• Modifying a Nerf blaster can give the blaster extra firing power or other useful functions
  • The Nerf Demolisher is two blasters built into one
  • The two blasting systems operate using separate triggers
  • Because of the two operating systems, there is plenty of flexibility for adding modifications
  • Modifications for the Nerf Demolisher are easy to implement and can give you the extra edge in your next Nerf war
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The Nerf Demolisher, first released in 2014 , offers Nerfers a two in one blaster package. With the dart firing system on top and the missile firing systems on the bottom, Nerfers can easily “demolish” both smaller and larger targets!

Read more about this blasters specification on Nerf Wiki!

There are hundreds of different Demolisher modifications you can find for your blaster. Each will change the blaster in a different way and therefore give your blaster different abilities.

Although Nerf builds their blasters to be efficient and durable, Nerf blasters are not always built to tackle every Nerf battle challenge thrown their way. And as the Nerfing world evolves, you may need to adapt your blasters through modifications to keep up. Besides, modifying your blaster can be lots of fun!

Below we have found the best modifications for Nerf Demolishers for you to better your blaster with. In order to complete many of these mods you will need: a phillips head screwdriver, a dremel, super glue, and some assorted mechanical pieces. Now that we know what we are going to need, let’s dive in!

Super Demolisher Modification

Ultimately what we all are looking for in new Nerf guns is more power. It always come in handy having more fire power and the ability to hit targets from a further distance.

With the Super Demolisher modification, you can increase your Nerf Demolisher’s firing capacity from 80 to 90 feet per second up to 100 or even 110 feet per second! By increasing the power of the blaster, you are not only able to shoot darts at a further distance but are also able to fire more accurately at a closer distance too!

The Super Demolisher can be achieved with a simple motor upgrade!

The replacement motor used in this mod is the MTB Rhino Motor. This motor will need a 3s LiPo battery for operation but provides 220g/cm of Torque.

Get your MTB Rhino Motor here!

As well as increasing your blaster’s motor power, this modification also includes removing any “unnecessary” resistors, such as the thermal resistor. While these resistors make the blasters safer for children to use, they are not necessary for responsible adult users.

Learn how to do this modification for yourself by watching the video below!

One step thoroughly mentioned in the video is replacing the microswitches that open and close the Demolisher’s jam door. You will find this microswitch located directly below the jam door.

Get a set of microswitches for your Nerf modifications here!

Lord Draconical’s Demolisher Mod

Lord Draconical is a well known name for those deeply embedded in the Nerfing world. He is not only known for his many Nerf gun modifications but also takes the title of “World’s Largest Nerf Collection”!

In this modification, Lord “Drac” gives the missile plunger more power and improves the voltage system to give the blaster ultimate blasting abilities.

Watch Lord Draconical’s Nerf Demolisher modification guide and try it for yourself today!

One thing to be cautious about is jumping into this modification without knowing exactly what you are going to do. Before attempting the mod watch the video all the way through once or twice to get a good idea of what to do, and then follow along with the video as you do it!

Coop772’s Demolisher Modification

Another well known name in the Nerfing world is Coop772. He is most commonly known for reviewing new blasters and Nerf products, but he also releases some modification videos as well!

Coop772 shows us in this modification that not all mods need to improve the current features of the blaster. For his Demolisher modification, he does not improve the missile launcher, instead he opts to remove it entirely.

In order to give his Demolisher a bit more personality, Coop772 also repaints his blaster. If you choose to do the same with your Nerf Demolisher, feel free to get creative with the color scheme!

Watch the full modification video below!


No matter what Demolisher modification you choose for your blaster, make sure that it not only improves the functioning of the gun but looks and operates in the way best for your Nerfing needs!

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