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How to Use Quip Floss: Easy Guide

How to Use Quip Floss: Easy Guide

We’ve all sat at the dentist’s, minutes after getting our check-up and thought to ourselves that we’ll start flossing more regularly from now on. That we’ll improve the health of our teeth and completely crush our next appointment.

However, more often not, we simply do not do so, or just forget altogether. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore though, especially with Quip Floss, and if you’re wondering how you can use it to improve your flossing habits, we’ve got just the guide for you.

Within this guide we’ll go over all the necessary details you would need to know to use Quip Floss easily and regularly in your daily routine.

The first important part of using Quip Floss is that two essential products can get you started. The first is their Quip Floss Dispenser and the second is their Quip Floss Pick. The first product is an extremely portable and sleek-looking floss dispenser that provides you with a quick and easy way to get your floss, and the second product is the Quip Floss pick which allows you to utilize their reusable floss pick whilst obtaining their highly portable casing.

Now let us go into detail about using both of these products and how you can make use of Quip Floss to reduce the amount of plastic that you might otherwise waste on regular floss or non-reusable plastic floss picks.

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Quip Floss Dispenser

The Quip Floss Dispenser (though they do not call it that precisely) is perhaps their easiest and most convenient product to use. This is because it is made to make it easier for you to use their floss, and provide you with a seamless experience while doing you do so.

In order to use the Quip Floss Dispenser do the following:

  • To open Quip Floss, press down on the white top.
  • You will notice that the white top pops out revealing space for the floss
  • To close Quip Floss, push the white top that popped outside back inside.
  • If Quip Floss Dispenser has securely closed you will hear a click
  • To use the floss, open Quip Floss and then pull on the string.
  • Pull the string out until you see a Green Marking on the floss.
  • Cut the Floss at the end of the Green Marking.

And voila your floss is now ready to be used. As you can see the process of using the Quip Floss Dispenser is simple and easy. The best thing about Quip Floss Dispenser is that you never take out more floss than you need because of the green marking. Which marks the perfect length of floss that is recommended by dentists.

Quip Floss Pick

The Quip Floss Pick is the newest product that has been introduced by Quip and is an extension to their previous Quip Floss Dispenser. This product was specifically made for a few reasons. The first was that as people become more conscious of the environment they have tried to move away from using plastic disposable picks. This leaves the market wide open for an environmentally friendly, reusable, pick to replace them.

The Quip Floss Pick is a reusable Floss pick that was made by Quip. It can be reused over 150 times and has a super sleek design and a metallic casing utilized to store Quip Floss inside. It’s highly portable and is meant to be a travel companion that you can easily fit inside of your purse or inside of your pocket.

Now on to the reason why you’re here, how do you use Quip Floss Pick; the easy method. Well, the answer is simple, just following our very small amount of steps and you should be an absolute pro with this product.

How to use the Quip Floss Pick

In order to use this extremely intuitive product all you have to do is the following:

  • Life and open the dispensing case
  • Remove the Pick from inside of the dispensing case
  • If the Pick is not open then press the “q” button.
  • By pressing the “q” button you will see the Pick pop out.
  • Now you merely have to clamp the floss inside of the dispenser
  • And press the pick that popped out back in till it makes a pop sound.
  • Pull the string outside of the notch
  • Pull it away from yourself to complete the cut
  • When strung you should have a 1.5-inch long floss string between your Pick

And it’s as simple as that. The best part about all this? You now have a reusable Floss pick that you can use anytime and do not need to buy a new one for at least three months. This means that Quip is not only good for the environment, but it might also be good for your wallet.

By the way, if you ever find that your Quip Floss Pick is looking dirty then you can without hesitation rinse it underneath some water. You can also very seamlessly remove any stuck gunk or other substances that have accumulated on their sides. Just another way the product is convenient to use.

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How to refill Quip Floss

The final and perhaps major thing about Quip Floss is its ability to be reusable. It achieves this feat by providing subscribers to Quip a small package with their signature Floss string every 3 months. The process of replacing the Floss string on your Quip Floss or Quip Floss Pick is extremally easy, and we’ll show you exactly how.

  • First, grab the quip package that’s sent to you every 3 months.
  • Then remove the quip refillable floss cartridge from the packing
  • Open your Quip Floss Dispenser as normal
  • Pull on the dispenser’s head to remove it
  • Remove the empty refill inside of the dispenser
  • Unpack your refill from its additional plastic and pull on the exposed string.
  • Thread the floss through the hole in the dispensing head
  • Now, you can place the filled refill back into the dispenser body
  • Press down on your dispenser top until you hear a heavy click.

And now you can floss to your heart’s content and have those shiny whites ready for your next visit to the dentist.

There we go, that’s all you need to know to use and refill your Quip Floss Dispenser and Quip Floss Pick. With this, you now know everything you need to use all of Quip’s Floss products efficiently and easily. If there’s anything additional you’d like to know, then let us know in the comments. Until next time! Ciao.