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Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver For Windows (Our Top Three Picks)

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver For Windows (Our Top Three Picks)

Many PC gamers prefer using an Xbox 360 controller instead of a mouse and a keyboard. Let’s face it; the controller is easy to handle compared to the keyboard. While some opt for wired controllers, a majority still prefer the wireless ones as you can play a distance from your computer. However, you need a Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless receiver for Windows to complete the connection. 

This article will look at the market’s best Xbox 360 wireless receivers, their main feature, and pros and cons. 

ShoppingOnBed Wireless Xbox 360 Receiver

This PC wireless gaming receiver is among the best in terms of price, functionality and durability, and that’s why it’s taking the first spot. Don’t let the simple design fool you, as the device packs a lot of power, enabling you to game for hours. 

Main Features

Works with Every Xbox 360 Controller

You don’t have to worry about getting a new Xbox controller every time you buy a new wireless receiver, as this device supports current and future Xbox controllers and other wireless accessories. 

Impeccable Wireless Range Transmission

Many wireless devices have a shortcoming in range transmission, but not the ShoppingOnBed receiver. You get around 30 feet of range, allowing you to game comfortably in your house without worrying about the failed connection. Additionally, you can connect up to four different controllers to one receiver the same way you would on an Xbox 360 console. 

100% Uptime

A major concern about wireless receivers is how they tend to drop connections after hours of use. That’s not the problem with this receiver, as it’s powered by the 2.4GHz wireless technology capable of performing at its peak even after countless hours of use. 


The wireless receiver is compatible with Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, and 10. Remember that Windows 10 doesn’t support wired Xbox controllers, so wireless is the only option. 


  • Easy to set up
  • It has a 6-foot cable
  • Offers value for money


  • The plastic casing isn’t strong enough to withstand impact

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows

Microsoft came up with their official wireless receiver to help curb the growing demand for such devices. It integrates perfectly with all the Xbox 360 controllers and only requires a bit of setup and tweaking to get it working. 

Main Features

Wider Wireless Range

If your concern is gaming from across the room without interruption and feeling uncomfortable, then this receiver is a must-buy. It offers an impressive range of 30 feet, which is bigger than most rooms. 

Impeccable Speed

A poor wireless receiver can be slow, which interrupts your gaming and the response time from the controller. This could be frustrating and might end up interfering with the gaming thrill. You don’t have to worry about that with this receiver, as it’s powered by high-performance 2.4GHz integrated wireless technology. 


The device is compatible with Windows XP, VISTA, and 7. It also works with all available and future Xbox 360 controllers. 


  • It’s the official wireless receiver from Microsoft
  • It’s powered by USB 2.0
  • It has a 6-foot cable


  • It doesn’t work with Windows 8, and latter

OSTENT USB Wireless Controller

With almost every PC running on Windows 10, there has been a demand for an Xbox wireless receiver that supports this operating system. OSTENT obliged this demand and came up with the wireless adapter specifically for Windows 7, 8, 9, and 10. 

Main Feature

USB Extender Cable

If you need more accessibility and an enhanced placement, you’ll be glad to know that the device comes equipped with a USB extender cable for this purpose. The receiver utilizes the 2.4GHz wireless technology that is quick and reliable. You can also use it 30 feet away from the controller. 

Multiple Controller Support

You can plug in as many as four wireless controllers at once, allowing you to game with your colleagues easily. 

Plug and Play

You don’t need special software for the receiver to work as you can plug it into the USB port and start using it immediately. Windows will only need to install the necessary drivers, which take less than a minute, and the process is automated. 


  • Quick and stable
  • Very affordable
  • It has a decent lifespan


  • The plastic casing is not durable 


Windows wireless receivers for Xbox 360 controllers enable you to connect a wireless Xbox 360 controller to your PC. They’re powerful enough to accommodate four controllers at once, have an impeccable transmission range, and are fast and reliable. They also cost less than $50, which is affordable to many.