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Is Samsung Buds Wireless Charging Worth it? Explained

Is Samsung Buds Wireless Charging Worth it? Explained

It is the era of wireless technology. As the world moves towards an increasingly flexible lifestyle, where people are always on the get-go while simultaneously managing different tasks, the importance of wireless tech keeps increasing. 

With the world going wireless, it was no surprise when companies like Samsung launched wireless earbuds. Samsung’s earbuds are easy to use and provide the ease of letting you juggle multiple tasks while you take important calls. You can also listen to your favorite music in peace with these buds capable of noise cancellation. 

The provision of wireless charging for the Samsung buds is the cherry on top, adding greatly to the ease of use. The process of charging your buds is now hassled and clutter-free. In short, Samsung buds wireless charging is worth every penny spent on the Bluetooth device. 

Here’s Why Samsung Buds Wireless Charging is Worth it

While there are numerous benefits of the wireless charging feature of Samsung earbuds, we’ve listed down just a few below:

  • Ease of Use

People prefer the transfer of data and communication to be hassle-free and quick, which is something that wireless charging technology provides. 

You’re heading out, have important calls to make and your buds are low on charge? No worries, the wireless charger has got you covered. As long as the case is charged, you need not worry. Simply place your buds inside the case and they will charge as you move toward your destination. 

  • Clutter-Free 

Charging your buds wirelessly will save you the inconvenience of keeping track of various cables and cords. This makes the process of charging clutter-free and easier. 

  •  Longer Battery Life

If you’re not using your earbuds for a while, you can put them in their case for a quick charge, no matter where you are. This decreases the chances of your buds ever running low on battery! 

How Long do Galaxy Buds Take to Charge Wirelessly?

The South Korean electronic producer has not given a specific time period that you need to charge your earbuds for. However, it usually takes around one hour for the battery to be charged 100% if your starting battery is 0%. It is important to note that the charging time may also depend on the model of your Samsung earbuds. 

Can You Charge Buds Live with a Fast Charger?

The tech giant advises against using any charger other than the one provided with your buds live. Using a different charger can cause battery issues, or worst still, can cause the battery to explode so no, it is not advisable to charge your buds live with a fast charger. 

Can You Charge Samsung Galaxy Buds Case Alone?

It would be wise to make sure that your case is always charged so you can use it to charge your earbuds whenever you want. If you’re wondering whether you can charge your buds case alone, yes, you can charge the case without inserting the earbuds. Once you put the earbuds in, both the case and the buds will be charged simultaneously. 

Should I Always Keep My Buds in Case?

Yes, always keeping your buds in the case is a great way to make sure you don’t end up losing one of your earbuds. It also helps protect your earbuds from sun damage, dust, and water. 

How Do I Know if My Galaxy Buds Case is Fully Charged?

Samsung earbuds have different colored light indicators, where every color represents a different battery status. 

Color Indicator Battery Status 
Red Flashes Charging blocked 
Continuous Red Charging 
Continuous Green Completely charged 

How Long Does the Charging on Samsung Earbuds last?

The battery life of your earbuds will depend on the model you have. For normal galaxy earbuds, A fully charged set can last for around 6 hours without a case. You can use them for a total of 13 hours with a charged case. 

What Happens if I Lose my Galaxy Buds Case?

Tracing your galaxy buds in case they are misplaced is easy, considering that they are connected to your phone via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, you can not trace your earbuds case since it does not have Bluetooth functionality. The case is used only for charging purposes. 

Are Galaxy Buds Waterproof?

If you get a little amount of water on your earbuds, it is not likely that they will be damaged. However, Galaxy buds are not waterproof and you should avoid getting them wet. To ensure that the bud’s functionality is optimum, clean them as soon as you get rainwater or sweat on them. 

How can you tell if Galaxy Buds are fake?

Every electronic device that comes out is followed by scores of fakes designed to look just like the original. Same is the case with Galaxy earbuds. While the scammers may be sharp, you can avoid getting scammed by taking the following signs into consideration to spot fake galaxy buds: 

  1. The Price 

If someone is promising to sell you ‘authentic’ earbuds at a price significantly lower than the market price, you should be concerned. Scammers often try to sell you fake products by making you believe you will be saving a lot of money if you buy from them. 

  1. The Case 

Fake cases do not usually open up as far as the original ones. You’ll notice how the lid of the case stops a little before it opens fully. Fake cases also sometimes have 2 LED lights inside the case while the origin;l Samsung ones have just one. 

The case of real buds will be made of shinier and glossier material as compared to the fake one. 

  1. The Earbuds 

Fake Galaxy buds will be able to pair to your phone through Bluetooth, like any other Bluetooth device. However, they will not be able to connect via the Wearable app since they lack the sophisticated software that lets the original buds connect in a second. 

To avoid buying fake Samsung earbuds, you can also contact the Samsung help desk. Once you send over the serial number and model number, a Samsung representative will get back to you about the authenticity of the product.