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Nerf Falconfire Modding Guide: The Best Mods for Your FalconFire

Nerf Falconfire Modding Guide: The Best Mods for Your FalconFire

The Nerf FalconFire blaster, released in 2017, is a rather small blaster not commonly used by competitive Nerf users. The FalconFire requires reloading in between each pull of the trigger and is therefore not suitable for fast-paced battle scenarios. If you are hoping to modify this blaster to take to your next Nerf battle, there may not be very many at-home mods capable of achieving this.

However, for those who enjoy creating a unique collection, the smaller FalconFire is an easily customized blaster. Take a look below to get some ideas on how to modify your Nerf FalconFire for your blaster collection!

Spring Upgrade

A simple modification you can do to any Nerf blaster is replacing the spring system. The stock springs that come standard in Nerf blasters while strong enough to “get the job done,” do not provide the maximum available power.

Swapping out this standard spring for a stronger spring will give your blaster more power and accuracy without costing you more than a handful of cash.

Try out the Lingxuinfo Spring Upgrade for your Nerf FalconFire mod! Simply take apart your blaster carefully–making sure not to lose any of the small screws and pieces–pull apart the coil chamber, and insert your new spring. Put the blaster back together and start blasting!

Need a bit more instruction on how to modify your FalconFire? Watch the installation video below!

SPAMFs Mod Guide

If you are looking to turn your FalconFire into a battle blaster, with some custom mod kits you can increase both the firepower and firing capacity of the blaster.

The most common mods for the FalconFire are SPAMFs (Slide Prime Action Magazine Fed). Allowing the FalconFire to operate using magazines turns this small handgun blaster into a stealthy battle-ready dart shooter.

Most SPAMFs are essentially a rebuild of the original blaster body. These can be 3D printed or produced by other means. This does not mean that the entire blaster body is included in the SPAMF mod kit. You will need to purchase the FalconFire blaster first and swap out the old blaster body pieces for the new modified versions.

Watch this video to see the installation process of a FalconFire SPAMF made by Gavin Fuzzy!

Want to get this mod kit for yourself? Get the Gavin Fuzzy Custom SPAMF mod kit here!

SPAMF kits may come in some pretty unique colors. If the SPAMF you ordered does not match the color scheme of your collection, take some time to customize the SPAMF with some painting.

After Burner Mod

Looking for a truly unique modification that will boost your blaster’s performance? Then you will love this afterburner mod. While only a small addition to your laster it will greatly improve your blaster’s firing abilities.

An afterburner is attached at the front of your Nerf blaster and uses some updated motors, and flywheels to launch the dart further than the gun could on its own.

Since an afterburner is not a common, run-of-the-mill blaster modification piece, it may be slightly difficult to find one suitable for your blaster. If you do not already have a Nerf mod supplier, most custom Nerf mods can be found on Etsy. Start there when looking for an afterburner for your blaster mod.

The battery powering the afterburner mod on the FalconFire can be placed in the extra dart storage on the bottom of the gun. This means that you will need to have an off-blaster dart holder or need to create a modification of your own to hold extra darts for blasting.

Ready to turn your FalconFire into a Falcon Burner? Watch the video below to find out how!