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Is Thermacell Safe Near Dogs?

Is Thermacell Safe Near Dogs?

If you use Thermacell to keep your campsite insect-free, you may wonder if it is safe near dogs.

Thermacell is safe near dogs when used and stored appropriately. Keep it out of the reach of dogs and allow your dogs to enter the protected zone once the unit’s cycle is done.

Thermacell is one of the most effective ways to keep bugs away from your campsite. This nifty little portable repellent uses two butane cartridges to vaporize a repellent that keeps mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, gnats and flies at bay.

To get the intended mosquito repellency effects, you need to stay inside the “zone of mosquito protection” while the device is powered on. For mat & fuel repellers (Patio Shield, MR300, MR450, etc.) that means staying within a 7.5’ radius of the device (15 ft zone diameter), and for the rechargeable repellers (E55, EX90, etc.) that means staying within a 10’ radius of the device (20 ft zone diameter).

“As far as pet safety is concerned, the science and data on our ingredients indicate that they should not be of concern, when used according to label directions, for people or pets. Thermacell’s data is thoroughly reviewed by the US EPA and multiple regulatory agencies around the world in the product approval process. Essentially what that means is: the evidence indicates that it’s safe to have your dog and pets near the unit while it is running. Just don’t let them eat the repellent pads, as that would fall outside the directed usage” said a representative of Thermacell.

He went on to say “One other point I wanted to clear up is that Thermacell has two product families with distinct mechanisms to activate the repellent. The original product family is the Mat & Fuel repellers, which use butane fuel cartridges to heat up the repellent, and as mentioned above create a 15’ diameter zone of protection. The newer product family is the Rechargeable repellers, which use a battery powered heating element to activate the repellent, and create a 20′ diameter zone of protection. Since you’re mostly discussing the Fuel-Powered Series in your article, here are two photos you’re welcome to use of the Patio Shield repeller, which is currently the most popular option in the Fuel-Powered Series.”

What Is Thermacell Insect Repellent?

Thermacell is an insect repellent that uses a small cartridge to create a 15×15-foot zone of protection against mosquitoes, black flies, and other flying insects. It’s effective and fast-acting, and should be used to repel a variety of insects and animals. Its drawback is that it’s not a permanent solution, so you have to constantly reapply it.If you’re worried about using it near your dog, here are some tips.

How to Use Thermacell Safely Near Dogs

Like any insect repellent, you don’t want to use it directly on your dog or turn on the Thermacell unit right near your dog. To keep it safe, you want to keep the Thermacell out of reach, but within the zone of effectiveness. When you turn on the Thermacell unit, make sure you are in the area. The active ingredient isn’t harmful to dogs, there is no reason to keep your dog out of the zone while Thermacell does its job.

What Is Thermacell’s Active Ingredient?

According to the manufacturer , the repellent in Thermacell is a chemical called allethrin, a synthetic copy of naturally occurring neurotoxin called pyrethrin that that kills insects, but when used correctly, is safe for animals. The allethrin is said to be a more effective repellent than the natural pyrethrin and insects naturally know to avoid it because it resembles pyrethrin.

Is Thermacell Safe for Animals?

While there have been no reports of pets or wild animals being affected by Thermacell , there have been reports of birds, fish and wildlife being affected. The active ingredient of Thermacell is safe when used correctly and appropriately. However, it is not safe to dispose of Thermacell cartridges in the woods or in a lake. You must dispose of your Thermacell accessories appropriately and safely.

How to Dispose of Thermacell Cartridges and Pads

Thermacell uses cartridges to propel the repellent housed in the Thermacell pads. When it’s time to dispose of empty cartridges or used pads, it must be done correctly. Do NOT incinerate the items or toss them in your fire. Don’t put them in the garbage cans out in the woods. Instead, seal in a plastic bag and call your local waste collection company to determine the safest way to get rid of the spent cartridges and pads. Always keep these items out of reach of your dog so they don’t find them and chew on them. In this case, the items could be very dangerous and make your dog ill.

What If My Dog Ate a Thermacell Cartridge?

If your dog ate one of these, the most common symptom would be vomiting. In some cases, your dog could be ill or even have a seizure. If your dog is lethargic or unresponsive, seek immediate veterinary care.

Should Your Dog Leave the Area When Thermacell Is On?

When you turn on your Thermacell unit, it propels a fine mist of active ingredients that actually keep the bugs away. To get the effects of Thermacell you’ll need to stay inside its zone while Thermacell is doing it’s magic, it is perfectly safe for you and if you are outside the zone it won’t be effective for you.

Thermacell says “For best results, start the device and place it outdoors in the area of your intended activity for at least 15 minutes. It needs some time to establish the area of protection.” So it is implied that it may not reach full effectiveness for up to 15 minutes, but you should remain in that zone while it’s working. We think that’s logical for both you and your pet.


When used correctly, Thermacell is safe around your dog and your family. The active ingredient is not a harmful chemical to humans or dogs. However, it is important to treat the spent cartridges and pads of Thermacell as something that is not thrown into nature or disposed of where pets can get it. To ensure it’s not left to seep into the enviroment, seal used Thermacell accessories in a bag and talk to your waste managment company about how to propery discard.