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Kamado Joe vs. Weber Smokey Mountain (A Clear Winner)

Kamado Joe vs. Weber Smokey Mountain (A Clear Winner)

If you are in the market for a new grill or smoker, many people look no further than either the Kamado Joe or the Weber Smokey Mountain. This is because these two grills have the highest ratings and do the best job when it comes to grilling and smoking foods. But, many people wonder which one is the better option to purchase?

The winner between Kamado Joe vs. Weber Smokey Mountain is the Kamado Joe. While both are great grilling options, we love Kamado Joe’s different cooking capabilities and the consistently delicious food output!

To determine whether you should purchase the Weber Smokey Mountain or the Kamado Joe, you will need to do a bit of research to look at the pros and cons. Keep reading to learn more about both of these phenomenal grills and which one is the better choice for you.

Which Is More User-Friendly: Kamado Joe or Weber Smokey Mountain?

While both of these grills have many advantages and disadvantages, knowing that it is easy to use is something grillers look forward to. One of the last things you would want to think about if you are trying to grill for your family and friends is a grill that takes a long time to prepare and use.

The Kamado Joe, while the learning curve is a bit steeper initially, is easy to use from start to finish. Those who have used traditional grills may find the work to be a bit much since you have to monitor it closely when grilling and cooking other foods to control the temperature.

The WSM is said to be very user-friendly and simple to use while at the same time giving you excellent results. Grilling competitions have been using Weber grills, especially this model, for many years due to the lightweight and ability to create smoked meats that are deemed complex.

Between the two of these grills, while barbeque enthusiasts have boasted both of their eases of use, the Weber Smokey Mountain seems to be the grill that is more user-friendly. This is because the learning curve is not as steep since the WSM is more like the more traditional grills.

What About Temperature Control?

When it comes to temperature control, the Kamado Joe grill is unique in its ability to control the temperature of whatever you are cooking. This is because once you have gotten the grill to the desired temperature, the sealed lid, top, and bottom vents, and ceramic casing keep the heat at a steady rate.

The WSM is also great for controlling temperature with its four intake vents designed to help control the temperature and keep it at a steady temperature. The other thing about the WSM is that, unlike the Kamado Joe, the Weber Smokey Mountain grill lid is not sealed shut and does not cause flashovers that can happen.

Can You Smoke and Grill in the Kamado and WSM?

Both the Kamado Joe and the WSM have the capability of smoking and grilling all of your favorite foods. They are both able to smoke meats and grill steaks, burgers, chicken, and all the other barbeque favorites. Both grills can do everything you need them to do in a smoker/grill combo.

What About Versatility and Portability?

Versatility and portability are two things that some people deem important when it comes to a grill they plan to use for a long time. Being able to use the units for many different purposes and the ability to take them along where you need to go can decide to purchase one or the other much easier.

The Kamado Joe has the versatility that allows you to not only smoke meats for long periods, but it has many other purposes. For example, in addition to grilling and smoking foods, you can also make pizza and put your dutch oven inside to cook anything you wish. 

As far as portability, the Kamado Joe is a heavy piece of equipment that is not so easy to move around. This means that once you place it somewhere, you are probably not going to want to move it again.

The WSM is designed to be a smoker and grill but typically cannot be used for other purposes, such as the Kamado Joe. When it comes to portability, the Weber Smokey Mountain is lightweight and easy to transport from your backyard to the campsite or even to your tailgating adventures.

Let’s Talk About Price

When you compare the Kamado Joe and the WSM, they have many features in common and would make a great grill for many people. However, the Kamado Joe is much higher than the WSM by hundreds of dollars. 

And the Winner Is…

While both of these grills would make a great addition to any griller’s backyard kitchen area, there is one that stands out the most. Even though the Kamado Joe and the Weber Smokey Mountain have great features and can do quite a bit of cooking, most people today are looking for something that can take the place of several other cooking appliances.

The Kamado Joe is just that piece of equipment. With its ability to grill, smoke, bake pizza bread, and cook just about anything, it is the clear winner, hands down.