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How To Visit Voyageurs National Park

How To Visit Voyageurs National Park

Has Voyageurs National Park been on your bucket list for a while, but you need help getting there? We are here with a list of solutions to help you out. 

To visit the park, you can fly to four airports: the International Falls, Range Regional, Duluth international, and the MSP airport. You can also get on Highway 53, rent a boat into the park, or hike into the park via one of the trails. 

To get into more details, please continue reading. 

By Air

No, the park does not have an airport or a helipad. You can fly into a nearby airport to get closer to the park and then drive to it. Below we have discussed four nearby airports and why each is a better choice. 

International Falls Airport

International Falls is the closest city to the Voyageurs National Park. Getting a flight from the airport to the town is the easiest and most accessible way to get to the park from around the country. If you are flying internationally, you can land at a nearby international airport and get a domestic flight to this airport. 

Once at the International Falls Airport, rent a car and go straight to the park; this will only take 10 minutes. 

Range Regional Airport, Hibbing

The Range Regional Airport is located in Saint Louis county and supports commercial and general domestic flights. Unfortunately, this airport does not support international aviation. The Hibbing airport provides relatively inexpensive flights, which are limited and connected to selected cities in the U.S. 

You need to hire a car to go from the airport to Voyageurs National Park. The car will take the highway and should get you to your destination in 90 minutes. The drive may seem long, but it is scenic; look out your window and admire the countryside. 

Duluth International Airport

Are you flying in from another country and wishing to explore the wonders of Voyageurs National Park? The Duluth International Airport is at your service. The airport provides both national and international flights and is very well-equipped. It offers many services, including car rental and parking, food and beverage options, a gift shop, and a pet relief area. 

The airport is located about 8 miles from downtown Duluth. If you wish to take a break before going to the park, Duluth can serve as a wonderful city to relax and enjoy. Its history, parks, museums, art galleries, and historical landmarks must be noticed! 

You can get a car from the Duluth Airport directly to the Voyageurs National Park. It will approximately be a two-and-a-half-hour drive, laden with scenic beauty and fresh countryside air.  

Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport 

Another option for our guests from abroad is the Minneapolis – Saint Paul International airport. This airport serves the twin cities of Minnesota and is the largest and busiest airport in the Upper Midwest region of the United States and is the 16th busiest U.S. airport as of 2019. 

The MSP airport is well-equipped with all the necessary services that you would require. If you wish to spend some time at the airport, the airport is home to the World Performing Arts Center, a large collection of art, performances, and events. 

In addition, the airport has a variety of restaurants, shops, and services. If you wish to explore the twin cities, downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul are situated 10 miles south of the airport. 

The drive from the MSP airport to the Voyageurs National Park is approximately four and a half hours long. If you love a long drive, this is your perfect opportunity. However, if you want ease, get a connecting flight from the MSP airport to any of the airports mentioned above and get a shorter ride. 

By Car

We already mentioned the car rides that you can get to the park directly from the airports. If you live close to the International Falls, get on Highway 53 and drive into the city to access the Voyageurs National Park. 

Cars are not allowed in the park, so it is advised that you leave them in the parking and enter the park on foot, on a bike, or a skateboard. 

By Water

Are you surprised? Well, this is true! The park is accessible via a boat from anywhere around the area connected by water. You can either rent a boat or get on one already leaving for the park and do a bit of boat pooling. You can get a boat on the Ash River and Kabetogama Lake; then, you can slide into the park and observe it. 

By Hiking

The Voyageurs National Park is accessible by multiple hiking trails outside the park. These trails join some parts of the park. The Maah Daah Hey trail and the Long X trail are some routes through which you can visit the park. 

To motivate you further, watch this video of the park: 

Voyageurs National Park

Places In Voyageurs National Park To Visit

Some of the places in Voyageurs National Park that we recommend after the journey that you have made to the park are given below. Make sure to incorporate these into your itineraries to make the trip more pleasant. 

The sites are:

  • Kabetogama Lake
  • Rainy Lake
  • Ash River
  • Kettle Falls
  • Cranberry Portage
  • Ellsworth Rock Gardens
  • Voyageur Island
  • Little American Island
  • Namakan Lake
  • Pothole Bay

Things To Do In Voyageurs National Park

Of course, your adventure does not end at simply traveling to the Park; you have to have a plan. To help you curate the itinerary, we made a list for you. These are recommendations that you should consider when planning your trip. Pick and choose anything that appeals to you and get to it!

Our recommendations include the following:

  • Tour the park aboard a houseboat.
  • Explore the park’s lakes, rivers, and wetlands by canoe or kayak.
  • Fish for northern pike, walleye, bass, and other species.
  • Take a guided tour of the park’s historic sites.
  • Hike or bike along the park’s trails.
  • Enjoy a scenic boat cruise of the park’s waterways.
  • Attend a ranger-led program to learn more about the park.
  • Look for wildlife from a canoe on a wildlife-watching tour.
  • Camp at one of the park’s backcountry campsites.

Final Thoughts

All your options are open! If road and air do not work, this place uniquely offers you to get there by water. That alone is enough to visit the park and get on a boat. The mode of transportation depends on the means and time that you have. You should plan ahead of time to get better deals on flights and car rentals.