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It is Proven: Snoring is Killing Relationship

About half of adult people occasionally snore, and about one-quarter regular. Though this funny subject that we often ignore, snoring can cause real problems in the bedroom. Whether you are awake and far from the quiet sleep that you need or the regular waking up, snoring can create tension.

Snoring is more common in men than in women and has a tendency to deteriorate with age and / or weight. It comes to it when the free flow of air from the mouth/nose to the lungs is interrupted and vibration occurs at the back of the throat for various reasons: congestion, illness, poor muscle tone in the mouth or jaw and several serious health problems. Most people with natural remedies will reduce and even remove snoring. For others, however, this may be a sign of some form of sleep apnea, with your breathing temporarily stopping in the night, causing loud snoring and occasional waking. Less than 5% of people have a sleep apnea diagnosis, but it is estimated that up to 80% of patients are not diagnosed yet.

Snoring: Silent Killer of Mariage and Relationship

It is impossible to emphasize how quiet, pleasant dream is important in life, and snoring just takes that away. A quality sleep is just as important as proper nutrition,regular exercise and dental hygiene. Probably even more. Lack of sleep can lead to serious problems – from increased pressure, to diabetes, to obesity and increased risk of heart disease. Some problems occur even the same day, your mood is terrible, you have no concentration and you make bad decisions, which can affect your business.

A few things can disturb a quiet dream like snoring. We all did experienced snoring problems,whether you were snoring or a partner or someone from the family. Those who have a bit more luck experience this as a short-term discomfort, but in many cases snoring can cause serious health problems as well as problems in relationships. I think I’m a person who knows good what I’m talking about,because my girlfriends snoring was so loud that almost destroyed our relationship. Probably now we would not been together if we did not fight against snoring.

Why Relationship Fights Occur?

We will give an example by one of my childhood friends, who says the following: My husband is a clever, attentive, witty and caring man, but I wake up every morning by hating him. You can bet why? He was snoring so much that I heard him even in the adjoining room. From day to day, the consequences were noticed. I was tired of snoring, and he was tired in discomfort because I was constantly pushing and kicking him when he was snoring. We went into the petty fights that grew worse. I was trying to ignore it because I knew he was not directly guilty, but he killed me psychically. It did not even help when I made him sleep on the couch.

You do not have to be a scientist to know how bad snoring is for a relationship or marriage, but also scientists confirm this is not a small thing. Over 50% of the surveyed couples where one of the partner’s is snoring said that snoring was a real problem. It even influenced the significant reduction in intimacy, and was confirmed as one of the major causes of fights in bed. I know the scenario well, we passed countless times this scenario, I was angry because he was snoring, and he was angry because I waked him up. It was my story. That is why I want to share some of the cool tips that helped me and many others to overcome this problem.

8 proven ways that help you to stop snoring

1)  Change Sleep Position

Provided you or your partner have no apnea, it may be that the only problem you have is sleeping on the back. A trick against snoring on the back is no less than a tennis ball. I put a small pocket on husband back and put the ball inside while he sleeps on bed. This did not help in our case, he sometimes even was snoring at his side, and soon returned to his back. Still, maybe you have more luck than me, so your solution is simple as this. But you always have a safer version to do this. If he/she is sleeping on stomach, this problem is completely eliminated. So if your partner decides to sleep on the front,consider the problem solved.

2)  Keep the Room Clean

Allergens and dust can be the cause of snoring. Regularly clean the dust, wash linens and frequently soak, including curtains. Also, do not allow pets to sleep on your bed if you have a snoring problem. This also knows to be the real problem of snoring.

3)  Be Hydrated

Dry mouth leads to dry nose and throat. This can lead to mucus accumulation and general irritation and swelling, leading to congestion and blockage. Drink plenty of water. Especially it would be good to drink a glass of water before you go to sleep.

4)  Have Enough Sleep

If you do not get enough sleep for a long time (that means 7 to 9 hours for most people), this lack of sleep may be the cause of your snoring. If you are overly tired, your muscles become loosens, leading to snoring.

5)  Weight Loss

I know. It’s easier to say than to do, but less adjustments can help you to overcome snoring. Surely you’ve noticed that the “fatter” people are snoring more. True, my husband pull of 5kg and his snoring became much quieter, though he did not quite stop. It’s also a good thing that a partner who is snoring does not eat anything late before the sleep. But believe me this is a small price you have to pay to save your relationship or marriage. But if you decide on this step you get 2 in 1. You will lose weight, look and feel better and you will also stop snoring. You can choose more ways to do this. Will it be just through the diet or you will go to the gym and hire a private trainer.

 6)  Quit Smoking

In addition to the number of problems it causes, smoking also exacerbates snoring. So, if you or your partner are smoking, you now have the extra motivation to stop. We did not have any problems with this, but I know many acquaintances who helped to stop. Smoking also harms your health and at the same time you pay tax on it. Why pay something that slowly kills you? Makes no sense. I do not think I need to write more about this problem.

7)  Less alcohol

A cup or two of drinks, besides relaxing the nerves, will also relax the sleeping paths during sleep. Of course, I agree that you should sometimes relax and drink. Take some space and go outside, drink but do not do it often. However,if you or your partner need to have a good night’s sleep, skip the drink that night.

8)  Consult your Doctor

If snoring does not stop, it would be best to seek help from expert. It would be great if you could record trouble where snoring occurs, because it would help the doctor to diagnose it. Sometimes certain health problems can block your walking paths and cause snoring or even apnea. Snoring can also be aside effect of more serious problems, such as diabetes, hypothyroidism or allergies.

We have the case that doctor was talking about the operation, but my husband did not want to risk it and I support his decision. Then he offered usseveral alternatives such as CPAP machines. He tried it and did really help,but it was terribly awkward to sleep with them, so that he could not sleep in the end. In the end we managed to solve the problem with the combination of tips above. Sometimes, when snoring does not stop, the husband puts on nose a small snoring apparatus called Snore Terminator that we found over the internet.


Do not take tablets and medications against snoring on your own, because you do not know the real cause of snoring. At best case, you will not have any use of it, and you can really complicate your life. I have a sympathetic anecdote, and I’ve heard it many times before. First of all, I did not sleep for two nights because I didn’t hear my husband snoring. I was so used to noise of snoring that my silence was strange to hear. The third night I was sleeping like a baby, I would not want snoring in anybody’s life. So do not think it’s unusual if that happens to you. My advice’s that both partners must have patience and understanding in fight against snoring. A snoring partner is not aware how much snoring causes problems. Sit together and talk, explain one to another what the problem is.

What we have learned is that is always important to have understanding for a partner who is snoring. He should praise every attempt and desire to choose against snoring. A snoring partner may even think snoring is not a problem, but he still wants to find a solution. I do not think there is yet a miraculous anti-snoring recipe that will solve it until you cupped your fingers. It all depends of the person to the person, if something helps my husband does not mean everyone will. But the advice I have given you will certainly help you. It’s worth trying. That is why I recommend that you have understanding,talk and look for snoring problem together.
Good luck!

The most Common Questions About Snoring I Ask the Experts to Clarify

Me: What happens if I can not sleep because ofmy partner’s heavy snoring?
Experts: In this case, it is not only a person who is snoring that suffers, but also a partner besides you is suffering.Partners often struggle with insomnia and daily dizziness. When you have lack of sleep, you are suffering from daily fatigue, difficulty concentrating and lethargy. Moreover, when a partner is causing you lack of sleep, frustration is even greater. You begin to see your partner as the source of your problem and,of course, you begin to look for a solution. Unfortunately, people end up sleeping in separate rooms.

Me: Can you tell me why we’re snoring? Is this a normal occurrence?
Experts: First of all, all people think they do not snore. Then, when your partner convinces you that you are keeping him awake all night (or you are even interfere with your neighbours) through that torture, you want to know why this is happening. Finding the cause of snoring is like a detective job. The usual fallacy is the statement “Snoring is Normal”. While some factors may contribute to occasional snoring, such as tiredness or too much alcohol,snoring is often a sign of obstructive apnea. Reducing oxygen intake during sleep disables a quality sleep that is needed for the body to function properly. If you smoke or have dark circles under your eyes in the afternoon, these are the first signs that you do not have a peaceful sleep.

Me: What are the other risks of apnea?
Experts: The risk of obstructive apnea includes heart attack, stroke, diabetes, elevated blood pressure and heart disease. Also, some studies of irregular breathing during sleep are associated with dementia in older people. But there are still a lot of things I can not cover here.

Me: Tell me, who is more exposed to the risk of snoring?
Experts: People exposed to the greatest risk are men, especially those who are obnoxious but snoring is the problem of both sexes. There are a lot of indicators that can cause snoring.Snoring usually becomes a more serious problem with years. But the most important thing is to spot the problem and then try to get rid of it as soon as you can. Do not ever give up on this problem because every problem has its own solution.

Me: Is there any way to stop snoring?
Experts: Yes, there are many ways that can significantly reduce or even stop this disruption. There are surgical procedures (usually on the throat) that can reduce snoring. I do not recommend them personally because they are risky and do not guarantee lasting results. If you are not interested in the operation, I recommend the nose ring. It’s safe,practical and easy to use. So far I’ve had a good experience with my patients.This ring acts on opening the discs and improves breathing during sleep. The best thing is this option is getting rid of snoring right now and it is 100%safe. Remember, when you are snoring your partner can’t sleep peacefully.

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