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Is Heartland a Good Brand of RV? (Don’t Buy One Before Reading This)

Is Heartland a Good Brand of RV? (Don’t Buy One Before Reading This)

Heartland has had notable success ever since its inception in 2003. The company quickly rose to the top. If you’re thinking of buying an RV, you may be wondering whether Heartland RVs are really worth the hype.

So, is Heartland a good brand of RV? Yes, most certainly. Heartland brings the most innovation than any other brand at a fraction of the price. However, there have been some complaints about some models of Heartland RVs.

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About the Heartland Company

Former Damon Corp. CEO Brian Brady started the Heartland RV company in 2003. Brady and a team of highly trained and qualified RV professionals launched the first Heartland premium fifth-wheel motorhome in 2004. With their business booming, Heartland was able to release the Cyclone toy transporter in 2006.

In 2009, the business went even further into the vacation trailer market, where it has since developed user-friendly, affordably priced motorhome variants. 

However, in 2010, Thor Industries bought Heartland RVs from the previous owners.

Heartland RVs is still a Thor Industries subsidiary as of 2023.

Is Heartland RV a Good Brand? 5 Facts

Heartland RVs are known for their high quality, innovative designs, sturdy construction, and competitive pricing. In terms of resale value, Heartland RVs are among the best in their respective classes, safeguarding your initial investment.

In less than five years, Heartland climbed to the number three spot among the world’s retail fifth-wheel manufacturers. Nothing surpasses an original, and Heartland is unrivaled in these regards, along with those of elegance, design, and worth.

For more information about Heartland RVs, watch this video below:

Heartland RV Factory Tour

1. Unique Design Elements

Heartland’s commitment to new ideas is a defining characteristic of the business. The innovative team behind Heartland RVs is always working to improve the designs and include the most cutting-edge amenities for their customers. 

Heartland pioneered many industrial practices and introduced revolutionary technologies that quickly became the norm.

A universal docking station is standard on all Heartland fifth wheels. All the important utilities, including water and television, are conveniently located in this storage area. This invention by Heartland was previously reserved for the highest-end motorhomes only. 

Thus, families on a tighter budget may still take advantage of this fantastic feature without spending an arm and a leg on a model.

The Wide Trax Suspension System, designed to reduce accidents when towing, and the 88-degree turning radius were also groundbreaking innovations. Today’s Heartland recreational vehicle is a technological marvel, packed with the latest conveniences and comforts.

2. Reliable Construction

Heartland recreational vehicles are built to withstand years of camping trips and road trips. High-quality materials, such as padded vinyl ceilings and solid maple wood, as opposed to veneers, go into the construction of their machines. 

All Heartland RVs must pass multiple inspections before they are released to the public. 

Models are subjected to rigorous, integrated, comprehensive testing and quality control criteria at all stages of manufacture. Before any model is sent to a Heartland dealer, it undergoes a final inspection at an audit center.

3. Customer-Centered Design

Heartland RVs are specially designed to make road trips more enjoyable. The company actively solicits feedback from customers through events like trade exhibitions and owner forums, as well as electronic correspondence like emails. 

Once per week, this information is shared with upper management to keep the business in step with customers’ ever-evolving tastes.

The rubber flooring included in the Heartland RVs’ cargo areas, for instance, makes cleanup a breeze. To enhance the attractiveness of the interior, some models hide the control system in a clothing rack. 

These are just a few examples of how Heartland Recreational Vehicles are made with the customer’s needs in mind.

4. Simple Maintenance

Replacement or repair work will sometimes be required, even for the finest-grade models. The design of Heartland recreational vehicles allows for quick diagnosis and minimal downtime during service visits. 

The number of Heartland car dealerships in the United States is enormous. If you go into trouble while traveling, you shouldn’t be too far from those who can help you.

5. Great Resale Value

You probably won’t want to sell your Heartland RV. However, there is a chance that you will, and if you do, you will appreciate recovering a sizable percentage of your initial expenditure. 

A Heartland RV’s resale value is among the industry’s highest. You can put the proceeds from the sale of your current RV towards the acquisition of a newer, more suitable Heartland RV.

Common Customer Concerns and Problems with Heartland RVs

Heartland has had some technical problems reported with several models, but this is to be expected from any RV manufacturer. In order to let you know what you’re up against, we’ve provided some notable examples below.

Poor Support of the Front Crutch

The front crutches of some vintage caravans may not provide sufficient support. 

As a direct result, the crutches run the risk of warping, which could cause the front of the caravan to drop while it is parked. Injuries are possible if a caravan were to drop suddenly.


  • Bighorn Traveler & Cyclone 2020

Risk of Overheating

Possibly, the electrical connection(s) for the air conditioning unit(s) in certain classic caravans were installed the wrong way. As a result, the connection has a chance of overheating, which raises the risk of a fire breaking out.


  • Bighorn Traveler 2016–2020
  • Elk Ridge 2016–2020
  • Milestone 2016–2020
  • North Peak 2017–2018
  • Oakmount 2016–2017
  • Pioneer 2018–2020
  • Prowler 2016–2018
  • Sundance 2017–2019
  • Sundance XLT 2017–2019

Low Visibility

There is a possibility that certain fifth-wheel trailers do not fulfill the criteria of the American Motor Vehicle Safety Standard for Lighting Systems and Retroreflective Devices. 

In violation of the conditions of the industry standard, the front reflectors on either one or both sides of the motor vehicle may be absent. 

Because of this, the vehicle may become less visible, which raises the possibility of an accident that may cause injury to another person or damage to property.


  • 2019 Elk Ridge
  • Elk Ridge Express
  • Milestone
  • Pioneer
  • Sundance
  • Sundance XT

Risk of Dislodged Wheel

It’s possible that the axle bearings on some conventional trailers weren’t fitted correctly when they were assembled. 

Because of this, the bearings may become overheated and fail, which may result in a wheel becoming dislodged. The lack of control that could result from a detached wheel could lead to serious injury or death.

Furthermore, the wheel may collide with another car, an immobile object, or a person who is in the immediate vicinity, which may result in the injury of another individual or the destruction of property.


  • Mallard
  • North Trail Pioneer
  • Prowler
  • Sundance XLT Travel Trailer
  • Trail Runner
  • Wilderness 2019


So, while there are a few notable complaints about the Heartland RV, overall, this is a good brand of RV. If you want a motor vehicle that combines innovation and falls within your budget, then Heartland RV is the one for you.