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Is Dating in High School a Good Idea?

Is Dating in High School a Good Idea?

All of us who have passed or are passing through high school know that dating in high school can be very difficult. Does it make sense to start dating while you are in high school and is that what you want? There are few things you should think about if you want to start a dating and will that relationship interfere with your school work. But can such relationships succeed?

So is dating in high school a good idea? A lot of high school couples find dating to be a waste of time, especially during the years where their grades count for university and they have tendency to change their crushes frequently. Also, most of couples deal with gossip, drama, and rumors which can be very stressful during the high school.

The work in high school compared to middle school is significantly harder. You have a lot of tests, seminars, homewroks, projects and all that things. And all of that can put a lot of stress on you, which makes it hard to balance. It knows to affect your mental health too. Everything is in small steps. If you want to start dating in high school or even get a boyfriend or girlfriend it all begins with you taking that first step by starting to introduce yourself to them. A lot of teenagers find dating to be a waste of time, especially during the years where their grades count for university, which is very important for lot of students. My advice is if you are looking to be in a relationship is that you make sure that you have had a crush on the girl/boy for a long time and make sure that its just not a random fling. One of the important things is also, if the girl/boy is mature and respects your space (which can be really rare for a high-school student), then you can go for it!

How Long Average High School Relationship Last?

A teenage relationship during high school typically lasts between a few months to two years, depending on the age of the participants and the quality of the relationship. Generally during the start of the high school in the first year, dating is more about exploration, having fun and fitting in your group, relationships don’t tend to last more then 5 months. Most often on the last year of high school, relationship become more about intimacy and companionship, and it can last to about 2 years. Of course how long relationship could last is the question is how good relationship is, and the quality of it. So the answer how long does a typical high school relationship last is as long as its good for both parties.

Why Most High School Relationships Fail

A very large percentage of high school relationships do not last. But the fact that these relationships do not last until marriage in no sense means that they do not teach those involved valuable lessons. It is shown that only 2% of marriages is made up of couples who started dating in high school. One reason for this is that at that age teenagers do not know what the relationship truly is. The true test of a relationship is not how beautiful it looks on Instagram, it’s how well it does in a storm, in conflict. So when conflict happens do you yell and scream? Do you hit the other person and blame it or do you use loving gentle speech with humility? Both partners taking need to take responsibility. The secret is to take conflict and use it as an opportunity to grow more intimate and more close. You need to change the way you view conflict. Also each partner has to realize this. Once you realize that relationships are about discovery and not about reducing your partner to an image. Teenagers simply are not too mature or aware to understand that problems and that’s the reason why so many relationships end during the high school.

How to Date in High School

Dating in high school can be a really healthy and positive experience if the conditions are good. You don’t have to date in high school and some of you may not even want to date and that’s totally okay. Dating in high school is totally optional. Don’t be offended. Studies have shown that girls actually mature in a number of ways faster than boys, including from a physical and sexual perspective. What this tells us is that girls are a lot more likely to start having feelings towards the opposite sex first. So don’t be insulted if you have a crush on a guy and he seems to only care about what his friends think. It could very well mean that he literally hasn’t even thought about the chance of having a relationship. Group dates tend to be the most effective for this age category. On a group date you can just relax and put your focus into getting to know the person on a deeper level than maybe what you move from them before and determine if they’re the type of person who you actually want to continue seeing on a social level. Good examples are going to a movie on the local mall or go into a team sporting event like a basketball game. Focus on any of the dates that you go on should be strictly on having fun. A lot of people in middle school may think and tell you that the purpose of a middle school relationship should be on getting experience. Goal of high school relationship should be about you having fun and enjoying a really awesome emotional connection that you have with someone else.

What is the Purpose of Teenage Relationships?

We say that dating with a young man or a girl is purpose for us to be happy and it fulfil us. Teenagers in their age are not yet ready for marriage. What is the purpose of their relationships then? The purpose of each relationship is marriage, but in teenage years (especially in high school) it is difficult to know exactly what we want from the person we date and is he the right person I want to spend my life with. So the purpose of teenage relationships is to getting to know yourself and what you really want.

When you are very young, you do not think about marriage. Mostly you are trying to generally understand the opposite sex – which is hard work enough. (Why are girls crying even when everything is okay? Why do not young men know how they feel?). In any case, it is important to strive to understand the opposite sex, because without this you will never find out what kind of person you want to marry. That is why now, when you are so young, there is not much sense to go out with someone, in other words, “dating” with someone. Still far from you, you are not ready to think about marriage and there is no real reason for you to “surrender” to a person. Going out in the groups are much better.


We all know that high school is one of the most stressful periods of our lives. Any free time we have during high school is considered to be precious, so many teenagers do not think much about getting into relationships (of course there are those who have this priority). The work in high school compared to middle school is significantly harder, and an additional obligation none of us need. What is important at that age is first to get know yourself and what you really want. I do not say that it is impossible to be in good quality relationship during high school, but not to force yourself into a relationship if you do not need it. Also, a similar topic about “Can you Date in High School without car” you can read HERE. We already said that purpose of each relationship is marriage, and we are not ready for that in teenage years.

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