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Is Kelty a Good Brand?

Is Kelty a Good Brand?

While planning your next camping trip, you might find yourself lost in a sea of brand names, with Kelty being among one of the top contenders. But, if you’re looking for a quality tent, backpack, or sleeping bag, you might wonder whether Kelty lives up to its many promises.

Many outdoor enthusiasts consider Kelty to be a good brand. The company consistently gets good reviews online, has won numerous awards, and offers solid warranties on its products. Kelty has also produced gear for popular forms of media, including the 1970s show “The Land of the Lost.”

Consider reading to learn more about whether Kelty is a good brand. You can also learn about the company’s many products and how they can enhance your next adventure.

Benefits of the Kelty Brand

Here’s what you need to know about the Kelty brand:

It’s Been Around for Decades

Kelty was founded in 1952 by outdoor enthusiast Asher “Dick” Kelty. That’s over 70 years of reliable service. During that time, Kelty made waves by introducing the aluminum-framed backpack, which was revolutionary at the time. His products also found their way on movie and TV studio sets.

Generations of campers have come to trust Kelty. With that level of trust comes a great deal of loyalty. Many people swear by Kelty and refuse to turn to other outdoor brands.

Kelty Gets Four- and Five-Star Reviews

Right now, if you go on Amazon and look at Kelty’s reviews, you’ll find yourself reading positive review after positive review. Of the Kelty Tru. Comfort Doublewide 20 Degrees Sleeping Bag, users shared:

  • “Best purchase of a sleeping bag. It fit myself (5’9″ 190), my husband (6’2″ 220) and our dog (50lb) dog VERY comfortably.” 
  • “I’m very happy with this sleeping bag. It’s plenty big for two people (and I’m not a slim guy). The different blanket options work wonderfully to allow both my wife and I (with very different preferences) to stay comfortable in the same bag.”
  • “Only used once for 2 nights, well worth it made the difference not having to wear 3 layers to go to sleep. Inner layer makes all the difference. And the pillow hood stopped us from having to adjust them every 5 mins.”

Kelty Manufactures a Wide Range of Products 

Kelty is your go-to when it comes to securing reliable camping gear. The organization produces:

These devices are all compatible with each other. So, if you want to use a rain shelter and your sleeping bag at the same time, you’ll have no problems.

Kelty Offers Warranties on All of Its Products

Kelty offers a lifetime warranty on most of its products. That does not account for your lifetime (you probably won’t get 50 years of use out of your sleeping bag). Instead, it covers the device’s lifetime.

So, suppose you take your Kelty sleeping bag on a camping trip, and after your first night, you notice a rip. If the rip is a factory-specific defect, you can return the product to Kelty free of charge. There, the company will either replace or repair the product.

Kelty Products Offer Good Value

During your research, you might have noticed that some of Kelty’s products are above average in cost. But there’s a good reason for that. Kelty spares no expense when it comes to producing quality products.

Some things that campers have enjoyed include:

  • Durability. With proper care and maintenance, you’ll get several years out of your Kelty camping gear.
  • Features. Want a two-door tent? Kelty’s got that. Want a rain shelter that actually protects you from the rain? Look no further. Kelty’s got that, too.  
  • Easy assembly. Even if you’re setting up a tent for the first time, when you purchase a Kelty tent, it’ll come to you naturally. You’ll look at the instructions once, put your tent together, and then you’re off on your next adventure.
  • Comprehensive customer support. If you have any questions or concerns about your Kelty product, help is just an email or phone call away. You can learn more about your customer service options by clicking here.
  • Suitable for any weather condition. You can curate your Kelty camping gear for any climate or weather condition. Whether you’re camping in freezing weather or visiting an arid desert, you have options.
  • Comfort. Some camping gear manufacturers prioritize comfort above all else. Here, sleeping bags tear, and tents cave in. Not with Kelty. Kelty puts comfort and durability on the same level. You can expect maximum comfort with maximum strength.

A Final Word

Many people live and swear by Kelty’s products. However, whether Kelty’s a good product for you depends on your situation. When planning your camping trip, consider the park’s weather, how long your trip is, and your comfort level.

For a full list of Kelty’s products, click here.