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Most Complicated Board Game

Most Complicated Board Game

Beyond being fun, some board games are also designed to be challenging and complicated. There are various board games that are considered complicated, and of course, this depends on the appropriate age level for each game. So overall, what board game is the most complicated?

Overall, the most complicated board game is “Go.” This game of strategy is complicated because there are so many different strategies involved, while two players try to take over the majority of the board with their “stones.”

If you are interested in finding out what the most complicated board game is because you want to stay away from it or are looking for a challenge, then you should continue reading the information below. 

“Go”: The Most Complicated Board Game

When it comes to complex board games, your mind might automatically jump to answer that chess is the most complicated board game. However, despite the hierarchical rules that are involved in chess which can make the game complicated at first, there is a game that is more complicated than chess.

The board game “Go” is considered to be more complicated than chess. Although these two games share some similarities in the way that the game is structured, “Go” has some set of rules that make the game more complicated than chess.

If you are familiar with the board game “Go,” then you probably understand why this game is considered to be one of the most, if not the most, complicated board games. However, if you have never played “Go” before, the section below gives you information on why it is so complicated. 

What Makes “Go” So Complicated

When you first see a “Go” board, it looks relatively simple. It’s just a grid, usually created on a wooden board. The rules of the game aren’t even clear at first glance.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the game “Go,” here is a quick rundown: 

  • The game is played using a 19×19 square board. 
  • The goal of the game is to surround a larger total area of the board using your stones compared to your opponent.
  • There are infinite ways to play.

What makes this game so complicated is the seemingly infinite amount of possibilities for you and your opponent to place your stones down on the board. This leads to a very large amount of formations that you would need to make yourself familiar with in order to play your stones accordingly. 

Something that might sound a little crazy is the fact that some people believe that the amount of legal moves you can make in this game is greater than the number of atoms in the universe which is very hard to believe at first. This is what makes the game so complicated since you have to learn to adapt to your opponents’ formations in order to respond accordingly. 

When comparing this game to chess, the biggest difference is the amount of things you need to adjust to and learn so you can improve at the game. When you first start playing chess, you need to learn how every piece moves, which allows you to adapt to the moves your opponent makes. 

However, when playing “Go,” all of the pieces move the exact same way. This means that the most important thing you need to learn are the formations that you and your opponent can make in order to win. Now, as it was mentioned earlier, there are almost infinite numbers of formations that can be played during a game of “Go,” which makes it the most complicated board game. 

What is Another Complicated Board Games?

“Go” is the most complicated board game. It’s mind-boggling but in a good way. But what’s the next most complicated board game? What can you play when you’ve had enough “Go” but still want a challenge?

A close runner-up for the title of most complicated board game is chess. Unlike Monopoly or other board games, chess involves your own intellectual skill in order to be successful. The game can also become more complicated based on the level of competition you are facing.

If you are simply playing against your friend for fun, the game will be a lot less complex than if you were playing in a chess competition. There are many different ways to play your pieces in each chess match which makes chess pretty complicated

Although it can be pretty complicated, once you get the hang of what each piece can and can’t do, the game becomes a little less complex. However, as it was mentioned earlier, the level of competition you face can increase the complexity of the game even if you are very familiar with the way the pieces are meant to be played. 


If you are looking for a board game that is really going to challenge you and your ability to learn and adapt to situations, then you might want to give the game “Go” a go (no pun intended). 

However, if you are simply looking for an entertaining game to play with family and friends for fun, you might want to stay away from this game since it can be very complicated for beginners and even expert players.