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How to Update Ergatta

How to Update Ergatta

Ergatta is a popular water rowing system that can be used in the comfort of your own home. It also comes with many updates to keep it as up-to-date as possible. Updating it is also very simple and only requires a few steps.

To update your Ergatta rower, you first need to purchase a membership. Afterward, you just have to turn the machine off and on again, and go to the main menu to update the water rower.

The following article is a more in-depth explanation of how to update your Ergatta water rower. It also includes a brief guide on some common questions about the Ergatta updates.

Steps to Update Ergatta

The steps to updating an Ergatta rower include the following:

  1. Turn the machine off and on again.
  2. At the membership selection screen, tap back.
  3. Pull on the upper left-hand corner of the rower.
  4. Select systems in settings, then press update.

Your machine will then give you the most current updates.

You will usually be notified of an update for your rower via email or a notification on the rower’s screen. When you get that update notification, turn off the rower for a few seconds, and then turn it back on. You will then see a screen that prompts you to select a membership option. If you already have a membership, then select the “back” option. If you have not selected a membership yet, then select one that works for you.

The screen will then prompt you to use the rower a bit to get the systems up and running. To do so, pull on the upper left-hand corner of the rower about 7-10 times. Once that’s done, select the settings icon on your screen menu. Then scroll down until you see systems, select that, and go to advancements. You will then see a Software updates option, which you can select, and then select the update. After that, your rower will automatically add the updates to its systems, and you can get to rowing.

What Kind of Updates Does Ergatta Have?

The majority of Ergatta updates include recalibration settings and adding new programs to their library. They put out updates to their system frequently so that you get the top-rated exercises as soon as possible. 

Ergatta has a recalibration feature that will tailor your workouts to match where you are in your fitness journey. The machine does this by logging the workouts you do and how well you perform them, and suggests workouts that you might enjoy. Most updates that Ergatta puts out are edits to this recalibration system to keep it convenient and productive to you.

For example, the fall 2021 Ergatta update introduced the option to remove a workout from being logged into the recalibration process. This makes it more convenient for your fitness level to be evaluated when you are performing at your best effort. Sometimes, you don’t feel up to a significant challenge and just want a quick workout; this feature allows you to evaluate your fitness level according to what you consider your best effort.

Another main update that Ergatta puts out is new routines and programs you can follow. The machine consistently has new workouts to try, so you can frequently challenge yourself and select workouts you enjoy.

Ergatta has plenty of other updates to keep the machine functioning at peak performance, but those are the most frequent ones they put out.

Are The Updates Free?

As long as you already have a purchased Ergatta membership, then all of the updates are free. However, the updates you do get also depend on what level of membership you pay for.

Ergatta has a variety of memberships available to fit your budget and the features you want. The least expensive Ergatta membership costs $29 a month, but that gives you access to a limited number of updates. If you want an unlimited number of updates, then you will need a more expensive subscription.

The most expensive Ergatta subscription costs $348 per year, but it gives you unlimited access to all of the updates and features that Ergatta has to offer. You can select whichever membership you want and still get access to a lot of what Ergatta has in store. But the more expensive the membership is, the more access you get to all of its features.

Final Thoughts

Updating an Ergatta rower is simple and easy, and it gives you access to some of the best rowing workouts on the market. The updates are frequent and come at no extra cost to you, and they will keep your Ergatta rower running at its full potential.