• The HyperFire was released under the N-Strike Elite Series in 2016
  • Uses a large 25 dart drum and a fully automatic firing system
  • This blaster is considered more accurate and more powerful than other Elite blasters
  • The HyperFire can blast darts at a rate of 5 darts per second
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The HyperFire is a blaster unique from any other. Rather than using the typical flywheel system to propel darts the HyperFire is built with a conveyor belt propelling system. It is this system that gives the blaster an extra dose of both power and accuracy.

Learn more about the Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire on Nerf Wiki!

All the extra power and accuracy combined with a large magazine capacity make the HyperFire the perfect blaster for all competitive Nerfers.

However, if you are looking to take your HyperFire to the next level before your next Nerf war, then modifying the blaster is the perfect step to take!

If this is your first time modifying a Nerf blaster, you may not know where to start. Luckily, below you will find the best modifications for the Nerf HyperFire and how to complete them from start to finish. So grab your blaster and let’s get started!

HyperFire Mod: The Deleter

If you are ready to create an extremely powerful, battle ready blaster then this mod is the right choice for you. Any competitive Nerfer with this impressive blaster mod is sure to blow away their opponents– literally!

Many live by the common phrase “two heads are better than one.” So why not do the same with your Nerf HyperFire and use two blaster instead of one?

By combining two HyperFire blasters you are able to double the amount of darts you are able to fire with the already rapid rate of fire.

While this blaster is is extremely powerful and the absolute ULTIMATE Nerf HyperFire mod, completing the task of modification takes a great deal of work. You are not only spending your time working on one blaster, but you are essentially rebuilding two blasters. This requires lots of planning, rewiring, and even some custom parts.

Check out this extreme blaster and its features in the video below!

While the video does not provide step by step instructions on how to complete the mod, it should give you all the inspiration you need to create an outstanding modification of your own!

HyperFire Modification OverHaul

If step by step instructions are more your speed for Nerf modifications, then this HyperFire Modification Overhaul could be the answer you have been looking for!

While the Nerf HyperFire is already a powerful and accurate blaster, due to safety restrictions, the true power and potential of the blaster are not achieved.

However, with basically an overhaul of the internal workings, you can help your Nerf HyperFire reach its maximum power and potential.

This HyperFire blaster overhaul includes removing the magazine lock, rewiring the motors, modifying the battery systems, and more!

In doing these modifications, your HyperFire will be able to shoot without a magazine clip in it and fire darts at a much higher velocity than before.

To learn how to complete this HyperFire Overhaul, check out the video below!

Borderlands Maliwan SMG

Not every Nerf mod has to take place inside of the blaster. Sometimes all you need to do in order to take your blaster to the next level is a new and improved paint job.

If you are a fan of first person shooter video games, such as Borderlands, and are looking to bring the blasting fun to reality with your Nerf blaster, then this Borderlands Maliwan SMG mod is the perfect paint job to get the job done!

The Borderlands video takes place in an alien universe and therefore uses a lot of unique blasters to achieve the game’s objectives. The Borderlands Maliwan SMG is colored with light blue, bright orange, and smooth black paint. The body structure is similar to that of the Nerf HyperFire, making it the perfect blaster for this incredible mod.

Ready to bring the Borderlands’ alien universe to your next Nerf competition? Watch the video below to see how this Nerf mod will take your HyperFire out of this world!

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