’t work because the soundbar is already connected to something.

Make sure that your soundbar isn’t already connected to another smartphone, computer, or tablet. Then, run through the steps listed above.

Try Resetting Your Soundbar

If push comes to shove, try resetting your soundbar. This will clear its queue and hopefully allow you to connect to it. You can do this by:

  • Unplugging the soundbar
  • Disconnecting the audio cables
  • Turning the soundbar back on
  • Holding the mute and volume down button until the light flashes red
  • Turning it on, then off again

Now, you’ve reset your soundbar to factory settings. It will have forgotten about any devices it was already paired to, allowing you to pair it using Bluetooth.

Final Thoughts

Depending on your situation, you may have misplaced your remote while your Klipsch Soundbar was still on, so you’re unable to turn it back off. However, according to Klipsch, you don’t actually need to turn your soundbar off when you’re done using it.

Even though there’s a main power switch in the back, when you’re done jamming out or watching TV, the device will enter standby mode. When you’re ready to use it again, all you have to do is turn on your input device, and the music will begin playing once you select it.

However, if you still want to use your Klipsch Soundbar without the remote and at least be able to control the volume, you can always pair it with your smart home assistant or smartphone.