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Nerf Kronos Modding Guide: The Best Mods for Your Kronos!

Nerf Kronos Modding Guide: The Best Mods for Your Kronos!
  • The Kronos is easily modded with simple tools
  • Modding can be broken down into 3 categories: Paint, Power, and Utility
  • There are a lot of levels of modification
  • There is more information at

Basic Kronos Modding

The Kronos blaster is known for its simplicity. This blaster is really powerful right out of the box, and you can load the blaster up to 5 rounds, which is perfect for reloading in battle.

When people set out to mod the rival, the main things that people do when they set out to mod the Kronos is to replace the spring.

Replacing the spring is fairly simple, and doesn’t require any sort of real modification besides switching it out. When I say real modification, I mean cutting or melting any parts. Although those types of mods are possible, they are a lot less common and a lot more involved.

As seen in the above video, replacing the spring in the Kronos involves removing all the outer screws of the blaster, and partially disassembling it. There are several moving parts in the blaster that may fly out if you open it up, but it is fairly simple to put it back together. The spring is fairly simple to replace, and that is where a lot of people start.

3 Mod Categories

There are a lot of different ways to mod blasters, and each mod can be put into one of 3 categories. Paint, Power, and Utility. Paint is where all of the different cosmetic modifications fall, power is all about how fast the blaster can shoot, and utility is about making the gun easier to use or more effective in some way that isn’t just raw power.


Making the Kronos blaster look cooler is no easy task. The Kronos blaster is simply a good looking Nerf gun.

There are a lot of third-party nerf gun parts that are specifically designed to enhance the look of the Kronos. For example, this website has several parts that will make a Kronos look awesome.


Like discussed earlier, the easiest way to increase power in the Nerf Kronos is to replace the spring with something more rigid. There are other ways, but they get really complicated really fast. This would involve replacing the back half of the Kronos, and has barely been done. You would be charting your own territory to do that.

Some people extend the barrel in the front, which can lead to a small increase in power because it allows more time for the air pressure to accelerate the ball.


This is the really fun part of nerf gun modding. The first thing a lot of people do is remove the jam door, which makes it easier to load. They will even add quick loaders that attach to the gun itself that will load all 5 bullets in one motion!

Quick-loaders aren’t really a mod, more of an addition. True mods come in when you take some sort of clip that goes in any of the Nerf Rival series and rig it to go into the bottom of the Kronos. This is some really difficult stuff, but it is very possible.

What you would need to do is take the clip that would normally go into the Nerf Rival battery series, and then cut a hole in the bottom of the blaster to rig it directly into the blaster. This gives it a much larger clip size, and if you do it properly you could even have a way to remove the clip.

These types of in depth mods require plenty of tools and planning, and cannot be done on a whim. Generally it is best to follow in the footsteps of somebody that has tried this before you instead of doing things from the ground up, but sometimes you don’t have that option.

The worst-case scenario is that you ruin a perfectly good blaster. The best case is that you now have a blaster with a much greater magazine capacity. The good thing is that the Kronos isn’t that expensive. Even if you do break your blaster, you are only set back around 20 bucks for a new one.

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