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Nerf Hyperfire vs Rapidstrike: which nerf blaster should you choose?

Nerf Hyperfire vs Rapidstrike: which nerf blaster should you choose?
  • Both blasters are motorized and therefore fully automic
  • The Hyperfire can fire darts faster and further than the Rapidstrike
  • The Rapidstrike is easier to customize for all your battle scenarios
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There are hundreds of Nerf blasters available for you to choose from; however, it can be quite difficult to determine which blaster is the right choice for you. To make matters even more difficult, Nerf releases several new, incredible blasters every year.

If you are currently considering purchasing the Nerf Hyperfire or Rapidstrike, it is not hard to tell that these blasters have more differences than they have in common.

While you may assume that it makes your choice easier, this may not be completely true. Because the two blasters are very different they offer different advantages as well as disadvantages. Keep reading to learn which Nerf blaster you should choose!

Nerf HyperFire

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyperfire

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyperfire was released in 2016 and is one of the best blasters you could take into your next Nerf battle.

The Hyperfire is battery operated– making it fully automatic– and features a large 25 dart drum to help you last longer in battle against your competitors.

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With a fully automatic system, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyperfire can fire darts at the incredible rate of 5 per second. One downside to the Hyperfire’s extreme blasting system is that it tends to get hung up on old, worn down darts and is likely to jam.

While the blaster is more likely to jam, when it does not, it launches darts over a truly elite distance of 90 feet!

The unique shape and design of the Nerf Hyperfire makes it an intriguing addition to your Nerf colletion. However, with a few modifications, the Hyperfire does not just have to be an addition to the collect, but rather could be a main exhibit. Read more about how to modify your Hyperfire in this article: Nerf Hyperfire Modding Guide: The best mods for your hyperfire?.

On top of the Nerf Hyperfire you will find one tactical rail to add attachments in order to increase the blaster’s performance. However, as large as this blaster is, one tactical rail leaves much to be desired.

Learn more about the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyperfire on Nerf Wiki here!

Nerf RapidStrike

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18

Like the Nerf Hyperfire the Rapidstrike was released to N-Strike Elite series. Slightly older than the Hyperfire having been released in 2013, the Rapidstrike is still a motorized blaster powered by several batteries.

Instead of using a dart drum like the HYperfire, the Nerf Rapidstrike uses a unique 18 dart clip system. This clip is unique simply because it is transparent! With this clip you will never need to guess how many darts are left before you need to reload. Instead you can easily see how many shots your have left without even ejecting the clip from the blaster.

To make this blaster even more battle ready, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike features not one, but FIVE separate tactical rails! With this many tactical rails you can easily customize your blaster to be your greatest asset in every blaster battle.

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If five tactical rails is not enough space for all the features you want on your Nerf blaster, then you are in luck with the Nerf Rapidstrike. Not only is there plenty of attachment points (tactical rails) there are also tons of built in features!

These features include an adjustable stock, flip up sight above the barrel, another sight in the carrying handle, and FOUR strap attachment points!

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike is also capable of firing darts at a rate of 3 per second over a distance of 75 feet!

Learn more about the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike on Nerf Wiki here!

Similarities and Differences

If you were to look at the Nerf Hyperfire and Nerf Rapidstrike blasters side by side, there would be no doubt that these are two completely different blasters.

In fact, there are not very many similarities between these two blasters, other than both being motorized blasters from the Elite line.

As far as differences go, there are plenty to choose from! For example, the two blasters vary greatly in firing range. The Hyperstrike has a 15 foot lead over the Rapidstrike and it even fires at a faster rate of 5 darts per second rather than the Rapidstrikes’ 3 darts per second.

However, it is evidently clear that the Hyperstrike leaves very little room for adding attachments while the Rapidstrike is all about customization.

With all this being said, if you are looking for a truly powerful blaster that will help you dominate the competition, the Nerf Hyperstrike is the blaster you should choose. But if you enjoy being able to customize the look and function of the blaster, then you might enjoy the many attachment points on the Nerf Rapidstrike.

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