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Is It Safe to Travel to Rapid City, South Dakota

Is It Safe to Travel to Rapid City, South Dakota

Rapid City is located in South Dakota. It receives many visitors each year because of its location in the way of scenic areas such as Mt Rushmore and Black Hills. But how safe is it to travel to Rapid City?

The overall risk involved in traveling to Rapid City is low. This city is one of the prime examples of how crime statistics can be misleading. The crime statistics in the overall state of South Dakota have recently increased, but Rapid City remains largely safe.

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How Risky is it to Travel to Rapid City, South Dakota?

Although overall crime in the state has increased by 25% in the previous several years, it is still largely safe. The state ranked eighth in the US for the percentage of inhabitants who indicated they felt safe in a nationwide survey at 74%. 

You should be safe visiting Rapid City, South Dakota, if you follow the same standard safety measures you would everywhere.

For more information about how safe South Dakota is for travel, watch this video below:

How Safe Is South Dakota for Travel?

Taxi & Transportation Risk: Medium

Because there is a lack of public transit, it’s about medium. Rural places do not have it, and larger communities only have little. What is already there is secure, but getting to it takes time and effort. Although legal taxis may transport you from the airport to your hotel, renting a car for your travel needs is preferable.

Risk of Pickpockets: Low

Since fewer individuals carry cash and credit cards are more difficult to hack, this crime is declining. These crimes may occasionally occur in tourist locations, although they are uncommon. In Rapid City, South Dakota, there are few densely populated places, therefore, that’s where this kind of crime occurs.

Risk of Natural Catastrophes: Medium

This state has a lot of mountains, which increases the danger of earthquakes. With tornadoes in the spring and summer, the weather is a major issue. Travel can be challenging, if not impossible, during the winter when there might be a lot of snow and ice. Throughout practically all of the city, nature poses a greater threat to your safety than humans do.

Risk of Mugging: Low

Rapid City has a low crime rate in this category. Though it does not happen frequently, there are specific places where it is more common. The majority of theft crimes involve the theft of unprotected objects. Being robbed is less of a concern than property crime.

Terrorist Threat Level: Low

International terrorists will not likely target a city with a tiny population like Rapid City. Although there haven’t been many incidents, there has been increased worry about domestic terrorism by extremist organizations.

Fraud Risk: Low

While attempting identity theft, con artists frequently prey on the elderly. Most frauds are conducted electronically, either over the phone or online. Although street scams are uncommon, always remember that a transaction that appears too good to be true typically isn’t.

Risk to Female Travelers: Low

Rapid City is a popular tourist destination, yet female tourists face no greater danger than male tourists. Even solo female travelers are secure. Even though it is safe, avoid going alone to unknown places at night. There have been occasional reports of rape. In bars, don’t accept drinks from random people, either.

Risk of Tap Water: Low

Rapid City has plenty of access to water. Excellent water is available in safe conditions in all towns. In this situation, there is no need for concern regarding the water. Health experts continue to advise against drinking from rivers or streams.

Travel Safety Advice for Rapid City

Remember the following tips when traveling to Rapid City, South Dakota.

Keep Your Hotel Room and Automobile Locked

When traveling, the most important thing you can do for your protection is always to use the locks on your vehicle and hotel room. Criminals typically do not bother with a closed door since they are seeking easy prey.

Observe the Weather

Although storms can arrive rapidly, events like significant snow storms can frequently be foreseen. Conditions in Rapid City are known for being unpredictable. There have been instances where the temperature dropped by 50 degrees in only a few hours. Traveling during the winter might be impossible.

Extra Clothes

Changes in temperature between day and night are common, particularly in the spring and fall. Regardless of the season, dressing warmly is always a good idea. Although nights might occasionally turn cool, loose-fitting, light clothes are preferred in the summer.

Put Sunblock On

People may get careless with the sun because it is rarely warm at any time of the year. Even in moderate and chilly weather, you might still develop sunburn or solar damage on your skin. Wind may also be a concern, so it is a smart option to have some cover there, too, if it becomes an issue.

Make Sure Your Automobile is in Working Order

There are many distant rural locations. Before going, ensure your automobile is in good working order because assistance or repairs might not be accessible. Examine the tires, fluid levels, belts, hoses, and all other potential maintenance items. 

Furthermore, ensure you have enough gasoline, as gas stations might be far apart in some locations.

Stay Vigilant

It is simple to unwind and quit paying attention in places with few people and a low reputation for crime. There are still some crooks worldwide, and others will only steal if they see an opportunity. Although this city is secure, keep a lookout and safeguard your valuables.

Keep Wildlife in Mind

Animals like deer that dart out in front of moving vehicles account for many fatalities each year. Keep a lookout for wildlife. If you notice one close to the road, go slowly. Even tiny animals can pose a risk to drivers.

Be Mindful of the Natural Beauty

While you are in the woods, there may be some risk from nature itself. Snakes are uncommon, yet they do exist. If they sense danger, large animals may strike. The sight of wild animals is entertaining, but you shouldn’t approach them too closely or risk your safety by attempting to make contact with them.

Medical Supplies

Having a first aid kit in your vehicle or on you at all times is a smart idea. Accidents are uncommon, but when they do occur, the severity can be significantly minimized if you know how to look after yourself or provide first aid.

Safety in Remote Places

There might not be a phone signal in certain isolated regions. Having this knowledge alone can help you stay ready. Keep paper maps nearby since your GPS could lose service in off-the-grid locations. Before you depart from your accommodation, check the state of the roads.


If you’re thinking of traveling to Rapid City, South Dakota, and are worried about your safety during the trip, let us reassure you that you don’t have much to worry about. The city is largely safe to travel to, so go ahead!